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Loose plates

Loose plates

Search through our abundance of loose plates to find the right piece for you. Each plate in our selection is made with eye-catching detail to suit every occasion.  



The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of a product is the price at which the manufacturer or wholesaler recommends that the retailer sells the product and is not necessarily the price at which it has been offered for sale in the market.

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Buying tableware for your first home?

Looking for investment pieces to elevate your collection? You’ve come to the right place! Shop plates of all varieties, materials and colours here. Just don’t forget to add cutlery or placemats to your wishlist so you can create your own enticing tablescapes.

Different types of side plates and dinner plates available.

Whether you are looking for full dinner sets or the odd loose piece of dinnerware to build your collection, it pays to know the different types of table plates or plate styles available so you can decide which ones are right for you.

  • The entree plate Used for serving appetisers, this plate size ranges from 19cm-23cm and often looks similar to a side plate, but with more of a curved lip.

  • The side plate Side plates are also referred to as bread and butter plates because they often appear next to a dinner plate in formal dinner settings. Sizes range from 16cm to 20cm.

  • The salad plate Used exclusively for serving salads, salad plates have a size range of 20cm-22cm. Not to be confused with salad bowls.

  • The dinner plate Dinner plates are your ‘standard plates’ used for main courses and the average size is approximately 27cm.

What is a coupe plate?

Coupe refers to the design of your dinnerware. A coupe plate or a coupe dinner set is rimless and flat with a more minimalist and casual feel. Whereas plates or dinner sets with a rim are more traditional and have a formal feel to them.

Tips for buying the best dinner plates for your needs

These five tips for buying the best dinner plates for your needs will have you plating up in no time!

  1. Buy one set of dinner plates for casual settings and one for formal settings.
  2. If in doubt, always choose white basics like timeless porcelain or bone china.
  3. Check the plates will fit into your cupboards, shelves or dishwasher.
  4. Have enough plates on standby to host extended family or dinner parties.
  5. Invest in quality materials that are made to last and are dishwasher safe.

Round vs square dinner plates

Square dinner plates look slimline and are ideal for contemporary living, but you’ll probably notice that sauces are less likely to stay put when carrying the plates from the kitchen to the dining table. Runny sauces, like gravy, are the usual culprits as they will quickly spread across the surface area. So, if food presentation is an integral part of your hosting style, round dinner plates are probably going to be the best option. However, if you’re using a square plate as a serving platter, they are extremely practical - it’s much easier to line up square platters of different sizes than it is round ones - but then round plates do tend to come in a wider array of styles and materials. It’s a tough call and they are both excellent options. It all comes down to how you like to plate up!

Checking for quality

Crazing. Crazing is a series of small, fine cracks on the surface of glazed ceramics, which can occur at different points in the glaze’s cooling process. Look out for a ripple effect. Wonky rims. Sometimes rims can appear uneven. When you stack your plates the spacing between each plate will look inconsistent. This can occur during the manufacturing process. Scratches and pitting. Always look out for surface scratches or pitting, which are a series of little holes that appear on the surface of ceramic plates or glazes.


How many plates should you buy? We recommend having enough plates for 12 formal place settings. Broken down, this makes 24 plates in total:

  • 12 x side plates

  • 12 x dinner plates

That way, you have plenty on hand for a special Christmas dinner, a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gathering as well as milestone birthday celebrations. We also think it’s a good idea to have at least a few melamine plates to take on camping trips and picnics.

How much do dinner plates cost? Pricing can depend on a few different factors such as brand, material and finishes. At Kitchen Warehouse, our individual dinner plates start at $6, which you can mix and match to build your own combos, but you can also buy more and save with our dinner plate sets, which you can pick up for under $50 depending on the quantity. If you have gift cards or vouchers to spend, even better!