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A blow torch is a handy cooking tool that uses propane or butane gas to quickly caramelise, toast, sear, peel, roast and more. Shop our blow torch kits for home cooks with safety locks, anti-flare designs and adjustable flames.

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Various blow torch cooking uses

A blow torch is a super versatile tool to keep in your kitchen tool bag and can be used to do everything from caramelise the top of a creme brûlée to peel the skins off your tomatoes when you're in a rush. Here's just some of the tasks it can help you to accomplish:

  • Caramelising - Melt sugar for desserts like creme brûlée and caramel sauces.

  • Searing - Create a browned crust on steak, fish, chicken and more.

  • Flame roasting - Toast meringue and marshmallows to golden perfection so that they are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

  • Peeling - Quickly peel the skins off tomatoes and peppers by applying a blow torch.

  • Heating - Use a blow torch to warm up your knife blades and cut through frozen foods with ease.

  • Un-moulding - Release baked goods and other products from their moulds by lightly warming them up with the heat of a blow torch.

  • Smoking - Blow torches can be used to smoke cocktails and infuse them with complex aromas and depth.

  • Soldering and brazing - Outside of the kitchen, blow torches can be used to solder or braze two pieces of metal together.

  • Heat shrinking - A blow torch can also be used for heat shrinking, splicing and undoing rusty nuts and bolts.

Beginner blow torch recommendations

If you're just diving into the exciting world of blow torches for cooking, choose a product that will be both easy and safe to use while you are honing your culinary skills. We have plenty of beginner-friendly blow torches to choose from, including ones with auto ignition and adjustable flame features. The MasterPro Deluxe Professional Blowtorch can be used at any angle, has a free-standing safety lock, instant piezo ignition and a non-stick coating that makes it a breeze to clean.

Safety comes first - measures to follow

It's essential that you practice a few safety measures while using your blow torch to minimise the risk of injury and accident. Always light the torch away from your raw food to prevent any fuel from getting on the food and contaminating it. Make sure you switch the gas off when you finish and never touch the naked flame. When blow torching, remove any flammable products, such as alcohol, from the surrounding area.

If using a propane blow torch, a regulator is required to control the gas flow from the valve to the torch.

Understanding butane gas - what is it?

Most blow torches will either be a butane torch or a propane torch with the majority of basic blow torches for the kitchen being fuelled by butane gas. Butane has a higher boiling point than propane, is more fuel-efficient and exerts less pressure than propane which allows it to be stored in smaller canisters. When using butane gas for cooking, you will get a controlled and direct flame. A propane gas torch has a much hotter, stronger flame which makes it preferable to professional chefs.

Refill options available

A refillable gas canister will ensure you get years of use out of your blow torch. The Hotery Professional Blow Torch is specially designed to make refilling quick and easy.

Features to look out for when choosing a blow torch

These features will make it easier for you to choose a blow torch that will meet your needs:

  • Intended use - You can use your blow torch to caramelise, sear, toast, smoke, peel and more. It can also double as a soldering iron and be used in art and crafts.

  • Material - Blow torches can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and plastic.

  • Flame adjustment - An adjustable flame will provide greater flame control and help you to finish off your food to perfection.

  • Refuelling - Choose a refillable blow torch that is fast and easy to refuel.

  • Ease of use - Your new blow torch should be comfortable to hold, lightweight, compact and easy to operate.

  • Safety - Make blow torching safer with features like child-proof safety locks and an anti-flare design.

  • Extra features - Tailor your blow torch to your needs with speed dials, non-slip handles, non-slip coatings and swivel mechanisms for getting around difficult angles.

  • Design - There are cordless designs and ones with a pedestal foot for stability. You can also find blow torch and gas combos and blow torches that require you to purchase the gas separately.

  • Size - A blow torch should be the right size to fit comfortably in your hand as you manoeuvre it around the food.

  • Price - There are affordable blow torches that are ideal for beginners and more expensive torches for professionals. Some may even include a warranty included for peace of mind.

Storing your blow torch carefully

If you love your power tools, chances are you have tool boxes dedicated to their storage. A tool kit can hold everything from saws, spanners and screwdrivers to hammers, wrenches and spare parts. When it comes to your kitchen blow torches, a little more care will be needed to ensure they remain safe and functional.

Butane blow torches should be stored in a ventilated area out of direct sunlight and away from flammable liquids, hot surfaces, sparks and any source of heat. Propane cylinders are best stored outside in the yard.

Other kitchen accessories to consider when purchasing a blow torch

Your new torch blower is just the start of creating wonderful desserts and meals to impress. Check out these other kitchen gadgets and accessories to fine-tune your cooking skills:

Brands we know and trust

We have the highest-quality blow torches by the world's most respected brands, including Scanpan, Icon Chef, Davis & Waddell, MasterPro and Hotery.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

Buying your new blow torch is easy when you shop online at Kitchen Warehouse. Simply browse our products, add your favourites to a wishlist or surprise a loved one with a gift card. When you're ready to buy, pop your items into the shopping trolley for checkout. You'll receive free delivery when you spend over $100 to any postcode in Australia or you can use our store locator tool and visit your nearest Kitchen Warehouse store to pick up your blow torch in person!


How safe is a blow torch?
Blow torches are safe to use on food as the gas is alkane and does not produce any byproducts. As such, it won't affect the taste, smell or quality of your meal. When it comes to DIY blowtorching, you'll need to ensure you follow safety precautions to prevent accidents. Light the torch away from food and remove all flammable items in the area. Many blow torches come with built-in safety locks and adjustable flame features to make them safer, such as the Hotery Professional Blow Torch.

How long does a blow torch last?
With proper care, a refillable blow torch can last you many years with regular use. The length of time you can consistently run your blow torch for will depend on the size of the gas canister. The Icon Chef Chef's Torch has a 30 minute burn time and comes with a child-resistant safety lock and adjustable flame.