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Storage solutions and organisation

Storage solutions and organisation

For all of your pantry organisation ideas, look no further than Kitchen Warehouse. We have a stunning selection of pantry storage solutions, from tall containers for pasta to small jars for spices that will keep food fresh and save space.

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What to look for when buying new pantry storage containers

As any home cook or professional chef will know, a tidy pantry cabinet can be a game-changer for your kitchen. With the right space saving storage containers and kitchen utensils, you can find your ingredients, pack lunch boxes and make dinner quickly and easily whilst decreasing clutter and maximising the space on your pantry shelving.

Consider these factors before buying your new pantry storage items:

  • Type. There are plenty of storage solutions for every item in your pantry. Think about what you need to store, from spatulas to chopping boards and even mandolines. Then choose from spice jars, dispensers, food jars, storage boxes, inserts, cutlery trays, caddies, baskets, trolleys and much more.

  • Material. Pantry storage containers can be made using many materials, including stainless steel, glass, plastic and tin.

  • Size. Pantry storage containers include tall and large to store pasta and flours, long tubs for ice cream and smaller jars that hold spices, herbs and other items. You can also find different shapes, including rectangular, square, circular and more.

  • Style. Match your pantry storage solutions to the interior design of your kitchen for a beautifully unified space. Go for a bold pop of colour or keep things natural with glass jars and wooden lids.

Using glass jars for your pantry storage solutions

Glass jars look elegant and stylish and they are a fantastic way to store and display all types of different food and ingredients. Use our Oxo Good Grips Pop Jar to store your home-baked cookies, store small items in the Pantry Round set of glass jars with wooden lids or stash your spices and herbs away in a Kitchen Pro 6 Piece Spice Canister Set with bamboo lids.

Glass is also toxin-free, dishwasher-safe, heat-proof and prevents any air or moisture from getting inside the container.

Food which can be stored in jars and canisters

Dry food works best in jars and canisters, including:

  • Pasta

  • Rice

  • Grains

  • Flours

  • Spices and herbs

  • Tea and coffee

  • Sugar

Pantry storage baskets

A storage basket is a unique way to store your pantry items that offers easy access and keeps food organised. Use our beautiful rectangle and round storage baskets by Salisbury & Co to store canned goods, baking ingredients, toys, bathroom items and more.

Pantry organization tips to make your pantry feel bigger

With the right storage solutions, you can make your kitchen and pantry space look and feel bigger than it actually is. Here are some useful storage ideas to try out at home:

  • Use different sized baskets and arrange them high and low on pantry shelves

  • Fill empty spaces beneath shelves with pull-out drawers for more storage

  • Load up drawers with kitchen linens, cutlery, spare containers and other supplies

  • Use flat plastic containers that can stack easily

  • Install a DIY peg wall for hanging pots and pans

Maximise your pantry space with pantry storage containers and organisers

Whether you have a small and dedicated corner or a walk-in pantry, make the most of your storage space with the right containers and organisers, including spice jars, coffee canisters and storage boxes for everything from flour and pasta to rice and cereal.

A lazy Susan is a turntable that can be used to distribute food easily at the dining table. However, they also make excellent pantry organisers for spices and herbs that can be rotated for browsing and selection. A spice rack will also minimise the space needed for your herbs and spices - try the Mobin Series Wall Mounted Organiser to clear shelf space.

Affordable pantry storage containers, from canisters to dispensers

For single containers, our affordable storage cube canisters by Kitchen Pro are a great place to keep your dry goods. The Denny Storage Cube Canister is made with BPA-free plastic with an airtight lid to keep contents sealed and fresh. Pick up an Oxo Good Grips Cereal Dispenser for a cost-effective way to store breakfast cereals with an easy pop-open lid.

If you need several storage containers in various sizes, purchasing a set is a great way to save some money. We have BPA-free plastic and glass container sets by brands like Avanti to store spices, pasta, biscuits and more.

Different types of pantry storage container sets - stackable, storage box and more

The right pantry storage set can be a space-saving way to declutter your pantry and make finding ingredients quick and easy. We have a great range of container sets with various sized containers to store both large and small pantry items.

You can find containers with a stackable design, such as our Brabantia Tasty+ 4 piece canister set. There are individual food jars made to store spices, herbs, candy, salt and other small items. You can also pick up storage boxes, such as our iDesign Kitchen Bins that can fit neatly into other organisers to save space. And don't forget to put labels on your containers, so you know what everything is at a quick glance!

Accessories to add to you new pantry storage

Build your dream pantry and kitchen with our huge range of kitchenware and accessories. Consider adding these items to your storage containers and organisers:

  • Cutlery tray

  • Kitchen linens, such as aprons and tea towels

  • Coasters and placemats

  • Napkin holders

  • Dinner sets

Brands we know and trust

Discover all of your favourite brands in kitchenware right here at Kitchen Warehouse, including including iDesign, Joseph Joseph, Madesmart, Oxo, ClickClack, Avanti, Le Creuset, Lock & Lock, Typhoon and much more.

Buying your pantry and kitchen storage online at Kitchen Warehouse

Keep your food safe and fresh while enhancing the look, space and functionality of your pantry. Browse our new products today and add them to your wishlist or explore our many categories of cookware, bakeware, tableware and more to find the perfect match for your kitchen and your needs. Spend over $100 and receive free shipping Australia-wide!


What is the best way to store pantry items?

Food storage containers and kitchen pantry containers are an easy and effective way to maximise your kitchen space and keep your food neat and organised. Glass containers are dishwasher-safe and can be placed in the microwave, oven and freezer. Plastic containers are affordable and convenient with BPA-free plastic and stackable designs to save space.

How do I organise my pantry?

Pantry containers and storage jars make it easy to locate what you need when you need it. Use spice jars for storing herbs, spices and small dry goods and larger storage containers and canisters for pasta, rice, flour and more. Baskets work great to store canned goods. A dispenser is ideal for storing cereal and keeping it fresh and crunchy. Store oils and vinegars in stainless steel cans or glass bottles that are easy to fill and pour onto salads, meats and more.