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Baking dishes

Shop bakeware, big or small, and enjoy fast shipping across Australia. With a broad range available, find a baking pan for every job whether it’s a classic baking dish for cooking lasagne or a deep, glass casserole with lid.

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Finding the right baking dish for your needs

A baking dish is essentially any type of bakeware that is oven safe including casserole dishes, baking trays, roasting dishes, as well as a quiche dish, lasagne dish or a pie dish. It can also refer to ramekins and even cake tins. Therefore, in order to find the right one for you, you must first decide how you want to use it and how your new dish will fit in with the rest of your cookware.

Different materials and surfaces to choose from

Baking dishes

Most baking dishes or bakers are made from enamelled stoneware, borosilicate glass or porcelain. Stoneware and porcelain baking dishes come in a wider array of styles and colourways but in terms of functionality, porcelain bakeware has a tendency to cook more evenly and can handle thermal shock better than stoneware.

However, stoneware is more durable and when looked after properly it can last decades. It also retains heat better, making it perfect for oven to table serving. We recommend heating a stoneware baking pan low and slow but trust us, once it’s hot it stays that way and will keep your food hotter for longer until you’re ready to plate up.


Proper roasting dishes are usually made of stainless steel or enamelled cast iron. Stainless steel roasting pans tend to come with racks so you can elevate your meat and allow the juices to flow down into the tray below. It is also a more lightweight material, which makes it easier to remove your roast from the oven and serve it.

However, an enamelled cast iron roaster has excellent heat retention, is highly durable and distributes heat evenly, resulting in perfect roast potatoes and juicy meat every time!

Features to consider when buying a baking dish

  • Shape. Whether you go for a rectangular baker, square baker or an oblong baker, ensure it’s deep enough and roomy enough to create a variety of meals. Go for a rectangular baking dish when making a good old fashioned lasagne or an oblong or square baking dish for gratin, zucchini slices, crumbles, brownies and everything in between.

  • Function/use. Does it have easy grab handles? Is the baking pan dishwasher safe? Also think about the weight and how easy it will be to carry as well as frequency of use. For example, covered glass deep dish casseroles are roomy and versatile plus you can use them with or without the lid, which could make them a more cost effective option if you’re looking for a catch-all baking dish.

  • Sets. Some brands offer bakeware sets which are a really convenient way to stock up in one go. For example, you might want a three piece set or a six piece set containing different sized dishes or configurations to help cover different tasks.

  • Warranty. Depending on the investment, durability and longevity will be a key consideration, especially when shopping for one key piece that you hope will last years. A warranty is a good way to get peace of mind and gain confidence in a purchase.

Other kitchenware to consider to accompany your baking dish

We could talk about all the different types of kitchenware you need forever! Instead, here is a quick list of the most common bakeware, kitchBakeware - Baking Dishesenware and tableware people turn to in order to complement their new baking dishes. Add these to your wishlist now!

  • Silicone pastry mats. Great for rolling out dough and cutting out cookies, a silicone mat is easy to clean and will protect surfaces while you bake.

  • Mixing bowls. Is your kitchen even complete with at least three in different sizes?

  • Baking equipment. A cake pan or loaf pan are considered staples in any baking enthusiast’s toolkit. From special occasion tiered cakes to homemade banana bread, the options are virtually endless.

  • Roasters. A quality roaster is an absolute must for a succulent Sunday roast.

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What are the benefits to using a baking dish?
A baking dish can be an incredibly versatile piece of baking equipment with the capability to handle main meals, sides and desserts. From one sheet meals to hearty lasagne, pies, roasts and so much more you’re free to get as creative as you like.

What are the different types of baking dishes?
Different types of baking dishes include covered casseroles, cocottes, lasagne dishes, pie dishes, pudding bowls, ramekins, souffle dishes, quiche dishes and so much more. It can also be used as a general term to include roasters, baking trays and cake pans - anything that can go in the oven.


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