Knife bags and knife rolls

Make like a professional chef and choose from a stylish range of leather knife rolls, knife bags and Japanese canvas pocket cases for all your kitchen knife needs. Shop Australia wide.

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Protect your kitchen knives in style with a knife roll bag

Safely storing and carrying your professional kitchen knives is made easy with a knife roll. Perfect for beginners right through to professional chefs, knife rolls are designed to keep knives organised, super sharp, and prevent damage from knocking into other kitchen tools.

Available in a range of styles and fabrics, there is a knife roll to suit every type of knife set requirements.

What to consider when buying a knife roll

  • Style. Chef knife cases are available in a variation of styles and materials so consider your personal cooking needs and how many knives you need to store. A knife roll bag is best for compact use and a knife backpack is ideal for extra knife storage.

  • Material. The three primary materials used in chef knife bags are leather, canvas, and ballistic nylon. Consider which material is best for durability, ease of cleaning and how well it protects your knives.

  • Durability. Opt for a fabric which is highly durable and can withstand daily use such as leather. Leather also improves with age; gaining character and quality over time.

  • Compartments. Consider how many knives and accessories in general you will need to store and carry, as this will determine how many compartments and the sizes needed in your knife bag.

  • Price. Knife bags are available in a range of price points depending on the size, material, compartments, and any added accessories. Consider your needs and the most appropriate bag that will suit your needs to get maximum value for money.

  • Size and capacity. Look for a bag that will comfortably store and carry your knives and essential kitchen tools. You should also check for maximum knife blade lengths to ensure all pieces will fit comfortably.

Benefits of having a knife tool roll

  • Protect knives from rubbing against each other, as this can dull them.

  • Protect other items inside your bag.

  • Easy access to knives with specialised compartments.

  • Protect yourself and others from injury by storing and transporting them safely.

  • Quick pick up and go instead of wasting time collecting all kitchen tools needed.

  • Space savers.

  • Protects your knives from dirt, dust, and moisture.

Materials used to make knife rolls

  • Leather - An excellent choice for durability and timeless style as it gains character, adding exceptional quality with age.

  • Ballistic nylon - Nylon is a great choice for versatility. Often found in backpack styles as it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Canvas - Highly durable, canvas knife bags are tough, long-lasting and a great choice for a full knife set.

Additional accessories for your knife roll

Accessories such as shoulder straps, clips, snaps, hook-loop fasteners and zippers are great additions for both holding and removing knives.

Other kitchen tools that you can keep in your knife roll

  • Cleaver

  • Can opener

  • Cutting boards

  • Aprons

  • Knife holder

  • Paring knife

  • Slicers

  • Bread knife

  • Knife block

  • Pocket knife

  • Knife sharpeners

The best knife bags for chefs and professionals

A high quality leather knife bag with numerous compartments, generous in size and easy to transport is an ideal choice for professional cooks.

Luxury knife sets to go with your knife roll

We carry a range of luxury knife sets in various styles and quantities, designed to complement the different knife rolls available on the market.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Spot clean the knife roll with a warm damp cloth. Some leather knife rolls have a wax coating that only needs a gentle wipe down as needed.

  • Never machine wash, dry clean or use any detergents as this could weaken the fibres in the material.

Brands we know and trust

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What is a knife roll?
It is a type of bag that stores and safely transports professional knives. A good quality chef knife roll will also allow you to carry additional items such as scissors, peelers, meat thermometers, graters and tweezers.

What are the three main components of a knife roll?
One compartment may include sleeves with elastic bands that work well with cutlery and tools. The second compartment has zipper utility pockets and the third compartment may have additional storage holder sleeves with elastic bands.