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Perfect your Mexican culinary skills with a tortilla press that makes thin and round corn or flour tortillas. Shop the best tortilla makers for tacos, nachos, pizza and more, including seasoned cast iron and lightweight aluminium.



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Make fresh tortillas anytime with our range of tortilla presses

The tortilla is a type of thin, round flat bread that has been a staple food in Mexico for thousands of years. Traditional corn tortillas are made using masa harina, water and salt and can be used as the basis for many dishes, including tacos, quesadilla and nachos.

Homemade tortillas taste even better than store-bought ones and are a great way to bring the family together over a feast of Mexican cuisine. Discover a tortilla press at Kitchen Warehouse to fast-track your fiesta and give you perfectly round tortillas every time by big brands like Victoria and Davis & Waddell.

Light top plate for more control

A lighter top plate will allow you greater control over pressing the ball of dough down to your desired thickness. If you prefer thicker tortillas, or are making pizza that requires a thicker base, simply lower the top plate down carefully and stop when you have reached the right width for your needs.

Cast iron press for extra leverage and easy pressing

A cast iron tortilla press is ideal for heavy-duty use. Cast iron cookware has more weight to it which is great if you want very thin tortillas that are all the same size and shape without much effort. The cast iron top plate will quickly and easily flatten any ball of dough to perfection and is also heavy enough to press down breakfast wraps, make pizza bases, naan bread and more.

Finding the right size

An 8 inch tortilla press is the most common size tortilla press you’ll find as it’s suitable for the average person. This 20cm tortilla press is compact for storing even in small kitchens and will make most dishes you need. If you’re really short on space, a 6 inch tortilla press may be more suitable, while 10 inch tortilla presses are commonly reserved for making burritos.

Difference between a cast iron tortilla press and cast aluminium tortilla press

A cast iron tortilla press is sturdy and heavy for making consistently round, thin tortillas. It also has a natural non-stick surface that will need to be seasoned with oil before and after each use to maintain it. An aluminium tortilla press is lighter and less sturdy than a cast iron one but is easier to clean and maintain.

Make sure it is sturdy with a reinforced handle

The handle of a tortilla press is the part that is used the most. A reinforced handle will ensure that your press is still going strong after many years of use. The top lever should fit comfortably in your hand and be easy to press down and lift so that you remain pain-free even after hours of making homemade tortillas!

What else you can cook with a tortilla press

A tortilla maker is a versatile kitchen tool. It can be used to create a wide variety of popular Mexican dishes, as well as create classics from Italian, Indian and South American cuisine. Here are just some of the tasty meals you can whip up using a tortilla press:

  • Nacho and cheese

  • Tacos

  • Mini pizzas

  • Roti

  • Tortilla lasagne

  • Quesadillas

  • Enchiladas

  • Naan

  • Patacones

  • Tostones

  • Tortilla chips and dip

Different designs to choose from

We have a tortilla press to take your tortilla-making skills to the next level! The Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Tortilla Press is sturdy for creating pressed circles of dough that are the same shape and size. The heavy plates will ensure that every tortilla is delightfully thin and ready for cooking, plus it comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil so that each one slides off the press when done in one piece with no residue.

For a lighter option, the Davis & Waddell tortilla press is made from aluminium for a rust-proof, easy-to-use press that can simply be wiped out with a clean cloth when finished.

Other kitchen gadgets and cookware to consider when buying a tortilla press

Check out these additional products to help make cooking any meal faster and easier with professional results every time:

Buying your tortilla press online at Kitchen Warehouse

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Is it worth getting a tortilla press?
A tortilla press is a type of kitchen tool that presses balls of homemade dough into flat, uniform tortillas with the same thickness. If you love making your own tortillas or make large batches of them for other people, a tortilla press is a great investment as it will make your task much faster and produce tortillas that look even and professional.

What kind of tortilla press is best?
A cast iron tortilla press is an excellent choice if you want a tortilla press that is traditional, unbreakable, rust-proof and will last generations. The Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Tortilla Press features heavy-duty plates for even pressing and comes pre-seasoned so that tortillas will slide neatly off without sticking.

How much does a tortilla press cost?
We have tortilla presses to suit every budget by leading global brands. There is the aluminium Davis & Waddell Fiesta Tortilla Press for $34.95 which is perfect for those looking for an affordable option or if you only cook tortillas for special occasions. For serious tortilla lovers, the Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Tortilla Press is a worthwhile investment at $89.95 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.