Everyday made extraordinary. OXO is a surefire hit in any household and there’s no surprise why. Each OXO range boasts reliable, built-to-last products that encompass everything from food storage to kitchen utensils and gadgets with unique problem solving perks. For kitchenware designed to make life easier, look no further.



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Pairing innovation with purpose, American brand OXO has been creating kitchen and household tools and gadgets to make everyday life easier for more than two decades. Designing products that are built to last and easy to use, across all areas of the home from the kitchen to the bar, the pantry, fridge, bathroom and office, they even have a range for babies and toddlers.

OXO’s main purpose is to make your life easier, around the home and in the kitchen. They identify common, everyday problems that people experience when prepping and cooking food, and then design utensils and gadgets to address these problems, with the aim of reducing time and effort, whether you’re cooking for two people or 20. Think ergonomic utensils and stackable containers. OXO are always one step ahead.

OXO Good Grips range: Innovative Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

Expertly engineered and thoughtfully designed, one of the most popular ranges from OXO is the OXO Good Grips range which includes kitchen gadgets, tools and storage solutions to simplify cooking and preparation tasks, making your experience in the kitchen seamless and stress free.

Expertly engineered and thoughtfully designed, one of the most popular ranges from OXO is the OXO Good Grips range which includes kitchen gadgets, tools and storage solutions to simplify cooking and preparation tasks, making your experience in the kitchen seamless and stress free.

Features of OXO Good Grips

OXO have executed the look and feel of their products to take the hassle out of everyday kitchen tasks.

  • Signature non-slip grip: Whether it’s a peeler, colander or grater, OXO Good Grips kitchen utensils and tools feature non-slip material on their handles to ensure your safety. Great when working with sharp blades or hot liquids.

  • Easy to handle: The ergonomic design of OXO kitchen tools reduces strain and effort making them particularly useful for more labour intensive tasks like mincing garlic or mashing potatoes.

  • Functional: OXO storage solutions and gadgets eliminate unnecessary stress in the kitchen, especially when it comes to preparing and organising ingredients.

  • Dishwasher safe: The hard work ends once the food is on the table. Most OXO products can be used in the dishwasher, top rack only.

Gadgets galore

Functionality meets creativity when it comes to OXO Good Grips kitchen gadgets. Motivated not only to produce innovative products, OXO also aims to create products that enable a safer cooking experience. The everyday spatula or serving spoon is elevated with an ergonomic handle. Chopping boards vary in size and feature non-slip feet to avoid sliding while slicing. Ever struggled with a slippery avocado seed? The three in one avocado slicer peels, splits and pits avocados easily for salads at home or on the go. Every element for every product is carefully considered.

Stack and store

The Good Grips POP range of containers vary in size and shape to accommodate all your pantry staples, from dried pasta, rice and cereal, to nuts, spices and cheeky chocolate chips. Made from BPA-free plastic with heat resistant, silicone seals, these clever storage containers feature several key elements to level up your stackable storage:

  • Seal: POP lid seals tightly to maintain freshness, simply push the button to create an airtight seal.

  • Material: Clear design so you can easily see your produce and keep track of quantities

  • Shape: Square, rectangle or rounded containers.

  • Base: Flat base slides in and out of the pantry with ease.

  • Lid: Fluted lids to stack securely.

Aesthetics are key

If looks are a priority in your kitchen, you’ll love the slimline design of OXO Good Grips POP containers that are oh so satisfying to the eye of the organised. Display vibrant goodies or your latest baked creation in the clear containers that will sit proudly atop your kitchen counter. Stack them up on top of each other in the pantry or on the counter to save precious storage space.

Busy bakers rejoice!

Not only do the Good Grips POP containers keep dry ingredients fresh, keen bakers will enjoy OXO’s range of compatible smart accessories. The Brown Sugar Keeper retains softness inside the container, while handy scoops secure to the underside of the lid. Top it off with the POP Cookie Jar to store delicious baked goods for days on end (if they last that long!).

To the table

It doesn’t stop at food prep! The OXO Steel Range features serving utensils made from durable stainless steel, featuring OXO’s signature ergonomic grip and a sleek look that will compliment your meals at the dining table. As well as including universal tools like serving spoons, the range offers specialised utensils to divvy up family favourites like lasagnas, ice cream and homemade pizzas.

Quality guarantee

Take comfort knowing that all of OXO’s products are made to last, with over 20 years of passion and knowledge going into each product’s design.


What materials do OXO use in their products?

OXO Good Grips POP clear storage containers are made from BPA-free plastic with lids that adhere tightly with a silicone seal, making them airtight to keep your ingredients fresher for longer. The silicone can be removed to thoroughly clean the lid.

When it comes to gadgets and utensils, different products in the Good Grips range use silicone and stainless steel to tackle tough tasks.

The OXO Steel Range is made from durable stainless steel.

Does OXO offer any other products for my home?

If you’re impressed with OXO’s kitchen ingenuity, you’ll be pleased to know the brand offers smart storage solutions for the bathroom, too. Utilising the brand’s signature Good Grips technology, this versatile range of bathroom and shower caddies features StrongHold hooks and suction pads which can be installed without the use of tools. They’re also transportable and easy to clean, promising hassle-free bathroom organisation.

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