Placemats and coasters

Placemats and coasters

Available in a wide spectrum of colours, shapes and sizes, placemats and coasters have the potential to completely transform your table setting. Choose from various materials, including PVC, cork, jute, rattan and washable fabrics.

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Cleaning placemats

Low maintenance and easy-to-clean placemats make clearing the table a cinch. Simply wipe down hard fabrics like PVC or rattan with a damp cloth at the end of the meal. Throw cotton or linen placemats in the wash with the rest of the tea towels, napkins and table linen.

Matching coasters and placemats

Explore the collection of exotic, marble, floral, natural, themed and colourful placemat sets. Easy and inexpensive, placemats and coasters are a fabulous way to bring your dining table to life. Enjoy matching your table placemats with coaster sets for fun, stylish, or themed table settings.

Storing placemats

Slim and easy to store, placemats won’t compromise your kitchen space. You can easily slide them into a drawer or kitchen cupboard. Wrap fabric placemats together in a set or leave them displayed in a nice bowl on the kitchen bench. Better yet, keep them on the dining table as decoration or to add some colour to the room.

Round vs rectangular placemats

Round placemats tend to work better for round tables, whereas both round and rectangular will work for a rectangular table. If you are short on space, a round placemat can be helpful as it takes up slightly less room on the table.

Bring your table setting to life with placemats

The sky's the limit when shopping for tableware at Kitchen Warehouse. Choose a fun Australia themed setting or take inspiration from the royal botanic gardens and select an exotic bird, plant or flower design. Shop from brand favourites like Ecology, Guzzini, Marini Ferlazzo or Ashdene.

Protect your table from scratches with placemats

Not only do they look fantastic, but placemats will protect your table from wear. Avoid water marks, food stains, and heat damage and protect the surface from scratches. Moreover, placemats will reduce noise from plates, cutlery and glasses sliding across the table.

Table cloth vs washable placemats - which is better?

There are no rules regarding tablecloths or placemats, but some differences exist. For example, if you have a beautiful wood table, the placemat will not cover it entirely, so you can still see and appreciate its beauty. Placemats are also easier to clean, swap over (in the instance of a spill), and store. With more styles and designs in placemats than table cloths, you have more options to be creative using different colours, patterns and materials. However, if you want to achieve the look of a fresh white tablecloth, the white placemat in linen will achieve the same refined finish.

Choose from cork-back placemats, reversible placemats, cotton placemats, and more!

Browse the range of exciting placemats at Kitchen Warehouse, from artistic to elegant. Made from materials like cotton, linen, jute, PVC and cork, there is something to suit every need. Choose a cork-backed placemat for additional table protection or a reversible placemat for versatile looks and convenience.

Dress your tableware with jute woven placemats

Embrace a natural aesthetic with jute woven placemats. Handwoven, these placemats have a natural, coastal vibe and remind us of the tropics. Combine jute placemats with other wooden tableware or contrast with a crisp white setting. Jute is the perfect robust, easy-maintenance material to keep your table safe.

Mix and match your dinnerware with placemat sets

Throw the rulebook out the window and play with mixing and matching styles. Experiment to see how different placemats can complement your servingware, jugs, dinner sets, cutlery and glassware. Fun, exciting and inexpensive, placemats and coasters are an easy way to bring life to your next dinner party. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the kitchenware and homeware at Kitchen Warehouse. Find your new bakeware, cookware, coolers, knife sharpeners, and much more. With free delivery on all orders over $100, it’s worth picking up a few items from your wishlist at once.


What is the purpose of a placemat? A placemat will protect your table from water marks, spills, burns, scratches and more. With a wide variety of colours, fabrics and styles to choose from, placemats have the potential to make your table setting anything from elegant to a work of art.

Do I put my placemats in the dishwasher? Kitchen Warehouse recommends that you read the manufacturer’s care instructions before putting placemats in the dishwasher. Some placemats are dishwasher safe, but not all of them. Placemats are easy to clean with a simple wipe-off or a gentle machine wash for fabrics.