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Finding the right cookware for your kitchen

Whether you're whipping up a fragrant paella or a vibrant stir fry, the right cookware will ensure your food prep is stress-free and the end result is delicious. Before you take the plunge into the complex world of cookware, consider these factors:

  • Type. The type of cookware you buy will depend on the type of food you like to cook.
  • Material. There's stainless steel, aluminium, non-stick, silicone and more.
  • Size. A small frypan is ideal for eggs for one while a saute pan will feed a whole family.
  • Features. From pouring lips to removable handles, choose cookware that suits your needs.

Stockpots to skillets - cookware types and categories explained

Cookware is a very broad category and it can get confusing to know exactly what you need to bring your culinary creations into existence! We've simplified things by arranging our selection into these easy-to-navigate subcategories:

  • Cooking pans - This is where you will find frying pans, saucepans, woks, sauté pans, egg poachers, grill pans, crepe pans and more for cooking a wide range of delectable food.
  • Cooking pots - Simmer, boil and bake in Dutch ovens, casserole pots, stock pots and French ovens.
  • Cookware sets - A cookware set combines multiple items of various shapes and sizes into one convenient purchase.
  • Cast iron cookware - A cast iron skillet or griddle provides even heat distribution and superior heat retention with a natural non-stick surface.
  • Induction cookware - Induction cooking is faster, more precise and easier to clean up.
  • Pressure cookers - A pressure cooker locks in steam for more intense flavour and faster cooking.
  • Roasters - From non-stick roasting pans to cast iron and stainless steel, perfect Sunday roasts, cakes, puddings, veggies and much more.
  • Cookware accessories - Here you will find accessories to make cooking easier, including steamers, glass lids and splatter guards.

From non-stick to stainless steel and cast iron - various materials and coatings to choose from

Cookware comes in many different materials that are suited to different cooking styles and types of food. Here are some of the most common materials you will find and their advantages:

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel cookware is non-reactive and rust-proof. It also heats up quickly and is dishwasher-safe.
  • Hard anodised aluminium. This material is very sturdy, durable, non-reactive and won't rust over time.
  • Non-stick frypan. Non-stick cookware is coated in a finish that releases food easily, prevents stuck bits and is easy to clean.
  • Cast iron. Cast iron cookware can withstand intense heat and retains it well for even cooking. It's also virtually indestructible and porous.
  • Silicone. Silicone cookware is flexible, non-stick and easy to clean.

Cookware sets vs. individual items - what's right for you?

If you're someone who cooks a lot or who loves to experiment with a wide range of cooking, a cookware set is an excellent investment. It will give you a variety of saucepans, frypans and specialised cookware in different shapes and sizes to save time and money. If you're a casual cook or tend to stick to one cooking style, buying items individually may be a more cost-effective option.

High-quality cookware sets available

For those who love to cook up a storm, a cookware set is the way to go. There are twin packs with the Scanpan Classic 2pc Frypan Set for cooking pancakes and eggs and more comprehensive sets with specialised cooking items including the Wolstead Steeltek 8 Piece Cookware Set with saucepans, frypans, stockpot, steamer, saute pan and roaster with rack.

Features to consider when choosing cookware

These features can make or break your new cookware purchase. Consider whether they are important to your cooking needs before buying:

  • Appearance + design - Stainless steel cookware is stylish and modern, cast iron is charmingly old-fashioned and enamelled cast iron is typically bright and bold
  • Flat base - A flat base will provide more even heat distribution
  • Oven-safe - Oven-safe cookware can go from the stovetop to the oven to finish cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe - A dishwasher-safe pot or pan makes cleaning up a breeze!
  • Heat conductivity - This refers to how quickly cookware adapts to temperature changes. Copper, cast iron and anodised aluminium are excellent heat conductors.
  • Price - Should you start with the basics and grow your collection or do you have the budget to purchase an extensive professional cookware set?
  • Durability - A durable piece of cookware will last you many years
  • Reactivity - Reactive metal cookware can impart a metallic taste to food when cooking with acidic ingredients
  • Maintenance - Stainless steel cookware is renowned for being easy to maintain while cast iron cookware needs to be seasoned to retain its non-stick surface
  • Pouring lips - A lip will make pouring hot liquids safer and mess-free
  • Stay cool handles + knobs - This will prevent accidental burns and injuries
  • Lid - A lid is essential for steaming and great at keeping food hot for longer
  • Hole in handle for easy storing - Save space by hanging these pots and pans on the wall

Discover induction compatible cookware sets with saucepans and frypans

Induction cookware heats up very quickly and can adjust to temperature changes almost immediately. The Jamie Oliver Cook's Classic 5pc Hard Anodised Induction Cookware Set is non-stick with a hard anodised exterior and includes a saucepan, 2 frypans, a saute pan and a stewpot for diverse and precise cooking.

Brands we know and trust - Tefal, Chasseur and more

Discover all of your favourite brands in cookware at amazing prices lower than RRP, including Pyrolux, Tefal, Chasseur, Anolon, Scanpan, Le Creuset, and Essteele.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

Kitchen Warehouse is a one-stop-shop for completing your dream kitchen with the latest products in dinnerware, tableware, kitchenware, drinkware, bakeware and beyond. Add your favourites to a wishlist for later, surprise friends and family with a gift card on their birthday or checkout today with free delivery over $100 Australia-wide.


What are three types of cookware? Cookware spans many categories but there are three types that every household is likely to have. Cooking pans are the most popular with basics like frypans, saucepans, woks and saute pans being commonly used. Cooking pots are also popular with Dutch ovens and casserole dishes being used to cook everything from beef stew to roast chicken. Lastly, a cookware set is a cost-effective option for buying multiple pots and pans in various types and sizes for diverse cooking.

What is the purpose of cooking ware? Cookware is designed to help you cook any type of food you need. It comes in different shapes and sizes to suit different ingredients, from frying pans with shallow sides to flip eggs and pancakes to woks for stir fry and Dutch ovens for slow-cooked beef. With the right cookware, you can practice many cooking techniques, including frying, simmering, baking, poaching, boiling, sautéing, roasting, grilling and much more.