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Chef's torches

A blowtorch is a handy kitchen tool used to give cooks and professional chefs the perfect finish to their food. Fill our blow torches with butane or propane and use after cooking to safely caramelise, toast and more with a controlled flame.

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Finding the best tool for all your blow torch cooking needs

Once the domain of professional chefs, blow torch cooking is a method that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst home cooks. Blow torches are versatile tools that can handle a wide variety of tasks, from caramelising and toasting to searing and melting food. Before you buy one, think about these factors:

  • Butane or propane. Blow torches are used with either butane or propane gas. Butane delivers a direct, controlled flame while propane delivers a hotter and stronger flame.

  • Functionality. Is it easy to operate? Blowtorches can come with easy start buttons, speed dials, adjustable flames and more.

  • Safety. Make sure your blowtorch is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidents.

  • Type. Blow torches are either refillable or detachable. A detachable torch needs a separate canister while refillable ones can be replaced with either butane or propane gas when they’re empty.

What do I need to know about kitchen blow torches?

A kitchen blow torch is a handy kitchen gadget that's commonly used by home cooks and professional chefs who want to get the perfect finish on their food. As a handheld device that uses a controlled direct flame to caramelise, char, flame roast and more, it's an ideal way to elevate the taste and presentation of both sweet and savoury dishes.

Blowtorches come in various types, sizes and flame strengths suited to different uses.

Cooking uses - caramelising, searing, flame roasting

Whether you need to get a crunchy, caramelized top on your crème-brûlée or set a Bombe Alaska alight, a blow torch can get the job done quickly and safely. A blow torch can be used to accomplish many kitchen tasks, including:

  • Caramelising the top of a crème brûlée

  • Toasting meringues and marshmallows

  • Unmolding ice cream

  • Smoking cocktails

  • Skinning tomatoes

  • Melting cheese

  • Warming up knives

If you don't have a BBQ, a blowtorch can also be a quick and easy way to flame roast vegetables and sear sous vide steak with similar results. Outside of the cooking industry, blow torches are regularly used in arts and crafts for soldering, welding and braising DIY projects and handmade jewellery.

Features to look out for - flame strength, adjustable flame

A culinary torch can come equipped with plenty of special features to make finishing food off to perfection a piece of cake. Be on the lookout for these features to make using your torch easier and safer:

  • Soft grip handle for comfort

  • Anti-flare flame that’s adjustable

  • Torch with fuel gauge

  • Timer

  • Stable pedestal foot for free-standing

  • Safety lock

Butane torch vs. propane torch

Cooking torches are fuelled by either butane gas or propane gas. The gas is typically not provided, so you will need to purchase it separately. Both torches offer a direct, intense heat that can be controlled and safely used on food.

  • 1. Butane. Butane torches provide an intense flame that is released from a straight open torch end and can be controlled by the user.

  • 2. Propane. This gas is much hotter than a butane flame. The torch head is curved inward to allow for a concentrated and compact direct flame.

Refillable options

Our quality blow torches come with refillable gas cylinders to make using them again and again fast, simple and convenient - even for beginners. Butane gas is sold separately and you can pick it up at camping stores or tobacconists. To refill safely, just follow the instructions on the packet.

Flame colour, size and heat output

While using a culinary torch is relatively easy, there is still a bit of a learning curve to master before you can achieve perfection. Take note of the flame colour - a blowtorch flame should be a dark blue, short flame. If it’s yellow, it means that the gas will not be completely oxidised and may impart an unpleasant taste on the food.

You also have to make sure you get the right size blow torch for your needs. A small one will do for tiny desserts but will take too long to sear a large piece of steak. Choose one that has a heat output suitable for your needs with a flame that can be adjusted for maximum control, such as the Hotery Professional Blowtorch.

Making sure your blowtorch is easy to use

It's important that your chosen blowtorch feels easy and natural to use. It should feel comfortable to hold and be able to be operated using one hand so that you have complete control over the tool and the finished result.

Safety precautions to always follow

From safety locks to finger guards, a good blow torch will come with a number of in-built safety features to minimise the risk of an accident. There are also precautions you can take to ensure you stay safe while using them:

  1. Never touch the flame

  2. Check the gas is switched off before leaving the blowtorch

  3. Always light the blowtorch away from the food

  4. Remove all flammable items, such as alcohol, from the area

  5. Place the food on a metal tray before blowtorching

Brands we know and trust

Kitchen Warehouse has all of the professional kitchen tools you need for your blow torch cooking. Discover blowtorches by leading brands like MasterPro, Scanpan and Hotery with safety locks, anti-flare designs, speed dials, comfortable grips, adjustable temperatures and more.

Buying your blowtorch online at Kitchen Warehouse

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How can a blow torch be used for cooking?

Add a blowtorch to your bakeware collection and give your desserts the perfect finish. A crème brûlée torch can be used to melt the sugary top and give a thin, crispy surface to crack through. Blowtorches can also be used for many other purposes, including flame roasting vegetables, searing meats, skinning tomatoes, toasting marshmallows and meringues, smoking cocktails, melting cheese and more.

What is the best kitchen blow torch?

The best blowtorch or chef’s-torch should be easy to use with a comfortable grip and a safety lock to prevent accidental burns. Look for a torch with an adjustable flame that’s easy to control and manoeuvre to get the finish you want. A blowtorch with a stand is also beneficial so that it can stand freely on any surface. If you need exceptionally high heat, propane gas will do the job. Shop our blow torches today with free delivery Australia-wide over $100!