Mesh food covers

A reusable food cover is a great alternative to single-use kitchen cling wrap and keeps food safe from pests. Shop durable food covers with nylon or stainless steel mesh, including pop up and foldable designs for easy storage.



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Understanding food covers - protecting your food

Food covers are a dome-shaped mesh screen that can be placed over dishes of food to keep the flies and other pests away while you’re eating. They’re easy to clean and lightweight for quickly lifting up when you want more food and replacing when you’re done. A food cover is also reusable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic food wrap and much better for the environment.

Discover food cover uses

Food covers can be used to protect the food on your dining table and are also small enough when folded to take with you on any number of outdoor trips and dining experiences. Here are just some of the ways you can use them:

  • Camping trips. Keep pesky flies and ants away from your food while camping by using a mesh food cover with a weighted rim.

  • Barbeques. Protect your meats and salads at the next BBQ with a jumbo food cover that allows you to set the table while you’re still grilling.

  • Picnics. Picnics are fun until the ants invade your beautiful baked goods! Use a food cover to keep flies, ants and other insects from landing on food and drinks.

  • Summer entertaining. Pre-set long dining tables of exquisite food and beverages and keep the pests away until the guests arrive with food covers. Choose an attractive design to add to the beauty of the atmosphere.

Types of food covers to choose from

Reusable food covers come in many types to cover bowls and platters of different sizes and shapes. We have Davis & Waddell Mesh Food Covers in stainless steel that are modern and durable with a metal rim for fitting snugly over dishes.

There are also collapsible bowl covers made out of nylon that are lightweight and easy to move around. With stretch lids, they unfold quickly and fold back up flat when you’re done for storage. The Avanti Square Food Cover is 30x30cm for perfectly covering cakes, fruit and more. A pop up food cover also folds down flat and comes in different shapes, such as the circular Avanti Pop Up Food Covers Set of 3 in different sizes for covering salads, pasta, veggies, meat and fruit platters.

For long tables of food, a food covering is like a mesh blanket that lays over the length of the feast and covers it completely.

Jumbo to silicone food covers - factors to consider when purchasing food covers

Think about these factors before buying your next food cover to ensure you may one that suits all of your dining needs:

  • Size. There are small food covers made to cover a single bowl or wine glass as well as jumbo food covers that can cover wider dishes and platters of food.

  • Material. Food cover mesh can be made out of a variety of materials, including nylon, linen, cotton and even stainless steel.

  • Quantity/sets. A set of food covers in various sizes is handy for when you need to cover different sized bowls and dishes for picnics, parties and BBQ’s.

Extra features to look out for

These extra features will make your food cover even more efficient and easy to use:

  • Loop handles. A loop handle gives you a grip grip on the food cover while handling it.

  • Foldable. A food cover that folds up for storage will save you space and make it easy to pack for outdoor picnics and trips.

  • Heavy duty rim. A metal rim adds stability and keeps the food cover firmly over your food without any gaps.

High-quality and reusable mesh food covers available

We have reusable bowl covers of different shapes and sizes by the best brands in kitchenware. The D.Line No Fly Zone Food Cover unfolds into a mesh covering with weighted corners that can be draped over long picnic and outdoor dining tables where there is plenty of food to protect. Go smaller with the Appetito Square Nylon Food Cover 30cm or the Appetito Jumbo Nylon Food Cover for covering larger dishes.

You can also choose from sturdy stainless steel food covers, such as the domed Davis & Waddell Mesh Food Cover in stylish white or natural silver for a modern touch.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

You can keep your food covers clean from stains and spills by wiping them down with a clean cloth and some cold water.

Storing and organising your food covers

A collapsible food cover can be folded down into a small and compact shape for easily storing in kitchen drawers or pantry baskets. They also fit nicely into bags for taking on picnics and BBQ’s.

Beeswax food wraps to tea towels - other kitchen accessories to consider when buying food covers

These kitchen tools, gadgets and accessories are ideal for using on outdoor dining adventures to make eating out fun and convenient!

Brands we know and trust

Check out the best Australian and international brands in kitchenware right here at Kitchen Warehouse with amazing prices lower than RRP, including food covers by Avanti, Appetito, D.Line and Davis & Waddell.

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What are food covers?
Food covers are a zero waste solution to single-use plastic cling wrap and are primarily used to protect your food from flies and other pests. They are reusable and can fold down to be packed into bags for picnics and BBQ’s. Shop different types of food covers at Kitchen Warehouse, including stainless steel mesh food covers by Davis & Waddell and lightweight nylon food covers by Avanti.

What is the purpose of a food cover?
A food cover is a handy food saving solution that you can use to protect the food in your home and when dining outdoors. They:

  • Help to keep food fresh and secure

  • Prevent flies and other insects from getting into the food

  • Replace harmful single-use food wrap as a more environmentally-friendly and reusable option