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With the best range of oven mitts in Australia, it's easy to protect your hands from heat, stains and moisture in the kitchen. Discover high-quality mitts, gloves, double oven gloves and pot holders in silicone, cotton and neoprene.

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Tips for buying the best oven mitts

If you love to bake or cook, oven mitts are one of the most essential kitchen tools you can own. Not only do they keep your hands safe and protected when you’re pulling hot cookware and bakeware out of the oven, they’re also very useful for carrying hot dishes to the dining table. Oven mitts come in all different types, shapes, sizes and colours. When picking one, consider:

Material You can find oven mitts made out of natural and synthetic material, including cotton, silicone and neoprene. Some materials have better heat-resistance, while others, such as silicone, are also excellent at repelling water and stains.

Purpose Do you plan on handling chunky enamel dishes that require two hands? Will you be in the kitchen baking or outside managing the BBQ with tongs? Choose a mitt that is comfortable for your needs.

Coverage You can find sleeves that wrap over pan handles, mitts that cover your hands, wrists and arms and gloves that wrap each finger individually for more flexibility.

Style Enhance your kitchen by choosing a style and colour that flatters your current decor and goes well with other kitchen linen.

Accessories Picture your dream table and decide whether you want your cutlery set to blend in or make a statement and how it will complement your existing accessories.

From oven gloves to pot holders - types of oven mitts available

Oven mitts are available in different types to suit different needs. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Oven mitts that slip over your hands

  • Oven gloves that cover each individual finger for more versatility

  • Pot holders that wrap over the top of hot pot handles

  • Double oven gloves that are connected and slip over each hand to make carrying large pots and pans easier

Features to look for when purchasing your new oven mitts

While the main purpose of an oven mitt is to protect your hands when transferring hot kitchenware, there are plenty of other benefits they can offer depending on which one you choose. Consider these features and whether they are important to your needs:

  • Heat-proof

  • Slip-proof

  • Water-proof

  • Stain-resistant

Cotton vs. silicone oven mitts

Cotton and silicone are two of the most popular materials used to make quality oven mitts and both offer numerous benefits:

Cotton oven gloves Cotton oven mitts are more comfortable to wear and are available in many colours and designs to match any personal style. They can be thickly quilted to offer excellent heat protection while being more flexible than silicone mitts.

Silicone oven gloves Silicone oven mitts are more durable than cotton mitts and suitable for heavy-duty cooking and baking. They can resist heat up to very high temperatures and are also stain resistant, slip-proof and water-proof which is great if you work in a commercial kitchen.

Moisture-proof is an added bonus

Safety is paramount when handling cookware and dinnerware so you want a mitt that is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Make sure your chosen material provides a good grip on the handle and that you are able to slip your hand in and out of the mitt quickly. It should be a snug fit to ensure comfort and security.

Different styles of oven mitts available

Kitchen Warehouse has a fantastic range of oven mitt styles to match your home decor and personal preference. Discover mitts, gloves and pot holders in soft shades to suit a neutral kitchen or go bold with a red handle holder by Lodge. We also have sophisticated patterns, such as checks and stripes, as well as fun cat and dog designs by Ulster Weavers for cooks who love their furry friends.

Oven mitts which can handle the heat

The main purpose of an oven mitt is to prevent your hands from being burned when handling hot cookware, tableware, bakeware and more. It’s essential that you choose quality oven mitts that are made with thick, heat-resistant material for suitable protection. If you work with extremely high temperatures, consider silicone oven mitts which are more resilient and heat-proof than cotton mitts. Our Kitchen Pro Oslo Silicone Oven Glove is lined with 100% cotton for additional comfort!

Buying a single or a pair of oven mitts

If you find yourself handling small dishes and pots often, a single oven mitt may suffice if you can easily carry them with one hand. However, if you own larger cookware items that are heavy or wide, it’s always best to play safe and purchase a pair of oven mitts so that you can grip the item firmly with both hands for more stability.

Double oven mitts explained

A double oven mitt or glove is connected by a long piece of fabric with two openings on each end for your hands to slip into. They’re excellent for carrying wider platters or heavier and bulky items that require two hands, such as our beautiful cast iron casserole pots by Le Creuset.

Cleaning your new oven mitts

Keep your oven mitts clean and bacteria-free by washing them regularly. Most oven mitts can be machine-washed or done by hand in cold water with detergent then left to dry flat. You can soak them beforehand and rub together to remove tough stains.

Accessories to add to your oven mitts

Oven mitts are just the beginning when you shop at Kitchen Warehouse. With an extensive range of kitchenware, tableware, drinkware and more by leading brands like Maxwell & Williams and KitchenAid, we have everything you need to complete the heart of your home. Consider adding these kitchen accessories:

Brands we know and trust

When you need a high-quality oven mitt that will make cooking in the kitchen safe and easy, look no further than Kitchen Warehouse. We stock Australia’s most reliable brands at the best prices, including Ulster Weavers, Lodge, Salisbury & Co, Avanti, Kitchen Pro, Le Creuset, Go, Ladelle, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal and much more.

Buying your own oven mitts online at Kitchen Warehouse

Protect your hands from burning hot stainless steel handles and other items with our range of high-quality oven mitts. Browse them today, pop your favourites on your wishlist or add them to the shopping cart for a quick and easy checkout. You’ll find plenty of great bargains at lower than RRP with free delivery Australia-wide over $100. We also offer gift cards to surprise the special cook in your life with a present they’ll truly appreciate!


What is the best oven mitt? If you carry light pans or prefer to grill instead of cook, a single oven mitt can do the job. If you’re a serious baker or cook who frequently handles larger items, go for a double oven mitt. An oven mitt set or a pot holder set comes with 2 mitts in the one purchase and is also a great way to save some money while coordinating your style and colours. Choose a silicone or neoprene oven mitt if you want a mitt that is also waterproof and stain-resistant. If you work with sharp knives and slicers, some cut resistant gloves will keep your fingers safe from harm.

Are silicone oven mitts better? Silicone oven mitts are the way to go if you spend a lot of time handling cookware and bakeware in the kitchen. They can withstand much higher temperatures than cotton and keep their form over time without melting when coming in touch with extreme heat. They’re also water-resistant, stain-resistant and have a stronger grip for stability. They’re perfect for serious cooks, bakers and professional chefs.