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Start your day with fresh and fluffy waffles cooked in a waffle maker from Kitchen Warehouse. There’s nothing quite like the sweet, toasty aromas of homemade waffles so shop the range today to find the right one for your needs.

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Finding the best waffle maker for your kitchen

Making regular batches of perfect waffles in the comfort of your own home is easier than ever thanks to this trendy Australian appliance. From Belgian-style to crispy buttermilk, this is your guide to finding the best waffle maker for your kitchen.

Do you need a Belgian waffle maker?

While you can technically make any type of waffle in a classic waffle maker, the unique shape and texture of authentic Belgian waffles does require a different plate style. Therefore, connoisseurs tend to opt for a specialty Belgian waffle iron over a classic waffle maker.

Love both? Weigh up how likely you are to alternate between the two different types and go from there or add both to your wishlist. Not sure which you like best? Here’s a closer look at their key differences:

  • Belgian waffles are crispier and commonly treated as a dessert rather than a breakfast. This is because they have deeper criss-cross pockets that easily hold more syrup or sauce and go perfectly with a dollop of ice cream.

  • Classic waffles. American style waffles are denser and have a richer flavour than Belgian waffles. Just like a pancake mix, a classic waffle mix is made with buttermilk, eggs and flour but has a higher fat and sugar content in order to achieve the caramelisation needed for a golden and crispy finish.

Browning controls explained

Like a toaster, the majority of waffle makers come with a variable browning control (also called a shade selector) in the form of a dial, which adjusts the cooking time according to your preferred finish. Some models may even have their own timer and manual temperature control.

Waffle makers with removable plates

Having a waffle maker with removable cooking plates makes giving your waffle iron a deep clean easy. However, as long as you go for plates that have a non-stick coating (as opposed to stainless steel) you’re pretty much covered on the easy cleaning front.

Our top tip is to give the plates, whether removable or fixed, a quick wipe after each use with a paper towel to remove excess oil and gather any crumbs. Remember to always wait until the appliance has cooled completely and follow the specific care instructions from the user manual.

Note - some waffle makers come with interchangeable plates so you can create different style waffles with the same appliance.

The main features to look out for

Not all waffle makers are created equally and some have a higher functionality than others. When weighing up your options, be sure to ask yourself the following questions. This will ensure you get the best value for your money.

  • Does it have a cool-touch handle?

  • Does it have indicator lights, such as a ready indicator?

  • Does it have a removable drip tray?

  • Does it have a non-stick surface for easy cleaning?

  • Does it have a moat around the edge to help prevent spillage?

  • Does it have dishwasher safe components?

  • Does it come with a warranty?

What is a vertical waffle maker?

A vertical waffle maker is great for no-mess waffle making. The upright design means you can add the batter through a pouring funnel at the top of the machine, which then feeds the mixture through the moat as well as providing even heat distribution during the cooking process.

Brands we know and trust

  • Sunbeam. Functional, easy to use and ideal for everyday use, Sunbeam waffle makers are the perfect place to start if you’ve never owned a waffle maker before.

  • Cuisinart. The perfect middle ground, Cuisinart waffle makers come in different models for greater variety and are known to be affordable, high quality and reliable.

  • Breville. A Breville waffle maker will likely come with extra, tech-savvy features for greater control and customisation; smart waffle makers designed for true blue waffle enthusiasts.


Which is the best waffle maker? While there is no one size fits all, the best waffle maker is the one that balances functionality, cost and maintenance with frequency of use. If you’re only likely to have waffles once in a while, you’re more likely to go for a model that’s easy to use and comes with a handful of browning functions, as opposed to a waffle maker that has a dozen functions and all the bells and whistles. Get inspired here.

What do you put in a waffle maker? To use a waffle maker, you will first create the batter in a mixing bowl or jug. This will then be poured into the waffle maker and cooked to create your perfect waffles.

Where can you buy a waffle maker online? At Kitchen Warehouse you can buy a variety of waffle makers online from vertical waffle makers to Belgian waffle makers as well as many other kitchen appliances.


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