Cheese slicers

Slicing through hard or soft cheese is easy with our range of cheese slicers in different styles and designs.  

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Create impressive cheese platters with a high quality cheese slicer

Create consistently even slices of all types of cheese with a stainless steel cheese slicer. This nifty tool helps cheese lovers effortlessly slice and cut their favourite cheeses in seconds, ready to be enjoyed fresh every time. With a range of cheese slicers to choose from, there’s a style to suit all cheese slicing needs.

Handheld vs base models - which one should you choose?

Handheld models come in two styles:

  • A slingshot or Y-shaped design that slices cheese with a taut stainless steel wire stretched parallel to the blade. Some models also have the option to adjust the tension on the blade.

  • A shovel style head with a shaving blade inserted in the middle. This works by dragging the blade or wire across the top of the cheese to create a shaving.

Base model - Also known as a block, these are designed for use on a benchtop or tabletop. These work as a guillotine style cutting motion with a wire or steel blade. Some types can also double as a serving board.

Reasons to have a cheese slicer in your kitchen

  • Gives cheese an evenly consistent cut in the thickness of your choosing.

  • Only cut the amount of cheese you need, leaving the rest of the block or mound to stay fresh for next time.

  • Makes the cheese look more appealing and presentable when serving.

Different kinds of cheese slicers

  • Cheese planes – A small trowel with a blade embedded in the flat head. Simply pull the blade across a cheese wedge or block while applying even pressure to cut an even slice of cheese. Ideal for aged cheese such as parmesan.

  • Rolling slicer – This is a T-shape design with a roller and a wire. The roller helps the slicer to slide over the cheese while the wire cuts. Great for semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses.

  • Wire cheese cutter – A cutting board with a wire mechanism attached to slice cheese. The cheese is cut by manually raising and lowering the wire attached to the cutting arm. Perfect for very soft or sticky cheeses, although some high-quality wires can cut through hard cheeses too.

Factors to consider when buying a cheese slicer

  • Material Stainless steel is the most common material used for blades and cutting wires as it’s one of the few metals that is considered food grade. It’s also tough enough to slice through even the harder cheeses.

  • Ease of use Comfort is key when using a cheese slicer, especially if you will be cutting large amounts of cheese. Look for a cheese slicer with super sharp blades and an ergonomic handle for maximum ease.

  • Adjustable thickness If you prefer to choose your own level of thickness, opt for a base/block style cheese slicer that allows you to slice at your desired consistency. This style lets you move as much or as little of the cheese block under the wire or blade as you like. Some wire-bladed handheld models have adjustable rollers that can vary the thickness of cuts.

  • Versatility Consider the usual type of cheese you eat or serve and opt for a slicer best suited to the style of cheese, whether that be soft or hard cheese. Base cheese slicers can also be used for cutting a variety of foods such as sausages, cucumbers, lettuce, and capsicum.

  • Price Available in a range of price points, consider how often you will be using and what types of cheese you regularly cut to get the best value for money. Spending a little more for high-quality stainless-steel wire or blades is well worth the investment.

  • Safety tips Look for cheese slicers with ergonomic benefits for both safety and comfort. As a general rule, always cut away from your body and keep blades sharp.

  • Durability Opt for a slicer made with high-quality materials to ensure maximum effectiveness such as stainless steel blades.

Useful techniques for slicing cheese

  • Slice the cheese just before eating.

  • For medium and soft cheeses, move your knife gently back and forward, don’t force down.

  • Never use a serrated knife.

  • Always cut on a clean and clear chopping board.

  • Use different cheese cutting tools depending on the hardness of your cheese.

Best cheese slicers for first-time users

Beginners should look for a cheese slicer with a super sharp blade or high-quality stainless steel wire and a solid, ergonomic grip that will effortlessly cut through cheese in seconds.

How to prepare your own charcuterie board at home

  • Step 1: Arrange cheeses Cheese is the focal point of the boards so arrange these around the platter first.

  • Step 2: Arrange salty items (excluding crackers) Using the cheeses as starting points, build out from these by piling cold meats, nuts and olives. You can also use small bowls for the nuts and olives.

  • Step 3: Fill in the gaps with sweet ingredients Bits of fresh or dried fruit is a nice contrast and palate cleanser between cheeses.

  • Step 4: Pile on the crackers Use a variety of crackers and arrange wherever there are gaps on the board. Remember to restock as your guests go through them. Crunchy breadsticks are also a great addition.

  • Step 5: Add condiments Condiments make a great finishing touch to a platter. You could include quince, chutneys, sauces, jams and preserves.

  • Step 6: Fill empty spaces Lastly, make sure all the empty spaces are filled with little clusters of grapes or cherry tomatoes which add beautiful pops of colour to your board.

Must-have kitchen tools to go with your cheese slicer

Maintenance, cleaning and care

  • Wipe down the blade and plate after every use.

  • Thoroughly clean the slicer and sharpen blades regularly. Make sure the blade is clean before sharpening.

  • Never use a dishwasher to clean the slicer.

  • Only use the manufacturer’s lubricant or mineral oil on moving parts.

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What can you use a cheese slicer for? Aside from slicing cheese, a cheese slicer can also cut dough, butter, and vegetables.

What kind of wire do you use for a cheese slicer? Stainless steel spring wire is the best type of wire for cutting cheese.