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Travel mugs are the best way to keep hot or cold drinks insulated at an optimal temperature for longer. Shop reusable coffee cups, large stainless steel tumblers and quality mugs for cheap prices with free shipping over $100 Australia-wide.



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Finding the right travel mugs for your needs

Travel mugs are the ideal solution for transporting your hot and cold beverages from one place to another. Commonly made from stainless steel or aluminum, these containers are insulated and reusable with leak-proof lids so that you can easily keep your espresso, hot chocolate, water, juice and more at an optimal temperature for drinking anywhere.

Secure your beverage in a travel cup and take it with you on car trips, to work, to school, on picnics and out for a day shopping!

From stainless steel coffee mugs to ceramic - different materials available to choose from

Travel mugs are made from a variety of materials that offer heat insulation properties, durability and more. Some of the most common include:

  1. Stainless steel - A stainless steel travel mug offers superior insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold for longer. It's also stain-resistant, non-toxic and easy to clean.

  2. Glass - Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, non-toxic and doesn't alter the flavour of drinks.

  3. Ceramic - Ceramic can be used as an inner layer to provide excellent temperature control with no residual taste or scent. Frankie Green ceramic travel mugs are also lined with stainless steel to make them shatter-proof.

Various designs and appearances for travel cups

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a fantastic range of insulated travel mugs and cups made to delight all ages and suit any personal preference. Discover the trendy Avanti Go Cup with borosilicate glass for a heat-resistant cup that has a flip-top cap and non-slip silicone sleeve for a secure grip. There's the mighty Thermos Stainless King with double wall vacuum insulation for keeping coffee, soup, tea and more hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 18 hours. The THERMOcafe Soft Touch Travel Mug in matte black is another fantastic option for coffee on the go.

For lovers of tea, the Leaf & Bean Glass Tea Infuser is an insulated tumbler with inbuilt strainer for making delicious loose leaf teas that will keep warm for up to an hour.

Maintaining optimum and balanced drink temperatures with insulated travel mugs

While most travel coffee mugs are insulated, one of the best options for keeping your drinks at the preferred temperature is a double walled stainless steel travel mug. The Oasis Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug is made from BPA-free stainless steel for dual insulation so that it keeps your hot drinks hot without burning your hands and cold drinks cold without the condensation. They also have a flip-top lid to easily drink and go!

Features to consider when buying travel mugs and tumblers

These features will help you to get the most out of using a travel mug:

  • Lid type - Do you prefer a flip-top or a push-button that allows you to drink one-handed?

  • Handle - A handle makes it even easier to securely hold your mug and drink.

  • Construction material - Consider whether you prefer stainless steel tumblers, ceramic, plastic or something else.

  • Insulation - An insulated travel mug will ensure your hot and cold drinks remain at a similar temperature for longer so that they are more enjoyable.

  • Capacity - There are small travel mugs for short trips and quick breaks as well as large mugs for long trips, workouts and hikes.

  • Ease of use - Make sure your travel mug is convenient and suits your unique needs.

  • Dishwasher safe - A travel mug that can be cleaned in the dishwasher will save time and effort.

  • Overall design - Many drink bottles are made to be both functional and stylish! Choose a colour and design that reflects your personality and taste.

Portability is key

The whole idea of a travel mug or tumbler is that you can safely take your beverage with you no matter where you go! As such, ensure you choose a product that has a spill-proof design to prevent leaks and will be lightweight enough to carry in bags, in cars, on picnics and more. It's also a good idea to choose a mug that will fit snugly into car cup holders to keep your drink upright while driving.

Leak-proof travel mugs, including Contigo Westloop

A leak-proof travel mug is needed to keep your hot and cold drinks from making a mess in your bag or car. The Contigo Westloop Autoseal goes above and beyond to ensure liquids are locked securely inside the container while on the move. It keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 5 hours, plus features a push button for drinking one-handed. There's also the Contigo Luxe Autoseal with an additional lock to minimise accidental spills.

Ideal uses for travel mugs and reusable coffee cups

Reusable travel mugs are super versatile and perfect for those with busy lifestyles. They're great for:

  • Commuting - Take your reusable coffee mug to and from work, in the car or on public transport with ease.

  • Zero-waste travel - Travel mugs are a great alternative to single-use plastic coffee cups as they are reusable.

  • Outdoor adventure sports - If you're the type who loves to keep active, a travel mug will provide you with hours of refreshing drinks or hot beverages on long hikes or during sports events.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

It's recommended that you hand wash most travel mugs to maintain their excellent quality. Some lids may be dishwasher-safe and can be removed for easy cleaning if needed.

Other accessories to consider when purchasing travel mugs

These additional kitchen accessories and appliances will make eating and drinking while out and about even easier and more enjoyable:

Contigo to Thermos - brands we know and trust

We've got all of the biggest brands you know and love at the best prices possible, from Thermos, Oasis, Contigo and Frank Green to Avanti, Bodum and Leaf & Bean.

Discover the best travel mugs to buy online at Kitchen Warehouse

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What are the benefits of travel mugs?
When it comes to drinkware, travel mugs are becoming an increasingly popular and more sustainable option for consuming hot and iced beverages. They are insulated to keep your drinks at an optimal temperature and won't burn your hands or form condensation.

They're also reusable, leak-proof to prevent spills, will fit into most car holders, are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs and are incredibly convenient for taking your beverages anywhere you need to go.

Which type of travel mug is best?
Travel mugs come in different types, materials and capacities for holding any amount of liquid. A double wall travel mug offers the best thermal insulation to keep drinks hot or cold for longer. A cup with a push-button lid is ideal if you like drinking one-handed, while a handle or slip-proof sleeve will ensure the drink stays firmly in your hand at all times.