Milk frother sticks

Whisk up creamy froth for your coffee in seconds. Buy from our range of handheld milk frother sticks and whip out your best milk frothing techniques for barista style coffee at home.

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Enjoy barista style coffee quickly and easily at home

No latte or cappuccino is complete without a perfect covering of milk foam over your freshly brewed coffee.

These days there are a range of milk frothers available on the market for you to make your own café style coffee at home. Whether you’re making a coffee just for you or for friends and family, there’s a milk frother style to suit all needs.

Different kinds of milk frothers

Manual milk frother - A manual hand mixer style frother comes with a container which holds the milk and has a pump action handle to create the milky foam.

Automatic frother - Electric milk frother jugs have an induction whisk inside that heats the milk and spins to create consistently smooth and even foam.

Handheld electric frother – Handheld milk frother sticks or wands have a motorised whisker which is usually battery operated. Simple in design, they rapidly spin the milk to create a solid amount of froth.

Reasons to buy a milk frother stick

  • Improves taste. Using a milk frother to add a layer of foamy frothed milk to your brew creates a richer texture and a pleasing taste experience.

  • Improves look. A milk frother can help you reproduce the look and flair of coffee from your favourite cafe.

  • Saves money. Milk frothers are ready on demand so you can match the quality of barista style coffees while also saving a small fortune from buying takeaway coffee every day.

  • Puts you in control. Choose the coffee flavour, strength and type of milk that you prefer and enjoy it whenever and wherever you like.

  • Easy and convenient. Regardless of what type of milk frother you choose to use, they are easy to use, even for a novice coffee lover.

  • Encourages creativity. A milk frother helps you have some fun experimenting with latte art at home. You can dabble with some different designs and treat friends and family alike to your specialty coffees.

What to look out for in a milk frother stick

  • Materials – Look for a frother made of high-quality materials which is well constructed. Low quality frothers use thin plastics and metal which can snap really easily, especially at the wand.

  • Motor power and speed – A milk frother needs a substantial amount of power and motor speed in order to create a nice thick milky froth. Look for a minimum of 15,000 rpm however at least 19,000 rpm may be needed to mix thicker and heavier powders, supplements or even some sauces and marinades.

  • Durability - The thickness of the wand is very important as the thicker it is, the less likely it is to bend or snap. High grade materials such as 304 stainless steel will prevent rusting and a strong outer body will prevent cracks.

  • Price – Milk frother sticks are available in a range of price points which you can purchase to suit your usage requirements.

  • Ease of use and cleaning – Look for an easy-to-use unit which is ergonomically designed for comfort as well as easy to clean, especially if it will be used frequently.

Upgrade your coffee drink in seconds

A milk frother creates a richer texture in your hot drink, improving the taste and overall quality to rival that of a barista made coffee, so there’s no need to step out of the house for your coffee fix.

A guide to the perfect frothing technique

Frothing technique is all about finding the proper steam tip position relative to the surface of the milk. If you place it in the milk too far down, you won’t get enough air, while placing it too close to the surface will mean the milk will splash everywhere.

Start with the steam tip just below the surface of the milk and then adjust the depth to hear the occasional rip, which indicates small amounts of air being sucked into the milk. This will create a full milky foam.

Other uses of milk frother sticks

  • Cocktails. Milk frothers can be used to add foam to festive cocktails, mix cocktail ingredients or even help produce frozen cocktails.

  • Protein powders. Instead of pulling out the blender, use a milk frother to mix protein powders in single servings quickly and easily.

  • Eggs. Use an electric handheld milk frother to aerate eggs or egg whites for a fluffy texture.


You can use a milk frother for just about every type of coffee imaginable. Whether using hot milk or cold milk, a milk frother can add a foamy touch to any latte, cappuccino, frappe, hot chocolate or even matcha tea.

Combination drinks, like tea-lattes, are also easier to make with milk frothers or you can even make your own coffee creamer.

Fun milk recipe frother to try:

1 cup milk
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1 star anise
Sugar to taste


Take half cup milk and heat it in a pan with turmeric powder, cinnamon, sugar and star anise. Strain it in your cup.

Heat the rest of the milk in a separate cup and froth it using the milk frother stick.

Pour the milk into the spiced milk cup, stir and sprinkle some turmeric on top, stir again and enjoy.

Other tools to buy with your milk frother stick

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Clean the milk frother after every use in hot water to prevent milk deposit build ups. Allow to air dry and store in a safe place away from other utensils which may knock or warp the frother stick or coil.

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How do you use a milk frother stick?
Submerge the milk frother stick just below the surface of the milk to create a whirlpool effect for approximately 30 seconds.

How do you clean a milk frother stick?
Rinse the frother under running water or immerse it in water and turn it on for 10-15 seconds to wash away all remnants of milk.

How long do milk frother sticks last?
Milk frother sticks may last for years depending on quality of construction and motor together with gentle handling and safe storage when not in use.