Vegetable spiralisers

Create vegetable noodles quickly and easily with a handheld spiraliser. Shop the best spiralisers with high quality blades and other kitchen tools Australia wide.

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Creating vegetable noodles with a spiraliser

There’s never been an easier way to up your veggie intake while creating fun and delicious meals that will please the whole family.

Spiralisers cut vegetables at lightning speed with chef-like precision, so you can get a healthy meal on the dinner table, in no time. With an array of spiralisers and vegetable slicers to choose from, there is a style to suit every need, budget, and storage space.

Main types of versatile spiralisers

  • Handheld. An affordable and compact option, handheld models are perfect for occasional use, for creating small quantities of veggie noodles and those with limited kitchen storage space.

  • Electric. This is usually available as either an attachment for appliances like a KitchenAid or as a stand-alone tool. Electric spiralisers are easier for creating noodles which are consistent in size.

  • Countertop. Also referred to as a tabletop spiraliser, these come with either rotating side hand cranks or vertical hand cranks. This model offers great value for money and the most functionality.

What to look for in a spiraliser

  • Ease of use. Larger, tougher vegetables such as turnips require more effort when processing through a spiraliser, so consider your usual cooking habits and the level of effort required to determine the model easiest to use for you.

  • Durability. Opt for food grade materials that are safe for contact with fruits and vegetables and can withstand regular use and cleaning. Stainless steel blades will also provide sharpness and overall quality needed for easy slicing.

  • Design. Consider your usage requirements and how often you will use the spiralizer before settling on a design. The style, size and shape of the spiralizer together with how many different blades are provided will determine your choice.

  • Price. Spiralizers are available in a range of price points from the budget models for the occasional cook or the high-end styles suitable for the more experienced home chef.

  • Storage. Opt for a spiralizer suitable for your storage space. Spiralizers which have compartments for blade storage are ideal.

  • Blade quality. Opt for stainless steel blades as this is essential for maintaining sharp blades as well as being rust resistant.

Convincing reasons to buy a spiralizer

  • Spiralizing makes meal prep easier for more efficient cooking.

  • Increases your nutritional intake.

  • Encourages fussy eaters to try new foods and eat more vegetables.

  • Spiralized vegetables are naturally light in calories, carbs, fat and sugar.

  • Easy to create gluten-free recipes.

How to properly spiralize vegetables

  1. Trim the vegetables first.

  2. Secure vegetable between the prongs and blade surface.

  3. Spiralize by turning the crank.

  4. Pull noodles straight and cut into desired lengths.

Healthy spiralizer recipes that are incredibly easy to make

Zucchini noodles (Zoodles)

2kg zucchini cut into noodles
80g butter
8 anchovies finely chopped
1 long red chilli finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

Step 1 – Place zucchini in a large colander and sprinkle generously with salt. Stand for 20 minutes over a bowl and squeeze out excess moisture. Pat dry with a paper towel.
Step 2 – Melt butter in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Cook anchovies, chilli, and garlic for 1-2 minutes or until golden. Set aside.
Step 3 – Cook zucchini in 3 batches for 2-3 minutes over high heat until just tender. Return all zucchini to the pan with anchovy mixture and toss to coat. Season with pepper.

Life-changing ways to use your spiralizer

Spiralizers can be used for multiple types of ingredients such as capsicums, apples, sweet potatoes, beets, radish, cucumber, cabbage, red onions and butternut squash.

Be extra creative and make noodles from a variety of ingredients for different types of meals such as sweet potato nachos, curly fries, frittatas, spring rolls, sushi, mac and cheese and fritters.

Accessories and attachments to buy with a spiralizer

  • Slicer

  • Peeler

  • Suction cups

  • Blenders

  • Grater

  • Food processor

  • Stand mixer

  • Juicers

Safety tips when cleaning a spiraliser

  • Be careful not to touch any sharp surfaces on the spiraliser blades as you are cleaning them. Hold the plastic parts or the outer edges.

  • Never use a sponge to clean spiraliser blades and other sharp parts as you may accidentally cut your fingers this way.

  • Never place blades in a sink full of soapy water to clean.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Rinse each blade/attachment separately in warm water and brush away vegetable peels and starch with a soap dispensing dish brush.

  • Rinse thoroughly, dry completely and put the attachments back into the spiraliser body.

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How does a spiralizer work?
A firm, peeled vegetable is held in place with a clamp over the grinder, and as the vegetable disappears into the hold, the hand crank is turned to spiralize the vegetable.

Is a spiralizer easy to clean?
Spiralizers are easy to clean, providing it is done after each use with a soapy brush. Most are dishwasher safe.