Pudding steamers

Steam delicious puddings with our huge range of pudding basins and bowls. There’s nothing quite like a traditional, homemade pudding to warm the tummy and the soul!



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Create perfectly plump puddings with a pudding basin

There’s no need to struggle ever again making traditional puddings that are deliciously full and moist. A pudding basin will help you to steam your puddings properly and with minimal effort, for fantastic results every time. With a range of non-stick pudding moulds available in different materials, shapes, and sizes, there’s a style to suit all needs.

What to consider when buying a pudding basin

Size and capacity. This will depend on how big you require the pudding or for how many people you will be serving. For large families or when serving at a special occasion, a large and wide pudding basin is ideal. For just 2-3 people, a smaller bowl is a suitable size or you can also purchase mini moulds for individual servings.

Be sure to measure the pot or saucepan you will be using and whether you will be using a pudding steamer, to make sure you purchase the right size pudding basin.

Material. Available in a range of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic stoneware, and silicone; these materials can withstand the steam’s intense heat as well as conduct heat evenly for perfectly cooked puddings.

Versatility. A pudding basin that is both microwave safe and suitable for freezers will allow you to steam, mould and store your desserts.

Design. Pudding basins are available in a range of designs to suit different pudding styles and preferences.

  • Classic flat bottom with tapered smooth sides.

  • Ridges to create imprints or patterns.

  • A tube in the centre creates a hollow space, similar to a bundt pan.

Cost. Pudding basins are available in a range of price points depending on the size and material you choose. Be sure to consider how you will be using yours and how often, to ensure the best value for your purchase.

Pudding basin materials - which one is best?

Premium polypropylene, otherwise known as plastic, is a great material for strong and sturdy basin moulds that are resistant to damage from accidental knocks or drops. Plastic pudding basins are a great option if you’re making puddings for others as they usually come with lids, making them easy to transport as well as inexpensive to replace if lost.

Pudding basins with a lid - is it worth it?

Lids, especially with handles, are a valuable addition as it makes pulling out the steaming hot pudding mould a much easier and safer process. Basins with lids can also be conveniently used in the microwave.

The many ways to use a pudding basin

  • Mixing bowls for breads, cakes, and baked goods in general

  • Making and serving jelly

  • Salad bowls

  • Serving mashed potatoes

  • Collection bowls for odds and ends around the home

  • Gifts bowls – gift with pudding mix or include fresh nuts, fruits or some cookies wrapped in cellophane for a thoughtful gift.

Learning to steam puddings for beginners

  • Step 1 - Grease the inside of the pudding basin with butter. Cut a round disc of baking paper to fit the base and place inside.

  • Step 2 - Place fillings inside the pudding basin. If using a sponge pudding mixture, pour the mixture carefully into the basin and level out using a spatula or the back of a spoon. For fruit based pudding such as a Christmas pudding, pack the ingredients in firmly to make sure there is no space or air in the mixture.

  • Step 3 - Cut a large square of aluminium foil and cut a slightly smaller square of baking paper. Place the baking paper on top of the aluminium foil and make a pleat by folding a crease in the centre of both the paper and the foil. This gives the pudding room to expand during cooking.

  • Step 4 - Place the foil over the pudding basin and tie securely with string.

  • Step 5 - Cut away any excess baking paper and tuck the foil underneath. This will ensure that the pudding remains watertight.

  • Step 6 - Make a handle for the pudding by threading a double length of string through the string already tied around the pudding. Pull it through to the other side and secure.

  • Step 7 - Place the pudding into a saucepan and fill the water level to half way up the basin. The water level should not drop down to less than 1/4 way up the pudding basin.

  • Step 8 - Steam for several hours, or as per recipe instructions. Top up water when necessary.

  • Step 9 - When the pudding is steamed, cut the string around the bowl. Gently pull away the paper and foil.

Cooking ideas and tips for using your pudding basin

  • Look for pudding recipes that you can steam in a microwave for fast results.

  • For large puddings, cover the basin with plastic wrap, pierce a few times with a fork and then microwave on high for 4-6 minutes.

  • Check that it's cooked with a skewer. Leave to rest for 2 minutes before turning out onto a plate.

  • Marmalade steamed pudding - A sweet and zesty dessert alternative that goes especially well with cream.

  • Rhubarb steamed pudding – the fruit’s juices soak into the pudding for extra flavour and creates a beautiful pink topping, for a delightful touch of colour.

Other kitchen tools to buy with a pudding basin

  • Ramekins

  • Baking trays

  • Aprons

Quality pudding basin sets

We carry a wide range of high quality pudding basin sets in an assortment of basin sizes and materials to suit all types of pudding creations. Available in styles and colours, there’s a set to suit all preferences.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Check whether the pudding basin is dishwasher safe before cleaning it.

  • Wash basins with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before storage.

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What does a pudding basin look like? Pudding basins (or pudding bowls are dishes designed for steaming puddings. They have thick walls and solid rims that protrude around the top of the bowl to hold a cover securely on the top.

What size is a standard pudding basin? A one-litre steamer pudding basin is the average size, however they are available in individual portion sizes right up to much larger 1.5-2-litre basins for multiple servings.