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Kitchen Warehouse has the best teapots in Australia for perfecting the art of brewing tea. Shop glass teapots, cast iron teapots, stainless steel teapots, ceramic teapots, sets and more with infusers and excellent heat retention.

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Finding the perfect teapot to brew the perfect cup of tea

Brewing tea in a teapot is a time-honoured tradition, practiced by many, that results in a delicious and aromatic beverage to sit back and relax with. The art of brewing tea has a lot to do with the type of teapot you choose. Teapots come in a stunning range of designs and colours with different features to appeal to different tea drinkers and their preferences. Tea can be brewed by steeping tea bags or loose tea leaves in hot water from a kettle and waiting for the flavour and aroma to infuse before consuming.

From glass teapots to cast iron teapots - different types of teapot materials available

Teapots are crafted using a variety of materials that each have their own benefits to brewing the perfect cup of tea. The most common materials include:

  • Glass - Glass teapots are stylish and transparent for watching your tea transform. Glass is strong and can withstand high temperatures.

  • Porcelain - Porcelain teapots are elegant and traditional with many exquisite patterns and vibrant colours. They're glazed, airtight, resistant to stains, easy to clean and have good heat retention. There are also Bone China teapots which are lighter and more transparent than porcelain teapots.

  • Ceramic - Stoneware teapots can be glazed or unglazed for a natural and earthy look. Ceramic has excellent heat retention to keep tea hot for longer.

  • Cast iron - A cast iron teapot can be placed directly on a fire for heating. They're incredibly durable with high heat retention and can keep tea hot up to an hour after brewing.

  • Stainless steel - Stainless steel teapots are sleek and modern, durable and resist corrosion. Stainless steel is great for conducting and retaining heat, doesn't absorb tea flavours and is also easy to clean.

The reason why Japanese teapots are so popular

The Japanese teapot, called Kyusu, has a timeless appeal that dates back thousands of years. It is associated with the ancient Japanese ritual of making tea and has been adopted widely in the Western world by those who drink tea as part of a more formal process.

Japanese teapots come in 3 main types - the side-handle teapot, the top-handle teapot and the back-handle teapot. They are traditionally made with clay or porcelain, but modern ones can also be made from glass or stainless steel.

Complete tea sets to add to your list

A tea set is a lovely way to serve tea for yourself or to a group of people. They are a must-have for high-teas and other elegant afternoon tea events. The Maxwell & Williams Tint Teapot in Aqua holds 600ml and comes with a removable infuser and matching Tint mug. We also have classic white teapots by Mason Cash with delicate forest scenes and a matching mug, sugar pot and creamer jug.

Don't forget a tea cup to accompany your new teapot

Tea cups and teapots are a match made in heaven! Complete your teapot with one of our beautiful tea cups in various styles, sizes, colours and materials. We have gorgeous tea cups and saucer sets by Salt & Pepper to enjoy tea for one as well as an Avanti Hobnail Cast Iron tea cup set for two. Pair them with our wonderful range of teapots in a variety of colours and designs.

Stainless steel infusers are a great accessory

An internal or external tea infuser is where you place the tea leaves for steeping so that they can steep in the hot water without escaping into the tea. Stainless steel tea infusers are an excellent choice as they have a mesh with very tiny holes for superior filtration of leaves. They're also easy to clean and look stylish with any tea set. Shop our stainless steel infusers as well as stainless steel tea strainers to place over cups and catch excess tea leaves.

Features to look out for when purchasing a new teapot

Before you buy a new fancy teapot, consider these factors and whether they are important to your needs:

  1. Infuser/ brewer basket - A tea infuser holds the tea leaves underwater in a secure compartment or vessel that prevents them from floating into the tea itself.

  2. Filter - Some teapots come with inbuilt filter baskets.

  3. Lid - A teapot lid will keep the tea hot while brewing and prevent steam from escaping.

  4. Spout - A spout makes the tea easier to pour into cups and mugs without spills. They can come in different shapes and sizes.

  5. Handles - Handles make it safe to carry teapots around without the risk of burns.

  6. Teapot opening - Most teapots will have an opening on the top with a lid to pour leaves and hot water inside.

  7. The shape of body - Teapots have different shaped bodies to accommodate different sized tea leaves, including round, traditional, upright, compact and hobnail.

Cleaning, maintaining and caring for your new teapot

Keep your beautiful teapot clean and stain-free by cleaning it regularly. While some teapots are dishwasher-safe, it's best to wash your teapot by hand to avoid chips and breaks. Gently clean inside and outside with warm soapy water and a cloth. Use a cotton swab to reach inside the spout. Cast iron teapots should be cleaned using warm water only.

Additional teapot accessories to consider

We have everything you need for making tea and other hot and cold beverages, as well as delicate cakes, nibbles and sweet treats. Complete your afternoon tea with these products:

Brands we know and trust

Kitchen Warehouse stocks the most loved Australian and international brands in teapots and tea accessories, including Avanti, Ecology, Bodum, Leaf & Bean, Falcon Enamelware and more.

Buying your new teapot online at Kitchen Warehouse

Browse our teaware range online today and discover everything you need to take tea time to the next level. We also have a huge selection of kitchenware and homewares to fill your living spaces, from essential cookware, bakeware and dinnerware items to quality saucepans and accessories, such as oven mitts and knife sharpeners. You're sure to find many products at bargain prices below RRP to put on your wishlist or checkout now with flexible payment methods. Do you know someone who loves to drink tea? Surprise them with a gift card and give them a gift they'll truly appreciate!


Does the type of teapot you use affect the taste?
There is a strong belief that teapot material does indeed affect the taste of your tea, as does the brewing process you choose. Glass teapots are non-porous and are unlikely to flavour your tea. Cast iron and stainless steel teapots are prone to rust if not cared for properly and may impart a metallic taste to tea. Clay teapots are renowned for delivering a stronger flavour when used for one type of tea. This is because clay absorbs flavours and retains heat well which may infuse the water with a stronger taste with each new brew. Find your new favourite teapot at Kitchen Warehouse today with free delivery over $100!

Should you choose a teapot with a strainer?
A strainer is a tea accessory that is placed over your cup to catch any excess tea leaves as you pour the steeped tea. Some teapots come with a built-in strainer. These items are very useful for those who prefer a clear drink when using loose dried tea leaves. However, other tea drinkers may prefer floating leaves in their drink and choose not to use a strainer. It's up to you!