Espresso cups and mugs

The size, shape and material of espresso cups has a direct impact on the overall experience of drinking your coffee. Shop the perfect cup for your coffee break, from saucer sets to espresso mugs and cups crafted from stoneware, porcelain and more.



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Things to consider when choosing the best espresso cup

You’ve gone to the trouble of crafting the perfect cup of barista coffee with the finest coffee beans - why ruin it with a cup that doesn’t reflect its worth? Espresso coffee cups are integral to the overall experience of enjoying your favourite caffeinated beverage so it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about which cup will be the right one for the job. Consider:

  • Capacity - Espresso cups range in size from 30ml to 295ml. Most will be in the 90ml-150ml range. We have the Salisbury & Co Espresso Cup 90ml up to the Ecology Espresso Cup 150ml for serious coffee lovers.

  • Design - Espresso cups come in a huge range of designs and styles to suit every kitchen decor. Discover white and minimalist cups, earthy matte stoneware cups, patterned cups, cylindrical mugs, delicate tapered cups with saucers and much more.

  • Storage - Make sure your espresso cups will fit into your available kitchen space. Wall mounted racks are a great space-saving storage solution.

  • Quality - Your espresso cup will likely be used every day so look for a reliable brand and a cup that is durable and resistant to chips.

  • Features - Consider features such as easy-grip handles, enamel exteriors, non-stick interiors, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and stain-resistant properties.

  • Material - You can find stoneware espresso cups, fine bone China cups, double wall glass espresso cups, porcelain espresso cups and more.

  • Shape - The best shape for an espresso cup is a truncated-conical one that allows the crema to rise to the top and last longer for a silky, flavourful coffee.

  • Rim - Rims can be thick or thin, round or sharp. A thicker rim allows the coffee to roll into the mouth more easily and enhances mouth feel.

  • Handle - A flat handle with a wide opening provides improved balance and lets the fingers slip through easily to hold the cup.

  • Durability - A durable espresso cup is one that is chip, crack and stain-resistant, such as our ones from Le Creuset in bold colours to complement every kitchen.

  • Price - You can buy single espresso cups for an affordable price or invest in a cup set for when you have company. We also have Italian espresso cups & saucers for the ultimate coffee and cake break!

Why size matters when it comes to espresso cups

The perfect espresso is best enjoyed in the perfect cup that’s the right size for this type of beverage. Most regular espresso cups will be no more than 90ml but you can also buy espresso mugs that can hold as much as 150ml. A cup that is too small won’t hold all of your coffee while a cup that is too big will thin out the crema and cause it to disappear too quickly. It will also make your coffee go cold much sooner.

Different kinds of espresso cups available

Espresso cups vary in material, shape and size which impacts the flavour and experience of drinking your coffee. Some of the most popular types of espresso cups include:

  • Espresso mug - Espresso mugs have a cylindrical shape and hold more espresso than the regular 90ml cup. We have Le Creuset mugs in stunning colours as well as short espresso mugs by Ecology that hold 150ml.

  • Double wall glass espresso cup - These trending cups are the new way to enjoy your coffee! Designed with a double layer of glass, the cup retains the heat of your coffee for longer while allowing you to see the beautiful colour and texture inside.

  • Espresso cups and saucers - A cup and saucer set makes an elegant addition to your tableware collection. They are also the perfect excuse to enjoy a slice of cake with your coffee - check out our huge range of bakeware to get started.

Saucer sets to consider

A cute espresso cup and saucer combo can elevate any coffee and cake break! We have the stunning Guzzini Grace Cup & Saucer 89ml Set of 2 in minimal white with a timeless design that will fit seamlessly into any kitchen. Pair it with the rest of the Guzzini Grace collection.

Other coffee cups and must-haves to elevate your coffee experience

Expand your drinkware and glassware collection with our huge range of coffee cups and cups for every other beverage. We also have all of the tableware essentials and accessories you’ll need to relax on your next morning or afternoon break:

Caring and maintaining your new espresso cups

Most espresso cups and mugs will be dishwasher-safe which makes clean up fast and fuss-free. Check your individual product details for the best way to keep your cups in pristine shape.

Brands we know and trust

Kickstart your morning with a cuppa served in the best espresso cups from iconic brands, including Salisbury & Co, Le Creuset, Guzzini and Ecology.

Buying an espresso cup online with Kitchen Warehouse

Take your barista coffee to the next level with an espresso cup designed to help you get the most out of it. It’s easy to shop online at Kitchen Warehouse - simply browse our categories from drinkware to cookware and appliances, pop your favourites into a wishlist or checkout now with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide. We also have gift cards for last-minute gifts that can be spent online or at any of our Kitchen Warehouse stores.


What size is an espresso cup?
The typical espresso shot is 60ml so most espresso cups are no more than 90ml. However, you can also get espresso mugs which have a bigger capacity for holding greater quantities of espresso if you really love your coffee! Find espresso mugs at Kitchen Warehouse up to 150ml by respected brands like Ecology and Le Creuset.

What type of cup is best for an espresso?
Espresso cups come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The best type of cup has a tapered base that allows the crema to float to the top, a wide handle for grasping and a thicker rim for a better mouth feel. Porcelain cups are very durable and chip-resistant.