Egg poachers

Take the guesswork out of poaching eggs when you use a specialised egg poacher. With stovetop and microwave options available, these easy to use cookers poach individual servings of eggs exactly to your liking. Enjoy a café style breakfast at home with hardly any effort!

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Different types of egg poachers explained - what’s the difference?

Poaching eggs is a delicious and healthy way to serve up eggs for breakfast or lunch. However, many people find poaching a tricky cooking technique to master and far too often end up with overcooked yolks and a pot full of loose egg white! An egg poacher is the best way to ensure your eggs are poached to perfection for topping on salads or finishing off a decadent Eggs Benedict. Egg poachers come in different types, including:

  • Egg poacher scoops and pods - These are typically half-sphere cups that either float in water or have a handle that hooks over the side of the saucepan. The Kitchen Pro Oslo Poach Pod is perfect for poaching eggs for 2!

  • Egg pan poachers - An egg poacher pan is a non-stick saucepan with a glass lid that comes with a removable tray with pods to crack the eggs into. You fill the pan with water, place the eggs in the pod, cover, and poach until you’re happy with the result.

  • Poached egg rings - An egg ring keeps the egg in a neat circle while poaching. It can also be used to fry eggs in a perfect disc-shape for topping onto breakfast muffins.

  • Poached egg bags - These bags are disposable and made from food-grade paper or plastic. Simply crack the egg inside, place it in simmering water, and remove when done.

  • Microwave egg poacher - These egg poachers let you skip the stovetop altogether and are made to poach eggs in the microwave.

Size and capacity matters

We have one cup egg poachers that will poach single eggs for one and egg poacher sets that will hold 2, 4 and 6 cups for poaching eggs for the whole family. Consider how many people you will be serving and buy an egg poacher to accommodate them all.

Factors to consider when buying an egg poacher

While an egg poacher is a simple kitchen tool, there may be more to consider than you think. Here are some factors that can help you to choose the right one for your poaching needs:

  • Design - There are versatile egg poacher pans, egg poacher scoops, egg poaching rings and egg poaching bags made from stainless steel, plastic, aluminium and more.

  • Quantity/capacity - There are egg poachers that will poach an egg for one person and others that will poach up to 12 eggs!

  • Heat-resistant - Whether you’re poaching on the stovetop, microwave or pressure cooker, you’ll need one that is made from heat-resistant material.

  • Durable - You may be cooking eggs several times a week, so make sure your poacher can withstand heavy-use.

  • Stain Resistant - A non-stick egg poacher will allow eggs to be removed easily without leaving behind any residue.

  • Single or Multi Set - An egg poacher scoop, like Cuisena Egg Poacher Black, is great for individuals while an egg poacher set is ideal for 2 or more people.

  • Heat Distribution - An aluminium egg poacher pan with a thick base is the best option for even heat distribution on a cooktop.

  • Safety - Some egg poachers will come with in-built handles for removing the lid safely while others have rolled rims for removing liquids without burns.

  • Easily Washable - Look for an egg poacher that is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning up.

  • Ease of use - The egg poacher should be easy to use with clear instructions, easy to clean up and easy to store away when not in use.

  • Portability - Plastic and silicone egg poachers are much lighter than stainless steel pans and easier to pack in bags for poaching on the move.

Stainless steel to silicone - understanding the materials

You want an egg poacher that is crafted from a BPA-free, non-toxic and PFOA-free material that is also non-stick for easy release. A stainless steel egg poacher will work on most cooktops and is durable and easy to clean. Egg poacher pans are typically made from stainless steel. A silicone egg poacher is safe to put in the microwave and is dishwasher-safe. We have plenty of non-stick egg poachers that will cook eggs quickly without the mess. Check out the Avanti Non-Stick Omelette & Egg Poacher Pan for eggs done two different ways or use the Progressive Prep Solutions Four Egg Poacher to cook eggs in the microwave in no time!

Additional kitchen utensils and cookware to consider when purchasing an egg poacher

From utensils to enjoy your poached eggs to cookware that will help you to perfect other delicious meals in no time, check out these other items at Kitchen Warehouse:

Storing your egg poacher

As egg poachers come in different shapes and sizes, it’s important to consider where you will store it when eggs aren’t on the menu. Think about:

  • Portability - If you love waking up to eggs for breakfast while you’re camping or travelling, you’ll want a lightweight and compact egg poacher that is easy to carry around.

  • Shelf space - Egg poacher pans naturally take up more space on the shelf than a single poacher scoop or pod. They can be stored alongside your other pots and pans, while smaller poachers can be stored in kitchen drawers.

  • Counter space - If you have eggs everyday, you might prefer to keep your egg poacher on the countertop for easy access. Make sure you have enough room if you choose an egg poacher set. The Wolstead Stonetek 4 Cup Egg Poacher measures 20cm and looks stylish on kitchen counters.

Avanti, Kitchen Pro and more - brands we know and trust

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Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

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How do you cook eggs in an egg poacher? For the perfect poached eggs every time, you can’t go past an egg poacher. This kitchen gadget is designed to be super easy to use and can poach eggs for multiple people at once for breakfast in a flash. To use an egg poacher pan, fill the pan up with some water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Lightly coat the pods in oil and place in a pan to warm up. Crack an egg into each pod, cover and cook until done.

What are the benefits of using an egg poacher? If you love eggs for breakfast, an egg poacher is a great way to ensure they are done right every time. A quality egg poacher can:

  • Cook professional poached eggs in minutes

  • Poach multiple eggs at a time

  • Double as a regular pan for sautéing, searing and more

Check out our range of egg poachers by leading brands, such as the Scanpan Impact Egg Poacher 20cm with room for 4 poached eggs!