Frank Green drink bottles

Frank Green drink bottles

Stay cool with Frank Green's collection of stylish and eco-friendly reusable bottles, available in a range of sizes and gorgeous colors. These premium, BPA-free bottles include ceramic-lined and vacuum insulated options to keep drinks at optimum temperatures.



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Frank Green drink bottles: A fusion of style and sustainability

Frank Green, an Australian brand known for its commitment to sustainability, offers a line of drink bottles that epitomise eco-friendly living. These bottles, recognised for their stylish designs and sustainable features, represent a modern approach to daily hydration needs. They are perfect for those who seek practicality without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Key features of Frank Green drink bottles

  • Triple-layered Insulation: Ensures drinks stay hot or cold for hours.
  • Ceramic lining: Provides a pure taste without any metallic flavor.
  • Stainless steel construction: Enhances durability and maintains beverage temperature.
  • Variety of sizes: From convenient to large, catering to all hydration needs.
  • Eco-friendly design: Aligns with a sustainable lifestyle.

Benefits of choosing Frank Green drink bottles

  • Environmental Impact: Significantly reduces the use of single-use plastics.
  • Long-lasting: Designed to withstand daily use and accidental falls.
  • Stylish Choices: Available in a range of colors to suit any style.
  • Health and Safety: Made with BPA-free and non-toxic materials.
  • Effective Insulation: Keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature longer.

Popular uses of Frank Green drink bottles

  • Daily hydration needs.
  • Outdoor activities and sports.
  • Travel and commuting.
  • Office and school use.
  • Eco-friendly fashion statement.


Are Frank Green drink and water bottles insulated?

Yes, Frank Green drink and water bottles feature insulation to maintain the temperature of your beverages. The ceramic range incorporates a triple-walled construction with vacuum insulation, while the stainless steel layers in other models ensure drinks stay hot or cold for extended periods.

What materials are used in Frank Green Bottles?

Frank Green drink and water bottles are made using a combination of ceramic lining to prevent metallic taste, stainless steel for durability and temperature maintenance, and a non-slip outer layer made from acrylic acid and amino resin.

Are Frank Green bottles dishwasher safe?

The dishwasher compatibility of Frank Green bottles varies. Some models are fully dishwasher safe, while others may require hand washing. It’s recommended to check the specific care instructions for each bottle.

What sizes are available for Frank Green drink and water bottles?

Frank Green offers a range of sizes to accommodate different hydration needs, including 740ml (25oz), 1L (34oz), and larger sizes such as 2L (68oz).

Can I put my Frank Green Bottle in the freezer?

Frank Green bottles can be placed in the freezer. However, to ensure effective freezing, it is advisable to remove the lid due to the insulation properties of the bottle.

How durable are Frank Green Bottles?

Frank Green drink and water bottles are designed for durability, capable of withstanding accidental drops and daily wear and tear. The robust construction ensures longevity and reliable performance.

Why choose Frank Green drink and water bottles?

Choosing Frank Green bottles means opting for sustainable, durable, and stylish hydration solutions. They are known for their effective insulation, spill-proof designs, and wide range of sizes and colors.

Is the exterior of Frank Green bottles slip-resistant?

Yes, the exterior of Frank Green bottles is crafted with a non-slip grip, enhancing both functionality and ease of use.

Frank Green drink bottles are the perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals looking for a blend of style, functionality, and sustainability. With their advanced insulation technology, durable design, and variety of sizes, these bottles cater to all your hydration needs while making a positive environmental impact. Explore the range at Kitchen Warehouse and make a stylish, sustainable choice for your daily hydration.