Soak in the sunshine and fresh air as you dine alfresco with a picnic basket. From wicker basket sets to blankets and coolers, Kitchen Warehouse has everything you need for a memorable trip to the outdoors.



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Complete your picnic set with picnic baskets, blankets, and tables

The perfect picnic starts with the right tools. A bit of preparation will ensure that your experience outdoors is everything you hoped for. A good picnic rug, foldable picnic table and picnic set will set you up for a day of lounging, snacking and relaxing in nature. Whether going on a big adventure, or just popping to the beach, having the right carry basket, picnic blanket, and cooler bag will ensure the day runs smoothly.

What to bring to your park barbeque

Pick up a few essential tools from Kitchen Warehouse to make the most of your picnic. Arrive prepared for your park barbeque and save on both stress and mess. Start with a collapsible picnic table or, at the very least, a table cloth to cover the public tables. A decent grill brush, stainless steel tongs and plenty of skewers will set you up at the barbeque station.

Next, invest in a well-designed picnic basket containing all the reusable drinkware, plates, cutlery and napkins you need. Of course, you won’t want to forget the picnic cooler to store beverages and refrigerated items. Don’t forget to pack a plastic shopping bag for the dirties at the end!

Keep your plates and cutlery organised with a wicker picnic basket

The benefit of a wicker picnic basket is that you won’t forget essential items. Compact, organised and elegant, a good picnic basket will be a valuable companion. We all prefer to eat off a solid plate with proper cutlery and sip from a real wine glass (plus it saves on single-use plastic). A picnic basket has a dedicated place for every item to ensure that nothing will be left behind in the park.

Insulated picnic baskets to keep your food cool

Another useful feature you might look for in a picnic basket is an insulated compartment. Summer in Australia can be hot and sweaty, so keeping your cheese and white wine cool is crucial. Browse our outdoor living collection for the perfect four person picnic basket with a removable insulated cooler compartment to keep your food fresh.

Picnic baskets include cutlery sets and wine glasses

Enjoy the freedom of knowing that everything you need will be at your fingertips with one of these delightful picnic baskets. Including items such as plates, knives, forks and spoons, salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses, corkscrews and napkins, you can walk out the door confident that you have all the right apparel for a relaxing session of sipping and feasting.

Match your blanket to your basket with our alfresco picnic set

More than just practical, the picnic sets at Kitchen Warehouse are exquisite. The beautiful picnic baskets are crafted using romantic willow (a robust and highly durable material similar to rattan or seagrass) and lined with quality cotton. A lovely colour-matched picnic rug ensures that you look and feel the part.

Make the most of Australian summers with our convenient picnic sets

Escape the indoors, and head out into the glorious Australian sunshine for an impromptu picnic. With a handy picnic bag or picnic set, you have everything you need at the ready. Grab a few lovely nibbles for the cheeseboard plus a wine bottle, and pop them in your pre-prepared picnic basket.

Convenient outdoor dining starts with our picnic basket sets

From small picnic items to a deluxe picnic basket, we sell all the clever gadgets you need to make dining outdoors convenient:

  • Stemware Picnic Stakes by Avanti. Never wonder about where to place your glass again.

  • Sachi insulated carry baskets. Fully insulated, lightweight and collapsible.

  • Lazy Dayz Picnic Cutlery Wallet Set. A handy zip wallet designed to carry cutlery.

  • Lazy Days Cooler Tote Bag. A clever drink cooler that doubles as a stool.

  • Salisbury & Co storage baskets. Versatile enough to use both at home and in the park.

Organise your picnic basket

After your picnic, wash your utensils and store them in the basket, so you're ready to go next time. Pack toothpicks for cheese, olives, and pickled items. Bring along extra utensils, knives and cutting boards for serving. Of course, don’t forget to replace the clean napkins.

Our picnic baskets come in handy two person, four person and six person versions. Consider going up a size for the extra plates and utensils to serve, and you won't need to pack any extras.

Best foods to pack in your picnic basket for a barbeque

If you’re planning a barbeque, a few essential food items would be condiments, sauces, salt and pepper, bread, salad, beer and wine, skewered meats, potato chips, nibbles and plenty of fresh water.


What is a picnic basket? Both stylish and functional, a picnic basket is a lovely way of keeping all of your picnic utensils together. Cleverly designed, these romantic baskets have a designated position for all your tools to ensure that you get them to your destination and back safely.

What should you pack in a picnic basket? A well-packed picnic basket might include flatware, wine glasses, napkins, plates, salt and pepper shakers, a corkscrew, a cheeseboard and a picnic rug. Then, of course, you will want all your favourite nibbles, a nice beverage and anything else your heart desires.