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Tart pans, tart dishes and trays

Tart pans, tart dishes and trays

Create delicious quiches, flans or mini pies with a quality tart tin. Shop a range of baking trays from deep pie pans to loose bottom tins, Australia wide.

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Pyrex Platinum Loose Base High Wall Crispy Tart Pan 24cm Image 2
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Bake tarts to perfection with a quality tart tin

Creating a tart that’s not only delicious, but perfectly shaped is effortless with a high-quality tart tin. Specially designed to create a neat tart mould that also allows for easy removal, the tart baking dish helps cook both sweet and savoury tarts effortlessly.

With a range of tart pans and baking tins to choose from, there’s a style to suit all bakers’ needs.

Best non-stick cake tins for beginners

The most common type of baking pan is the 6- or 7-inch circular tin as it suits creating all types of round desserts.

Round tins are universally preferred as they help to distribute heat evenly in the oven, creating a properly cooked dessert. As there are no corners or square edges, beginners won’t have to worry about creating or decorating perfect corners, like they would with a square or rectangle cake pan.

Beginners will also benefit from a tin with a removable base. These come with a lever on the side that can be adjusted to lock in or release the base, allowing for easy cake removal.

There are a range of non-stick round tins available. Look for tins made free of chemicals such as PFOA, BPA and PTFE for maximum food grade safety.

Pie dish vs tart tin - what’s the difference

The main difference between a tart tin and a pie tin is the shape and depth of the sides. These are available in either straight or fluted tart tin options.

Most tart pans are made of metal and some have a removable base that allows you to slide the outer ring off, without damaging the crust.

Unlike pie pans, tart pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as round and rectangular. They range from 4 -12 inches across and up to 2 inches deep.

Cooking the perfect flan or quiche in one of our tart tins

A tart tin allows more filling into the shell and produces neater, consistent slices of quiche for serving. The quality construction and materials also help to create delicious crusty bakes.

These pans also conveniently double as serving dishes for both home or transportation.

High-quality loose base tart tins for easy use

  • Make delicious quiches, flans, cheesecakes and tarts with heavy-duty, non-stick loose base tart tins.

  • PFOA, PTFE and BPA free - premium food grade safety.

  • Dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.

Bake that perfect Tarte Tatin with our specialised dish

Our premium Tarte Tatin pans will help you to create your own version of the quintessentially French dessert with ease.

Made with premium materials that allows the cooking heat to spread fast and evenly, resulting in reduced cooking times. The non-stick coating means no need to line with baking paper, simply grease with a little oil or fat.

Materials available in our range of tart tins

Tart tins are available in a variety of materials such as:

  • Stainless steel

  • Non-stick metal

  • Silicone

  • Glass

  • Ceramic

  • Cast iron

  • Carbon steel

All have their own unique cooking qualities with metal and ceramic being the most common choices for their non-stick qualities and fast and even heating distribution.

Finding the best size tart tin for your baking needs

  • The average tart pan is approximately 11 inches in diameter, and these are generally used for daily bakes.

  • The 9-inch tin is also a popular size and this is typically used for more gourmet style desserts.

  • For individual servings, opt for tartlet pans. These are also available in a variety of sizes.

Best tart tin to guarantee that crispy base

Look for tins that have the following qualities:

  • Durable, non-stick coating

  • Pierced base for extra crispy tart shells

  • Loose base enables easy removal of tarts and quiches

  • Dishwasher safe for quick clean-up

Rounded or rectangle-based tart dish - what’s right for you?

Opt for a shape that will suit your typical baking style and requirements.

Rectangular or square will also come in handy for making sheet cakes or swiss rolls, making them a versatile option in the long run.

Maintenance, cleaning and care of your new tart tin

  • Avoid using sharp objects to cut or lift food off the tin

  • Grease the tin properly before baking to minimise food sticking

  • Wash with warm soapy water and soft sponge

  • For hard to remove food, leave the tin submerged in warm soapy water for up to an hour to soften any baked residue

  • Use a non-abrasive nylon pad for any stubborn residue

  • Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry properly before storage

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Is a tart tin the same as a quiche tin?
Round tart tins are also referred to as quiche pans as they can be used interchangeably for different types of baked goods.

Why do tart pans have removable bottoms?
Tart pans have removable bottoms to allow the tart to slide off the disk base and onto a serving plate without damaging the tart.