Deep fryers

There's nothing better than the crunch from freshly made fish and chips or fried chicken. Now you can skip the queues from your local and make your own at home using an electric deep fryer. Our range includes top brands like Tefal and Sunbeam.

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Get the perfect crunch on your chicken, fish, or chips

Fried food never tastes better than it does straight out of the deep fryer. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet moist and succulent on the inside. Ideal for chicken, chips, seafood and snacks, these easy-to-use machines will cook food to perfection in the blink of an eye. Shop for all the best brands like Devanti, Sunbeam and Tefal at Kitchen Warehouse.

Skip the queues by deep-frying your own food

Skip standing in queues, paying expensive bills and eating cold takeaway food with an at-home stainless steel deep fryer. These inexpensive appliances save you time and money, providing quick access to all the meals you love most. With this convenient machine on the countertop, you’ll never wait on the delivery man again.

Freestanding commercial electric deep fryers

Suitable for both home and commercial kitchens, these larger fryers can make enough food to feed the crowd at once. Twin fryer baskets, a quick heat, power saving auto thermostat, and greater oil capacity allow you to make large batches of food at once. Enjoy watching the game whilst serving your guests hot, tasty food that doesn‘t demand your time and attention.

Boil, roast or deep fry with the versatile multicooker deep fryer

The Sunbeam Multicooker Deep Fryer combines all your favourite kitchen appliances. This versatile tool allows you to boil, roast, casserole, braise, stir, and deep fry. It cooks food quickly on a non-stick surface using much less power than conventional cooktops. Moreover, the compact design can be easily stored in the cupboard and won’t consume precious space on your benchtop.

Get crispy and crunchy results with a deep fryer

Crispy and crunchy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, that’s the beauty of deep fried food. For exceptional quality, try the Tefal Pro Oleoclean Deep Fryer. It has an automatic oil filtering function that operates every time you use it to ensure the crispiest fries. Better yet, the removable oil box makes it effortless to clean, reuse or refresh your cooking oil.

Guide to getting the crispiest chips in your deep fryer

Australians love our hot chips, but only when they are cooked to perfection. Follow these simple steps for a perfect crispy result every time.

Firstly, make sure to choose a floury style of potato. Cut into thick slices and soak to remove the starch. Dry thoroughly. Heat the deep fat fryer to 160 degrees. Quarter fill the fryer and lower into the cooking oil (like vegetable or sunflower) for six to seven minutes. Raise the frying basket and set it aside to cool. Cook as many batches as you need. Lastly, turn the heat up to 190°C and fry all the chips together for a further three minutes, until crisp and golden. Drain and season with your favourite salt and serve.

Cleaning and maintaining your deep fryer

If you are using your deep fryer daily, then it only needs to be cleaned every few days. The food basket, oil tank and lid are usually dishwasher safe, but check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions first. Wipe the body with a damp cloth.

Benefits of using a deep fryer

The deep fryer enhances food flavour and is the tastiest way to cook tender, juicy food. A deep fryer on the countertop allows you to whip up perfectly cooked food in minutes. Equipped with thermostats and timers, a deep fryer can provide consistent results every time. Plus, it’s economical, with each batch of cooking oil serving multiple uses.

Fry huge quantities of food with our commercial deep fryers

Kitchen Warehouse stocks commercial deep fryers suitable for both business and home. Take advantage of twin fryers with dual frying compartments (and individual temperature control) to cook different foods simultaneously. Ideal for a large family or entertaining a crowd, commercial deep fryers are incredibly time efficient.

Ditch the frypan and cook tasty chicken wings in a deep fryer

Everything tastes better from the deep fryer. Plus, it’s much faster than standing over a frying pan. Whilst chicken cooked in ovens, grills, or frying pans can taste great, the deep fryer can create succulent crunchy wings in a way that simply can’t be replicated using any other heating element or appliance.

Kitchen Warehouse stocks a fantastic collection of deep fryers for setting up your home frying station. In fact, we have everything you need to build the perfect kitchen, from microwaves to fridges. So pick up all your favourite cookware like pressure cookers, slow cookers, steamers and woks, plus all the essential kitchen appliances like food processors, blenders and mixers. Shop from all Australia‘s favourite kitchen brands like Breville, Delonghi and Kambrook.

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Air fryer vs deep fryer

If a crispy fried texture is paramount, then a deep fryer will always be best. No other machine can create quite the same juicy flavour and crunchy texture. However, air fryers still produce a great result and use less oil which has certain health benefits. Deep fryers cook faster than air fryers, but they use more oil.

Can you fry anything in a deep fryer?

Anything that you would typically fry can go into the deep fryer. Try beef and chicken, dairy products, seafood and store-bought foods. There’s plenty of room to experiment and see what new creations you can come up with.