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Tumblers are an essential addition to any glassware and drinkware collection. Shop our huge range of products for every occasion, from highball glasses for cocktails and juice to DOF glasses and insulated wine tumblers for on-the-go drinks.



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Considerations when buying a tumbler

Tumblers are a very common type of drinkware whose versatility makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use plus drinking on the go. With so many choices available, these factors can help you to choose a set that’s perfect for your needs:

  • Type of drink. You can find DOF tumblers for spirits, highball tumblers for cocktails and juice, insulated wine tumblers, glass water tumblers, smoothie tumblers and more.

  • Material. Tumblers are commonly made from glass but can also be made from plastic, stainless steel and crystal.

  • Size. A tall tumbler is ideal for mixed drinks, as well as soft drinks, water and juice. Short glass tumblers can be used for drinking spirits, milk and more.

  • Setting. Glass tumblers are best for indoor use and can be simple for everyday use or decorative for special occasions. Plastic tumblers are shatterproof for outdoor use, while insulated tumblers with a lid are best for portability.

Know your materials

Tumblers can be made from a variety of materials, each with its own set of benefits. Some of the most common materials used include:

  • Glass. A glass tumbler is the most common type. They can be smooth and simple or highly ornate and made for all types of beverages.

  • Plastic. Plastic tumblers are excellent for outdoor dining events. They are lightweight and virtually shatterproof, making them a great option for kids.

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel tumblers are insulated which keeps drinks hot or cold for a longer period of time. They typically come with a lid for easy portability.

Types of tumblers to choose from

Some of the most popular types of tumblers include:

  • Highball glasses. Tall tumblers made for serving mixed drink cocktails. They can also hold large amounts of juice, water, milk and soft drink.

  • DOF tumbler. These are lowball cocktail glasses made for serving spirits and short cocktails.

  • Wine tumblers. A wine tumbler is an insulated tumbler with a lid that’s designed to let you drink chilled wine on the go.

  • Double-walled insulated. Double wall tumblers are made from stainless steel and keep your drinks insulated so that they stay hot or cold for longer.

High quality glassware to enhance your bar cart

A fine set of glass tumblers looks stunning sitting next to your wine glasses, shot glasses and cocktail glasses. Add to your collection with Stolzle whisky glasses and vintage RCR Melodia DOF tumblers handcrafted in Italy with recyclable crystal. Enhance a special occasion with other crowd pleasers, including Le Creuset water tumblers and Nachtmann Noblesse tumblers.

Tumbler sets for your next dinner party

A tumbler set is the perfect solution when it comes to entertaining guests. Discover the Krosno Harmony Tumbler Set of 6, the elegant Duralex Picardie Tumbler Set of 6, the Nachtmann Noblesse Long Drink Set for tall cocktails and soft drinks with added gift box and the stylish Noritake IVV Speedy Water Tumbler Set for everyday use.

Preventing spills with insulated wine tumblers

Oasis Double Wall Insulated Wine Tumblers are made from stainless steel and acrylic so that you can enjoy chilled red or white wine on picnics, camping trips and more. The secure lid prevents wine spills and makes it easy to transport your beverages wherever you need to go.

Portable tumblers for on-the-go

Swap your drink bottle for an insulated and portable tumbler for drinking on-the-go. The Oasis Smoothie Tumbler comes with a straw and fitted lid for your favourite chilled beverages while the D.Line Tumblers To Go include 4 tumblers with a transportable case.

Storing your tumblers properly

Tumblers can be stacked on top of each other to save space in small kitchens, stored in kitchen cupboards or displayed next to each other on shelves.

Other kitchen accessories to consider when purchasing a tumbler

These glassware, cookware and tableware essentials will have you covered at your next dinner party:

  • Carafe

  • Decanter

  • Teacups

  • Coffee mugs

  • Water dispenser

  • Beer glasses

  • Cutlery

  • Frypan

  • Serving jugs

  • Serving platters

Brands we know and trust

Find the brands you know and love at amazing prices lower than RRP at Kitchen Warehouse with favourites like Luigi Bormioli, Bormioli Rocco, Noritake, Spiegelau and Royal Doulton.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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What is the difference between a tumbler and glass?
A glass can refer to both stem and stemless types of glassware. A tumbler is a type of stemless drinkware that typically has no handle and is made to hold everything from alcoholic beverages to juice and water. Tumblers can be made from glass, stainless steel or other materials and have a wide, flat base to give your drink more stability.

What are the benefits of using tumblers?
A tumbler is a versatile drinkware option for everyday use. They:

  • Have a sturdy base to prevent drinks from spilling over

  • Come in various shapes, sizes and designs for holding different drinks

  • Can be insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for longer

  • Can be portable with an airtight lid for drinks on-the-go