Sauté pans and chef's pans

Sauté pans and chef's pans

A sauté pan with a lid is versatile cookware that can do many types of cooking techniques, from frying to simmering and more. Buy a non-stick pan for easy food release or choose stainless steel or cast iron for searing at high heat.

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Large range of chef saute pans to select from

If you love to cook large batches of food and want a pan that can cook both dry and liquid ingredients, a saute pan is a top choice. These versatile pans have wide surfaces and straight sides for doing everything from tossing vegetables and searing steak to simmering hearty stews and boiling eggs. You can find an excellent range of saute pans at Kitchen Warehouse with different sizes, materials and features to suit every cooking need.

Stainless steel or cast iron cookware - what choice is right for you

When it comes to stainless steel or cast iron cookware, both materials have plenty of benefits:

  1. Stainless steel. A stainless steel pan cooks evenly, is lightweight and easy to clean but is a poor heat conductor so is often paired with copper. The Essteele Per Vita Saute Pan with Lid 28cm has a copper base for quick and even heat distribution.

  2. Cast iron. Cast iron pans, such as chef pans, crepe pans and griddles, provide superior heat retention and impart a rich flavour to food. They are heavy, durable and work on any cooktop, including campfire. Cast iron needs to be seasoned before and after use to retain its non-stick properties. The Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Open Chef’s Pan is an excellent choice and comes pre-seasoned.

Oven-safe for an easy transition from cooktop to oven

An oven-safe saute pan can easily start food on the stove and finish off in the oven. The Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classic Hard Anodised Induction Shallow Pan 30cm can handle oven temperatures up to 210C and can be placed on any cooktop, including electric, gas, halogen, ceramic and induction.

Stainless steel pans and pan with lids available

A stainless steel saute pan with a lid can double as a poacher, braiser and more. The tall, straight sides ensure no liquid will spill over the edge during cooking and a glass lid is transparent for easily seeing what’s inside. Shop stainless steel saute pans with glass lids, including Swiss Diamond Classic XD Deep Saute Pan With Lid 32cm which is ideal for deglazing sauces, poaching eggs, braising tender beef and more.

High-quality triple ply chef pans for the avid cook

While saute pans generally have one long handle, a chef pan typically has two helper handles on either side of the pan for easy lifting and carrying. They can be used to do everything a saute pan can, including frying, searing, simmering, sautéing and more. The Wolstead Superior Steel Pan with Lid 28cm is extremely durable with a tri-ply multilayered construction of aluminium and stainless steel to guarantee many years of regular use.

Range of designs and sizes available

Saute pans come in different sizes for different cooking purposes. The Scanpan Axis Saute Pan 30cm has a wide surface to easily fit large amounts of meat, vegetables and more. There’s also the Scanpan TechnIQ which is 26cm and has high rounded sides to hold liquids without mess.

If you cook less food for a smaller household, the Chef Inox Elite Stainless Steel Sauteuse Pan 24cm may be better for your needs. There are also smaller saute pans for 1-2 people, such as the Carl Schmidt Sohn Stern Saute Pan that measures 18cm.

We also have plenty of designs to choose from. Le Creuset enamelled cast iron saute pans will brighten up your kitchen and have a wooden handle for a traditional aesthetic. There are modern stainless steel and copper pans, raw cast iron pans, speckled non-stick aluminium pans and more.

For a cookware set, The Scanpan Impact Multi-Purpose Pan comes with an additional steamer to vegetables, seafood and soft Chinese buns. There are also more comprehensive sets with saucepans, woks, grill pans, stockpots, roasters and even Dutch ovens. The Tefal Ingenio 8pc Titanium Fusion Cookware Set combines saute pan, frypan and saucepan with glass lids and removable handles for easy storage.

Non-stick surface vs stainless steel stick surfaces

Non-stick cookware has a coating applied to the surface to help food release easily from the pan and make cleaning up a breeze. Stainless steel may require more oil to prevent food from sticking but this also makes them better for searing meat and getting a golden crust. For a non-stick saute pan with an induction base, choose the Tefal Ultimate Non-Stick Saute Pan 26cm.

Saute Pan vs Fry Pan

While sometimes used interchangeably, these pans are quite different. A frying pan has sloped sides which make it better suited to cooking with dry foods and a small amount of oil. A saute pan has tall, straight sides which enables you to cook with liquids as well as dry foods. A saute pan can be used to saute, pan fry, sear, simmer, boil, braise and reduce. Most come with a lid for use with liquids. While fry pans come in all different sizes, most saute pans will have a wide surface for working with larger quantities of food.

Tefal to Scanpan - brands we know and trust

Find world-renowned brands at prices lower than RRP when you shop at Kitchen Warehouse, including favourites like Le Creuset, Anolon, Pyrolux, Circulon, Stanley Rogers and Swiss Diamond.

Buying your saute pan online at Kitchen Warehouse

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What is a saute pan used for? A saute pan is a handy item of cookware that is ideal for sautéing food, such as stir fry. Its wide surface also makes it great for searing meat, reducing sauces and pan frying food. Thanks to the high sides, you can cook with liquids in a saute pan. Use these pans to simmer, boil, poach or braise food - most will come with a lid for this very purpose.

What is the difference between a saute pan and a frying pan? The best way to tell the difference between a saute pan and frying pan is to look at the sides. A saute pan has straight sides that are relatively high while a frypan has shallower sides that taper outward. Saute pans also have a wider surface that makes them ideal for tossing vegetables and typically come with a lid for boiling while a frypan does not.

Why would you use a saute pan? A saute pan is a super versatile type of pan and can be used to complete many kitchen tasks. You can use it to:

  • Saute vegetables and meat

  • Sear food at high heat

  • Reduce sauces

  • Simmer stews

  • Shallow fry food

  • Boil greens and more