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Wolstead is our very own brand created for you, with all the features you requested at an honest price and includes a range of appliances, cookware, knives and chopping boards, that are functional, stylish and built to withstand the rigours of everyday cooking and entertaining. Explore the range of cast iron, non-stick and stainless steel cookware, plus knives, natural wood chopping boards and benchtop appliances.

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Non-toxic ceramic cookware which offers a healthier alternative to traditional non-stick cookware.


Robust, luxurious and virtually indestructible; cookware designed for the fearless.


High-grade, tri-ply stainless steel cookware built for exploration in the kitchen.


Long-lasting, triple non-stock cookware that maintains its effectiveness and won't tarnish

2023-03-11-Wolstead-Steeltek-Stainless-Steel-Cookware-Set-6pc-LS_igobao (1).jpg

High tolerance, stainless steel cookware with no coatings, perfect for clean cooking.

2023-03-11-Wolstead_Stonetek_10pc_Cookware_Set_lifestyle_d94a3i (2).jpg

The granite-like non-stick surface uses less oil and browns to perfection for low fat results.

2023-03-11-Wolstead-Italo-GROUP-LS-2_trefmd_retouched (1).jpg

Exceptional Italian made cookware, with four layers of premium non-stick

2023-03-11-Wolstead-Succinct-10pc-Cookware-Set-LS_02 (1).jpg

The ultimate in space saving cookware, designed to nest inside each other, with removable handles

2023-03-11-Wolstead-Calibre-Range-LS_01 (3).jpg

Experience everyday precision with classic and reliable knives made of German steel.

2023-03-11-Wolstead-Bonn-Boards-Range_LS_04 (1).jpg

Durable acacia boards with unique wood grain finish.


Bring some nostalgia to the table with robust, enamelled cast iron at an affordable price.


Easy to use, reliable appliances designed to make cooking easier, faster and more convenient.

Wolstead Calibre 2pc Carving Knife Set Image 1
Wolstead Calibre 2pc Carving Knife Set Image 2
Wolstead Bonn Long Grain Chopping Board 40x30x3cm Image 1
Wolstead Bonn Long Grain Chopping Board 40x30x3cm Image 2


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