Cake tins and cake pans

Cake tins and cake pans

A cake tin is essential bakeware for those who love baking cakes, tarts and sweet treats. Shop small 15cm cake pans, springform tins for easy release, deep round tins for statement cakes, madeleine molds, bundt cake pans and much more.



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Choosing the right cake tin for your needs

There's nothing better than the sweet aroma of a cake baking in the oven! Choosing the right cake tin is key to the success of your edible masterpiece. With so many different types of cake tins available in various shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Before you make a purchase, consider:

  • Type. Cake tins come in many types for baking different cakes, from layer cakes and muffins to tarts and bundt cakes.

  • Shape. Will you go for a traditional round cake pan, a rectangular cake pan or try something new with a heart cake tin?

  • Size. Choose the right size cake tin for your cake so that it will cook for the correct length of time and not overflow.

  • Material. Cake tins come in aluminium, stainless steel, non-stick, silicone and even cast iron.

Understanding your materials when choosing a cake pan

The material that your cake tin is made from will have an impact on your cake. The most common materials include:

  1. Aluminium - Aluminium cake tins are lightweight, affordable and great for even cooking. Avoid acidic ingredients as this material is reactive.

  2. Stainless steel - A stainless steel cake tin is durable, has good heat retention and is typically non-stick.

  3. Non-stick - A cake tin with a non-stick coating will help your finished cake to slide easily out of the tin in one piece.

  4. Silicone - Silicone cake tins are lightweight, non-stick and flexible which makes popping cakes and muffins out super easy.

Different types of cake tin shapes and designs available

Whether you're a professional baker creating wedding cakes or a home cook with a passion for the sweeter things in life, these common cake tins available at Kitchen Warehouse will help you to create any mouth-watering treat you have your heart set on:

  1. Cake tin. We have round cake tins, rectangular tins, heart-shaped tins, ring tins, square tins, cake tin sets and loaf pans for baking bread and loaf cakes.

  2. Springform pan. A springform pan has a latch and a removable base to make unfolding your cakes fast and easy.

  3. Cupcake tray. We have muffin pans for jumbo muffins and cupcake trays for cupcakes, mini cakes and tarts.

  4. Madeleine pans. Perfect this delectable French treat with our Madeleine trays specially designed to create golden shell-shaped sponge cakes.

  5. Tartlet cases. Our Pyrex tartlet cases have a fluted edge, a loose bottom and come in a set of 4.

  6. Friand pans. Use these pans to bake golden friands and other petite desserts.

  7. Savarin moulds. The Bakemaster Non-Stick Savarin Mould will help you to bake decadent rum-soaked savarin cakes, as well as salmon mousse and more.

  8. Bundt pans. Bake this traditional European cake with our fluted bundt tins and bundt trays for mini versions.

  9. Quiche and tart pans. We have round and rectangular pans with fluted edges for baking tarts and quiches. Choose a perforated loose base for easy removal and a crispy, golden base, such as the Bakemaster Perfect Crust Non-Stick Loose Base Quiche Pan.

Deciding on cake tin sizes you need

Baking trays and baking pans come in a huge range of sizes for baking any cake to perfection. Recipes will typically state the size you need. A cake tin that is too small will overflow, while a cake tin that's too big may produce a shallow cake.

Discover the Pyrex Platinum Round Springform Cake Pan 23cm, the Mondo Pro Deep Round Cake Pan 10cm made from commercial grade anodized aluminium, the Bakemaster Non-Stick Loose Base Square Cake Pan 20cm x 7cm, plus so much more at Kitchen Warehouse.

Features and surfaces to consider

Sometimes, it's the little details that can make the biggest difference to your cake. Consider these special features of a cake tin:

  • Non-stick finish - A non-stick coating will prevent your cake from sticking to the tin so that you can remove it easily.

  • Straight walls - A cake tin with straight walls placed at a 90° angle will result in a more uniform cake with sharp edges that is excellent for applying fondant.

Remember to consider depth when choosing a cake tin

The depth of a cake tin will depend on the type of cake you are baking. Shallow cake tins are great for layer cakes as they are easier to cut in half. A deep cake tin, such as Mondo Pro Deep Round Cake Pan, is perfect for statement cakes at special occasions, as well as denser cakes with high sides like fruit cake.

Cake tin colour finish options and the benefits (light finish vs dark finish)

Don't forget to consider the cake tin colour finish when baking cakes. A cake tin with a dark, matte surface will absorb more heat and cook the cake faster with a thicker, golden base. A light, shiny cake tin will cook cakes slower and more evenly.

Cleaning, maintenance and care of cake tin

Most cake tins will be dishwasher-safe. You may need to soak or lightly scrub some cake tins to remove residue. Don't use abrasive materials on cake tins or metal utensils on non-stick cake tins as you will scratch them.

Brands we know and trust

Discover the best brands in bakeware at the best prices below RRP, including Bakemaster, Daily Bake, D.Line, Le Creuset, MasterPro, Wiltshire, Baker's Secret and Mason Cash.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

We've got everything you need to make baking a piece of cake! Explore our baking dishes, piping bags and cake decorating supplies, including sprinkles, cookie cutters and cake toppers. We have kitchen gadgets and accessories to make baking easier, from can openers to thermometers and tea towels, plus the finest cutlery for serving. Then there's our massive range of cookware, kitchenware, tableware and more for every other cooking and dining need to may have. Place your favourites in a wishlist for later, spoil a loved one with a gift card or checkout now with free delivery over $100 to anywhere in Australia. You can also select Click & Collect and pick up your bakeware from your nearest Kitchen Warehouse.


What size is a standard cake tin?

One of the most common sized cake tins in Australia is 20cm. Another popular size is the 23cm cake tin. If you find that you need multiple sizes, consider investing in a cake tin set which will have various sizes in the one purchase to save you money.

What are the advantages of using a cake tin?

If you love to bake, a cake tin is an invaluable piece of baking equipment. It will help you to get the correct shape for your cake and provide the perfect heat-resistant dish for your cake to cook and rise in. It will also allow your cake to bake evenly and to develop a golden base. Non-stick and springform cake tins help your cake to release in one piece and are easy to clean.

What is the difference between a cake tin and a cake pan?

Both cake tins and cake pans are items of bakeware and the terms are interchangeable. They can be made out of aluminium, silicone, stainless steel and non-stick materials and come in a fantastic range of shapes and sizes to create any type of cake you want, from bundt and layer cakes to cupcakes, tarts and creamy cheesecakes.