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Mason jars and accessories

Mason jars and accessories

Mason jars are a real preserving classic. Perfect for storing and displaying jams or chutneys, our extensive range of mason jars come in all shapes and sizes. Need mason jars in bulk? We can do that too. What about small mason jars for giving out testers and samples to friends and family? Find everything you need here.

Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 500ml Image 1
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 500ml Image 2
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 1L Image 1
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 1L Image 2
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 250ml Image 1
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 250ml Image 2
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Round Mason Jar Set 7pc Image 1
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Round Mason Jar Set 7pc Image 2
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 2L Image 1
Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 2L Image 2


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Preserve your food with high quality mason jars

Mason jars take your preserved food creations to the next level by storing and displaying them in a beautiful glass jar with a secure lid that keeps the contents inside airtight, fresh and safe to eat. Regular mouth mason jars are great for holding food under liquid level while wide mouth mason jars are for preserving larger amounts of food and are also safe for freezing.

While food storage is their primary purpose, mason jars are versatile and can be used for other purposes too, including storing DIY projects, displaying flowers or serving up iced beverages. Shop mason jars at Kitchen Warehouse by trusted brands with various sizes, quantities and designs to suit every need.

Make food last longer with our preserving jars

Pressure canning is a method of preserving food. It uses steam to create jar temperatures that are higher than those used in water bath canning to effectively kill all bacteria inside for safe storage. Mason jars are designed for homemade canning as they are stronger than regular jars and won’t shatter under extreme heat.

Whether you’re canning, pickling, fermenting or preserving food, our mason jars will let you do it safely and in style. Shop individual mason jars or a set for bulk storing, including the Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Round Mason Jar Set 7pc with a screw-on band and lid for an airtight seal and an elegant logo for presentation.

Store food and DIY products around the house

Like canisters, mason jars make excellent items for storing food and non-food items around the home. They come in various sizes to fit a wide range of products. Some of the most common ones you’ll find include:

  • Wide mouth half pint jars: These jars are nicely shaped which makes them perfect for gifts filled with homemade jams, honey, relish, chutney and more.

  • Regular mouth quart jars: These jars are the most versatile as you can use them to store everything from pickles and fruit to beans and tomatoes.

  • Regular mouth pint mason jars: These jars are the most commonly used mason jars in the kitchen. They’re used for storing pickles and fruit preserves but are also ideal for storing any non-food items.

  • Half gallon mason jars: These large jars are for storing bigger amounts of food but can also be used as a home decor piece filled with flowers or candles.

The perfect reusable canning jars for your jams and chutneys

Mason jar lids are specially constructed to provide a hermetic seal that keeps preserved contents airtight and free from bacteria. Most feature a tin lid and a screw-on band that vacuum seals the contents inside and lets you create homemade BPA-free food that’s free from toxins and tastes delicious.

With new lids, mason jars can be used again and again for preserving food or turned into storage jars for other items. Check out our range, including:

  • Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 250ml 12 Set

  • Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2pc Lid 250ml

  • Salisbury & Co Old Fashioned Mason Jar with 2 pc Lid 500ml Set of 12

Guide to cleaning mason jars

As mason jars are glass jars that can withstand extreme heat, they are safe for putting in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

To sterilise mason jars in preparation for food storage, place the clean jars upright on a baking tray and place in the oven at 110C for 15 minutes until dry. To sterilise the lids, boil them for five minutes then leave to air dry on a cooling rack.

Elegant, contemporary, and versatile mason jars

Whether you make homemade jams and chutneys to sell at markets or enjoy eating them at home with friends and family, a stylish mason jar gives your creations an extra bit of flair through beautiful presentation. You can find modern designs as well as ornate designs and traditional quilted designs.

We have stunning old fashioned mason jars with a classic logo, ridges and silver lids as well as smooth mason jars with gold lids and clear glass so that you can see what’s inside.

Use mason jars for storage, DIY crafts, and decor

Mason jars also make a unique way to store and display your art and craft accessories until you need to use them again. From paintbrushes and pencils to beads, sequins and other bits and pieces, use these glass jars to safely store your items and easily find what you need.

Get creative and turn your mason jars into a work of art to decorate the home by painting them and decorating them with fabric, ribbon, glitter and more.

Serve your favourite smoothie in a mason jar

Mason jars aren’t just for storing preserved foods. They’re also a trendy way to serve up your favourite smoothies and iced beverages! A wide mouth mason jar will let you pour in your drink without spills and top it off with fruit, cream or anything else you like. Add a stainless steel straw for the ultimate café treat at home.

Easily ferment your food in mason jars

When it comes to fermenting fruit and vegetables, mason jars let you achieve a batch of fermented food in smaller, more manageable sizes so that nothing goes to waste. The clear glass also helps you to see the fermentation process as it develops.

Shop our mason jars for fermenting, preserving and more by Salisbury & Co in various sizes and designs. Explore our extensive kitchenware range, add your favourites to a wishlist for later, surprise a friend with a gift cards or checkout now with free delivery when you spend over $100 Australia-wide.


How does one use a mason jar?

Mason jars can be used for a number of purposes. The most popular use is to preserve food, such as fruit and vegetables, by methods such as canning, pickling and fermenting. The jar lid and band provide an airtight seal that keeps food edible. Mason jars can also be used for storing non-food and DIY craft items, as home decor, to serve drinks and more.

What is the difference between a ball jar and a mason jar?

Ball mason jars are a specific brand of mason jar. They refer to the same type of jar that can safely be used for food storage and to can food. Weck and Kilner jars are also brands of mason jars used for the same purpose.