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Protect your kitchen essentials with food grade mineral oil

While most kitchens have all sorts of cooking oils in the pantry, many are missing one of the most important oils of all, food grade mineral oil.

This cutting board oil is conveniently multipurpose and is an absolute must for maintaining your kitchen essentials such as chopping boards, butcher blocks and high-quality knives.

Reasons to stock food grade mineral oil in your kitchen

  • Preserve and maintain wood. Clean and condition your wooden kitchen items such as wooden cutting boards, wooden spoons, knife blocks or even kitchen islands. Used often in woodworking, the oil plumps and protects wood to prevent food and drink stains from settling in.

  • Protect carbon steel knives. Rub knives regularly with a light coating of mineral oil to provide a protective barrier on the blades and prevent rust from lingering moisture.

  • Stainless steel surfaces. Great for cleaning and polishing metal to leave steel surfaces with a sparkling shine.

Considerations when buying food grade mineral oil

  • Price. Mineral oil is an inexpensive item but may vary in price depending on whether other ingredients have been added such as Vitamin E. As safety is important, it’s worthwhile spending a little extra for an organic, food grade oil.

  • Brand. As there is a variety of brands to choose from, consider the brand’s reputation and whether they are experts in producing oils such as mineral oil for maximum safety and quality.

  • Quality. Opt for organic and preservative free mineral oils to ensure food safety. Oils with added ingredients such as beeswax and vitamin E will provide extra benefits for maintaining wood.

  • Functionality. Check that it’s useful for a wide variety of applications on metal and wood in the kitchen.

  • Customer reviews. This will help to determine the most popular choice of mineral oil and guide you on purchasing the most suitable type for you, providing extra peace of mind.

The different uses and applications of food grade mineral oil

  • Wood. Mineral oil has great oxidation properties and can be used to coat wooden objects such as cutting boards, salad bowls and even kitchen countertops. The oil helps to minimise cracks, warps and water absorption, and is an effective stain and odour repellent.

  • Metals. Used to coat carbon steel knives, stainless-steel surfaces, and other utensils, it forms a protective barrier to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Release agent. Mineral oils contain antioxidant properties that are used to release agents in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Cosmetics. Used in direct contact skin products such as hair oils, shampoo, suntan oils, cleaners and extenders.

  • Agriculture. An effective dust control agent for grains such as wheat, rice, barley, soybean, rye, oats and corn.

Mineral oil vs wax - which is better?

While mineral oil penetrates the wood, liquid paraffin wax or board cream creates a physical barrier on the surface of the wood that protects against stains and liquids. The wax also aids in sanitation, as it fills and seals in knife scratches and small cracks where bacteria may accumulate.

If used together, mineral oil and wax provides an effective combination of protective outer layer and sealed wood that is sanitary, easier to clean and prevents warping.

How to pick the right mineral oil to buy

  • Never use mineral oil found in your garage or oil intended for industrial purposes.

  • Look for mineral oils labelled as food grade.

  • Avoid scented mineral oils as these can leave undesirable flavours that can affect your kitchen tools and food. Unscented and unflavoured will provide best results.

Tips and tricks on conditioning wood using mineral oil

  • Before applying oil, clean wood with warm soapy water and a soft sponge and then dry thoroughly.

  • Generously coat wood with oil and using a soft, clean dish cloth or paper towel, work oil into wood in the direction of the grain in a circular motion. Leave to soak for as long as possible, or a minimum of three hours.

  • Continue adding oil and rubbing it into the surface until all surface areas have a nice shine and can’t absorb any more oil.

  • Wipe away any excess oil after 5-10 minutes before leaving the wood overnight. For especially dry or new wood, apply oil again a second or third time.

  • Alternatively, leave the wooden item overnight and give it a quick wipe the next morning. Once you’ve removed all excess oil, you’re left with a beautiful new shine.

Techniques on making your cutting board look new

  • Clean, sand down and condition with mineral oil with a clean cloth until well covered and oiled.

  • To keep your refurbished cutting board in tip-top shape, scrub with hot soapy water after use and wipe dry before storing.

  • Recondition the board with oil once a month for best long-term results.

How to treat your knives using food grade mineral oil

  • Ensure knives are completely clean and dry before starting.

  • As the surface area is small, use a syringe or eye dropper to place appropriate sized drops of the oil on each side of knife blades.

  • Buff the oil into and along the blade with a clean soft cloth or paper towel.

  • Once finished, dry off any excess oil with a clean dry cloth or clean paper towel.

  • Remember to also oil the other metal parts of the knife such as screws and fittings to keep them rust resistant as well.

  • For knives used regularly, or in a humid climate, check knives monthly for rust and treat with mineral oil as needed.


  • Store mineral oil in cool, dark areas where there is no exposure to direct heat or sunlight.

  • Keep in tightly capped containers to protect from oxygen and moisture.

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What is considered a food grade mineral oil?
Oils labelled ‘white mineral oil’ are considered safe for food contact on surfaces such as chopping boards, as these are refined to a certain degree. Always carefully read the product's labelling before use to be sure it’s safe.

What can food grade mineral oil be used for?
Wood and bamboo cutting boards, wooden utensils, kitchen benches, salad bowls and general wooden products to prevent drying and cracking.