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Pressure cooker parts

Pressure cooker parts

Extend the functionality of your Hawkins, Futura or Fissler pressure cookers with these compatible replacement parts. Choose from our selection of spare valves, handles and gasket or sealing rings.

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Choosing the right pressure cooker spare parts for your needs

Occasionally pressure cooker parts can be damaged and need to be replaced. Luckily, it is easy to do so at Kitchen Warehouse. We carry an extensive range of parts from all the renowned suppliers and will help you find the right replacement pieces to bring your pressure cooker back to winning form.

Benefits of having a pressure cooker

Slow cook to perfection with the help of a good quality pressure cooker. Reducing cook times by up to 50%, an electric or stovetop pressure cooker is economical, energy-efficient, and helps maintain more nutrients in your cooking. This fantastic multicooker makes easy work of traditional slow cooked dishes like stews and casseroles and is perfect for tenderising meat. Plus, with quick prep and easy cleaning, the pressure cooker saves you plenty of time in the kitchen.

Common types of pressure cooker spare parts

Some of the spare parts you are likely to find useful include:

  • Gasket (sealing ring): The gasket seals your pressure cooker to make it airtight. As the steam builds, so does the pressure, which cooks your food. Watch out for a cracked or torn gasket, as it can prevent the device from reaching full pressure. It’s best to keep a spare gasket on hand in case of emergencies.

  • Safety valve: Safety valves open to release the steam building in the pot once the pressure gets too high for safety. The safety valve can melt under extreme heat and must be replaced for your pressure cooker to work again. If the rubber ring has become loose, it’s always best to replace it.

  • Pressure regulator: The pressure regulator fits on the vent pipe and will release steam to prevent the pressure from exceeding a predetermined level. If no steam is released, check to make sure it is not blocked - your device will not work without it.

Pressure cooker issues and defects to look out for

If your pressure cooker is not functioning like it usually does, there are a few key issues to look out for:

  • Damaged gaskets - these can be easily removed and replaced

  • No whistling - ensure the gasket is positioned correctly and tighten all handles

  • Low pressure - make sure you have the correct quantity of water

  • Leaking - check that the gasket is well fitted and tighten up the lid

  • The pressure cooker lid is stuck - give it time to release and if needed, you can also remove the pressure valve.

  • Clogged pressure valves - clean your gasket and the pressure valves to remove dirt.

  • Damaged lid - the pressure cooker lid is the most crucial part and must be in good working order

Top pressure cooker spare parts manufacturers

At Kitchen Warehouse, we stock all the spare parts you need to keep your pressure cooker in top working order. Buy from renowned manufacturers like Futura, Scanpan, Raco, Fissler, Fagor, Tefal and Prestige. We can help you find the original replacement parts for your make and model.

Why originality matters in buying spare parts

Ensuring the originality of your spare parts is important. Poor quality imitation parts can cause damage to your pressure cooker. Buy from the brands you know and trust and, where possible, the original manufacturer of your device.

Factors to consider when buying pressure cooker spare parts

  • Compatibility: Not all stovetop and electric pressure cookers are the same. If a spare part is incompatible, it will not solve the problem. Look for the make and model number of your device to make sure a part aligns

  • Reputation of seller: Only purchase spare parts from a reputable seller that you know and trust and who carries the well-known brands

  • Warranty or replacement terms: With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong purchasing spare parts from Kitchen Warehouse

  • Price: Pressure cooker spare parts are inexpensive and available for purchase at under $50

Guide to replacing your pressure cooker gasket

You will want to replace your pressure cooker gasket every 12 months or as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear. Replacing the pressure cooker gasket is as simple as following these steps:

  • Using a sharp knife or screwdriver, lift the gasket from its position starting at the seam junction

  • Throw away the old gasket

  • Wash your lid to remove dirt and dry it thoroughly

  • Place your new gasket into the groove, ensuring an even spread around the lid

  • Use your fingers to push it into place thoroughly and create a good seal

  • Test your cooker to ensure the proper functioning

How to find spare parts that match your pressure cooker

Find the right spare parts by checking the manufacturer’s guide. You can also note the model number on the base of your pressure cooker, and the knowledgeable staff at Kitchen Warehouse will help guide you.

Maintenance, cleaning and care

Always clean and replace the parts on your pressure cooker when required. Dirt build-up or worn parts can significantly impact performance.

Brands we know and trust

Shop at Kitchen Warehouse to find all the great brands you know and trust. Browse the best stainless steel pressure cookers available and find the right one for you. Our top manufacturers always stock quality spare parts to keep your kitchen appliances functioning beautifully for many years to come.

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What are some types of pressure cooker spare parts? Due to the amount of pressure required for a pressure cooker to function, some parts will become damaged over time and will need replacement. These can include silicone gaskets, valves, lid handles, washers, side grips, and stainless steel knobs.

Are pressure cooker spare parts expensive? Pressure cooker parts are readily available and inexpensive, starting from just a few dollars at Kitchen Warehouse.