Cocktail equipment buying guide

Cocktail equipment buying guide

Successful cocktail making is all about having the right tools. You can’t shake or stir without your cocktail shaker or your swizzle stick, you’ll just get in a muddle without your muddler and the jig will be up without your jigger. Use this guide to find out exactly what you need to impress yourself and your guests with the smoothest, zingiest cocktails in town. Kitchen Warehouse offers top cocktail equipment, recommended by mixologists, including high quality specialized glasses and other bar tools.


The original cocktail was described in 1833 as rum, gin or brandy, water, bitters and sugar, plus a nutmeg garnish. This drink, minus the nutmeg, is now referred to as an Old Fashioned, or a Double Old Fashioned, served in a glass of the same name. By the 1860’s other ingredients began to be added to the mix and new cocktails were created. The International Bar Association hold the official recipes for 77 cocktails for use in the annual World Cocktail Competition (WCC) in bartending


Cocktail shaker

Tapered cylinder, tight fitting lid, strainer included. Add ingredients, fit on lid and shake.

Bar strainer

Mesh circle with rim. Sit strainer on rim of glass to separate leaves and ice as drink is poured into glass.


Spout attached to fitting lid.

Measured pourer

Ball bearings move together as bottle tips ceasing flow when they touch.

Free flowing pourer

Ball bearings prevent air bubbles forming allowing free flow of spirits. Fits onto top of bottle. Pour to measure out one shot of liquor at a time or keep bottle flowing while tipped. 4 seconds equals one shot.

Jigger/ Double jigger

Hourglass shape, large and small ends. Accurately measure one jigger or ½ oz (14g) and ½ jigger or ¾ oz (21g).x

Muddling spoon

Long twisted handle. Head smaller than a teaspoon. Stir to combine cocktail ingredients.

Swizel stick

Novelty tip with long handle. Stir drinks while imbibing to keep alcohol combined.


Cylinder with wide flat end and textured base. Smash and crush ingredients to release oils and flavours - similar to a pestle.


Short tool with end shaped like the inside of a lemon. Press firmly into sliced half of lemon to release juice.

Soda Siphon

Pump attached to cylinder holding carbon dioxide. Squirt to add carbonated water to drinks.


Short blades at end of handle. Scrape off outer skin of citrus fruit.

Ice crusher

Cup with blades and crank handle. Add ice to cup and turn handle to crush ice prior to adding to cocktail shaker.

Bar Compass

Layered dial reference board. Turn dial to match cocktails, ingredients and quantities.

All in One tools

Appearance of large Swiss knife. Carry all your tools in one device.

Recipe books

Illustrated recipe book. Choose and follow recipes to make cocktails.