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Shop the most unique range of coffee mugs online in Australia at Kitchen Warehouse. We have large travel mugs, tea cups and saucers, latte mugs, espresso cups, cappuccino cups and more in bold colours, quirky designs and neutral shades.



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Finding the right coffee mugs for your needs

For many Australians, drinking coffee is a daily ritual that can kick start the morning and help you to unwind after a long day. Believe it or not, the coffee mug you choose to have your coffee in can have a direct impact on how good it tastes and how enjoyable it is to drink. Here are some factors that can help you to choose the perfect coffee mug for your needs:

  1. Type. The type of coffee mug you buy will depend on what type of coffee you like to drink. Do you like a velvety espresso or do you prefer a frothy latte? This will also determine the size of the cup.

  2. Material. Coffee mugs can be made out of a variety of different materials, including melamine, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, stoneware and bone china.

  3. Features. Choose a mug with features that suits your needs and personal taste. There are double wall coffee mugs, travel mugs with leak-proof lids for portability, Chinese tea cups, cups with saucers, coffee mug sets and much more.

Different materials available to choose from

Coffee cups and coffee mugs can be made from a number of different materials, each with their own unique benefits. Here are some of the most common:

  • Ceramic mug. A ceramic coffee mug is the most popular type of coffee mug. It's durable, dishwasher and microwave-safe, comes in a wide variety of designs and retain heat well.

  • Glass mug. Glass mugs are stylish, stain-proof and non-toxic. A double wall glass mug will keep your coffee hot for longer, while tempered glass is less prone to breakage.

  • Stainless steel mug. Travel mugs are typically made from stainless steel as it insulates the drink and keeps your coffee hot for a longer period of time.

  • Melamine mug. Melamine is lightweight, affordable and virtually unbreakable.

  • Bone china cup. A bone china cup is delicate, traditional and can come in a wide range of exquisitely ornate patterns.

  • Stoneware mug. Stoneware is typically handmade and heavier than other coffee mugs. It offers good heat insulation and can lend an earthy, rustic look to your collection.

Choosing the perfect size coffee mug for you

Coffee cups and mugs come in many sizes, depending on the type of coffee you choose to drink. At Kitchen Warehouse, we have latte cups, cappuccino cups, tea cups, espresso cups and more. Discover the Maxwell & Williams Donna Sharam Mug 370ml, the Robert Gordon 4pc Hug Me Mug 400ml and the vibrant Chasseur La Cuisson Mug 350ml range which is oven, microwave, grill and freezer-safe and perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, chai and more.

For something more dainty, the Salisbury & Co Arctic Cup & Saucer is 210ml while the Ecology Canvas Espresso Cup is 100ml and made from bone china. The Falcon Enamelware Mug 500ml is an excellent choice if you prefer larger amounts of coffee.

From aqua coffee mugs to Chinese tea cups - various designs, colours and appearances

Whether you prefer soft neutrals or cute and quirky, Kitchen Warehouse has a coffee mug to suit you! The Ecology Nomad range is great for those with a taste for minimalist art, while the Ecology Watercolour Mug Aqua will add a pop of colour to your morning.

If you love a natural and earthy aesthetic, the Ecology Speckle Mug range will look beautiful in your collection with shades like Oatmeal and Duck Egg.

Coffee mugs for your coffee preference

Our huge range of coffee mugs and cups are the perfect accompaniment to barista-quality coffee, tea, sticky chai and other hot beverages. Take a look at some of the types available at Kitchen Warehouse:

  • Latte cups - A latte cup is often shorter in height but wider in diameter so that the right amount of milk can be poured in and a pretty design can be applied on top if desired.

  • Cappuccino cups - These cups have a narrow base with a broad rim and are dome-shaped to allow for plenty of foam.

  • Espresso cups - An espresso cup is the smallest type of coffee mug and can come with a saucer as a set.

  • Double wall cups - A double wall cup has 2 walls of glass to provide superior heat insulation and keep coffees hot for longer. The Bodum Bistro Double Wall Mug is a great example.

  • Travel cups - If you love to take your coffee to work on the morning commute, a thermal travel cup is insulated and comes with a leak-proof lid to prevent spills.

Coffee mug sets for your collection

A coffee mug or tea set comes in handy if you like some company on your coffee & tea break. We have tea cup and saucer sets for 2 by brands like Guzzini and Noritake plus 4pc mug sets by Robert Gordon, Salisbury & Co and more.

Other accessories to consider when purchasing coffee mugs

These accessories will make it even more enjoyable to relax with a steaming cup of tea or coffee and some nibbles:

  • Coasters

  • Cutlery

  • Teapot

  • Tea strainer

  • Tumblers and serving jugs

  • Coffee flasks

  • Tea infusers

  • Cake stands and plates

Brands we know and trust

Shop online and discover all of your favourite brands at outstanding prices lower than RRP, including Bodum, Le Creuset, Royal Doulton, Denby, Salt & Pepper, Salisbury & Co and Australian Heritage Icons.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is the purpose of a coffee mug?

A coffee mug holds your coffee or other hot beverage. It is generally larger than a cup so that you can fit in more liquid and features a handle for ease of use. Coffee mugs can come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of coffees, from latte to cappuccino. They are commonly made from materials such as ceramic, glass or stone which retain heat and keep the beverage warmer for longer.

What is the difference between ceramic coffee mugs and metal coffee mugs?

Ceramic coffee mugs, such as porcelain or stoneware, are the most popular type of coffee mug. They are able to retain heat very well and provide even heat distribution. They're also dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Metal coffee mugs are generally made from stainless steel. This material has excellent heat insulation properties and is shatter-proof which makes it ideal for travel mugs as it will keep your coffee at an optimal temperature and won't break if dropped.