Baking tools

The right baking tools can make baking in the kitchen easier, faster and more successful. We have essential supplies to meet every baking need, from pastry brushes and cake levelers to measuring spoons, rolling pins and flour sifters.

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Must-have baking tools for beginners

If you're new to baking, the right baking supplies and tools can fast-track your learning curve and help you to perfect your creations even sooner. A springform cake pan is an essential piece of baking equipment for beginners as it makes getting the cake out of the pan quick and easy each time.

A baking mat will keep your work surface clean and stop mixing bowls from moving while whisking batter. The Kitchen Pro Bakewell Silicone Baking Mat is a top choice. Other must-have items you will need include:

  • Rolling pin - For rolling out pastry and cookie dough

  • Sifter - For preventing lumps in the batter

  • Measuring spoons and cups - For getting precise quantities

  • Baking liner - For ensuring your cakes release easily from the pan

  • Silicone spatula - For folding ingredients and scraping batter out of the bowl

Must-have baking tools for the experienced bakers

If you've been baking for years, chances are you have developed your skills and are looking for new ways to improve and make your delicious baked goods even more amazing. One of the best areas to do this is in cake decorating. This is an art form that requires the right set of tools. We have piping bags, quality fondant and nozzles for creating any design you want.

Other baking tools you may wish to consider include our stainless steel Avanti Cannoli Moulds for mastering this Italian classic, cake turntables to make icing your creation even easier and crumpet rings for fluffy, uniform crumpets and pancakes.

If you're a professional baker or work with dough a lot, you'll also know the value of owning a bench scraper. This tool will scrape your benches clean and remove stubborn bits of dough that have stuck to the surface.

Digital Scale

A digital scale is a handy device that can be used to easily weigh your solid and liquid ingredients for complete accuracy every time. Shop innovative digital scales for weighing ingredients down to the tiniest increment, including Avanti Digital Kitchen Scales and the Soehnle Page Compact 100 Digital Kitchen Scale with options to swap between kilograms, ounces and pounds.

Measuring cups and spoons

Precision is key to creating perfect cakes, muffins, cupcakes and more - it ensures you get the right amount of filling so that the cake will rise to the level that it should and that you have the right texture and flavour inside. We have measuring spoons for measuring sugar, flour, liquid and more, including the Oxo Good Grips Measuring Spoon Set 7pc with spoons from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon and the Pyrex Platinum Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Set 4pc.

We also have measuring jugs for weighing liquids in cups, such as the Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Measuring Jug which holds up to 1 litre.


A sifter is essential in baking as it ensures you don't get any unwanted lumps in your cake batter. Pick up a flour sifter for creating silky smooth, lump-free creations with the Chef Inox Stainless Steel Squeeze Handle Flour Sifter 3 Cup that aerates ingredients while it sifts for fluffier cake centres.

Silicone baking spatulas and dough scrapers

Baking spatulas and dough scrapers are a basic baking tool that all beginners and professionals should own. They help you to fold ingredients thoroughly and to get every last bit of dough and batter out of the mixing bowl. A silicone spatula, like the Kitchen Pro Oslo Silicone Spatula is ideal for stirring, folding and mixing, while an offset spatula will help you to evenly spread icing onto your cake when it's done. The Mondo Cranked Spatula has an elevated handle to help with lifting the cake and smoothing the icing.

Pastry brushes, cutters and rolling pins

A pastry brush with some milk or egg wash will ensure a shiny, golden result on your dough every time. It can also be used to brush butter, oil and more onto your cake pans. We have wooden, silicone and rubber pastry brushes from Zyliss, KitchenAid and Wild Wood that are durable and easy to clean. We also have rolling pins for rolling out dough and cookie cutters for making delectable cookies in fun and interesting shapes for decorating.

Baking liners and cake levellers

Baking liners are for lining your baking pans while they're baking to prevent the cake from getting stuck. Use the NoStik Reusable Cake Tin Liner instead of baking paper for easy cake release and fast cleaning up.

A cake leveller comes in handy for when you want cakes with a perfectly smooth, flat surface. Check out the Mondo Cake Leveller or Appetito Cake Cutter which can be used to cut the domed top off the cake for stacking, icing and decorating. They can also be used to cut the cake in slices without disturbing the decorations!

Accessories to compliment your new baking tools

Check out these other kitchen gadgets and bakeware must-haves for making and eating all kinds of wonderful baked creations at home:

Brands we know and trust

We have all of the most trusted brands in bakeware at the most affordable prices that are lower than RRP. You can find bargains on KitchenAid, Wilton, Oxo, Loyal, Le Creuset, Dreamfarm, Brunswick Bakers and much more.

Buying your baking tools online at Kitchen Warehouse

Shopping online for your baking tools is easy with Kitchen Warehouse. Browse our extensive bakeware range and add the items you want to the shopping cart. We also have kitchenware, tableware and cookware staples to explore, from roasters and saucepans to colanders, strainers and cutlery! Complete your own kitchen or buy a gift card to spoil a friend or loved one on a special occasion. We offer free delivery Australia-wide when you spend over $100.


What are the 10 baking tools?
When it comes to baking utensils, there are a number of essential tools you'll need in order to bake the perfect cake. These 10 items will have you whipping up incredibly tasty results in no time:

  1. Baking spatula

  2. Sifter

  3. Whisk

  4. Pastry cutters and cookie cutters

  5. Rolling pin

  6. Measuring spoons

  7. Measuring jug

  8. Wooden spoon

  9. Pastry brush

  10. Dough scraper

What is the difference between baking tools and baking equipment?
Baking tools are the devices you use to complete tasks that can be manipulated by hand, while baking equipment are more complicated tools used to carry out a specific process or function. Examples of baking equipment include the cake pans, baking sheets, cooling rack and stand mixer you may use to create your cake. Baking tools include items like the measuring spoons, whisk, sifter, spatula and rolling pin.