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A wooden tea box or tea chest makes for a great tea bag organiser or unique gift, thanks to small wood compartments for easy bags or loose leaf tea storage. Shop Australia wide today.



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Store your tea bags in style with a range of high-quality tea boxes to choose from

If you love your daily cup of tea, then you know how important it is to store your tea correctly to preserve its unique taste and quality.

Tea boxes are the perfect solution to storing your tea whether it’s just one flavour or several and your selection will stay fresh, clean and organised. At Kitchen Warehouse, we carry a variety of tea box sizes styles to suit every need and home aesthetic.

Most popular types of tea choices

  • Black tea. Black tea is fully oxidised to bring out the deepest flavours and often enjoyed with sweet food.

  • Oolong tea. A blend between green and black tea as it is only partially oxidised. The most versatile flavour to enjoy with both savoury and sweet dishes.

  • Green tea. Green tea is fired or steamed at high temperatures shortly after picking and flavours can vary considerably. A great choice with savoury dishes.

  • Herbal tea. An infusion of dried herbs, like chamomile, hibiscus, rooibos, lemon verbena, and mint. Herbal teas are caffeine-free so it’s a good option for winding down at night.

Elements that can affect tea quality

  • Air exposure. Tea will absorb moisture very easily so it’s best to avoid leaving tea out of its packages or storing it in a container or bag with excess air.

  • Odours. Also easily absorbed which is why it’s best to store away from sources of strong odour such as spice cabinets.

  • Humidity. Avoid storing tea bags near humid areas such as above a dishwasher vent or near a fridge. Keep tea away from boiling water until it is ready to brew.

  • Temperatures. Heat might also degrade your tea so avoid placing it in the sun or near heat sources like the oven or stove.

  • Light. Ruins tea quality very quickly, best to store in a dark cabinet or pantry when not in use.

Different tea storage options available

  • Tea boxes. A tea box or tea chest is a great solution to storing your teas. Not only are they a great decorative piece in the kitchen, they keep tea flavours organised and clean.

  • Metal canisters. Also called tea tins, these will keep your tea as fresh as possible and available in a range of stylish sizes and shapes to suit your home decor.

  • Cardboard boxes. A great storage container to keep tea fresh, odour free and easy to stack in the pantry.

Factors to consider when purchasing a tea box

Size and number of compartments

Tea boxes come in a variety of different sizes, however the number of compartments in the box is more important than the size of the tea box. Especially useful if you drink or serve many different flavoured teas on high rotation as the tea bags can be organised by type.

Type of tea you will store

Consider whether you need storage for just one or two flavours or a more complete range for example chai and herbal teas.


Available in a range of price points depending on quality of material and finishes. Choose from regular plastic to a more ornate wooden finish.


If you will be reaching into the tea box every day or keeping it on display in the kitchen, choose high-quality materials which can withstand general wear and tear and external elements.

Know your materials

Tea boxes are available in a range of materials, all of which will work well to protect and preserve your tea.

  • Wooden. Bamboo or acacia tea boxes with a transparent lid are very popular as bamboo is bacteria free and resistant to water, keeping tea fresh and flavourful.

  • Glass. An elegant storage organiser to make a great impression. Tea choices are easily viewed all around for quick selection.

  • Steel. With tight-fitting lids and an antique style, these are great for storing tea bags with or without envelopes, as well as loose tea in zippered plastic bags.

  • Acrylic. Sturdy and durable with easy tea selection viewing.

Additional features to look out for

Personalisation options: A great option to personalise your wood tea box. A bamboo tea box with unique engraving also makes the perfect gift for tea lovers.

Latched lids: A common style of tea box with a latched lid for easy opening and closing. The lid can also be glass or plastic for viewing without having to open it.

Tea box drawers: Some tea boxes will have a small drawer at the bottom of the box that is meant for holding smaller tea accessories such as teaspoons. Alternatively, if your favourite tea comes in larger than average size, the drawer is a great option to store them.

Tea box gift set ideas

Our tea boxes are good for personal use, but they also make great gift boxes and they don’t have to include just teas. You could customise them with the recipient’s favourite teas and tea time accessories such as a tea ball strainer, tea scoop, honey spoons, stirrers and even a teacup or mug.

Keeping your tea fresh through proper storage

Storing your tea properly will ensure the tea remains fresh, full of flavour and in excellent quality for months. Remember to:

  • Store in an appropriate container such as a tea bag box or canister.

  • Store far away from strong odour sources.

  • Store delicate teas separately from strong teas.

  • Avoid humid areas of the kitchen.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive air exposure.

Other kitchen accessories to consider when purchasing a tea storage box

  • Tea infusers

  • Tea sets

  • Tea strainers

  • Mugs

  • Teapots

  • Stove top kettles

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Wood tea box - these require minimal cleaning or maintenance. Just a few wipe downs a year and dab on some mineral oil occasionally to replenish the wood finish

  • Acrylic, glass or plastic – wash in warm soapy water as needed

Brands we know and trust

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What can you put in a tea box?
Compartment tea boxes are great for organising your range of tea bags and accessories or can also be used as kitchen counter organisers for miscellaneous items.

Are tea boxes worth it?
Tea boxes are a great way to store all your favourite teas to keep them fresh, clean and organised for you and your guests.