Update your dinnerware with our range of bowls for every kitchen and occasion. Shop the best brands in Australia for individual bowls and sets, including cereal bowls, rice bowls, soup bowls and pasta bowls in various colours, patterns and materials.

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How to choose the best bowl to suit your dining needs and decor

Bowls are basic dinnerware staples that every household should own. From large and wide bowls for serving up salads and pasta to smaller bowls for side dishes and deep bowls for steaming soup - a bowl is a necessary addition to every dining table. Whether you’re looking to purchase a single bowl or a bowl set, consider these factors first:

  • Size - Bowls come in various sizes for holding different items of food. Think about the type of food you will be serving up and the portion size for each bowl, as well as your storage space and dishwasher capacity.

  • Quantity – If you love to entertain, a 12pc dinner set may be a worthwhile investment. Small families may prefer a 4pc or 6pc bowl set. You also have the option of purchasing individual bowls to suit your needs.

  • Material – Bowls can be made from ceramic, stoneware, Bone China, plastic, glass, earthenware, metal and more.

  • Use - Durable bowls are best if you plan to use them on a daily basis while ornate and delicate bowls should be reserved for more special occasions.

  • Cost – Purchasing a dinner set can be more convenient and cost-effective than purchasing pieces separately if you tend to use numerous bowls on a regular basis. Single bowls are affordable and a great way to build up your collection one by one.

Top four types of bowls perfect for entertaining:

Bowls are a must when entertaining a group of family and friends. From serving bowls to individual portion bowls, here are the top 4 must-have bowls for your next dinner party:

  • Rice bowls – Deep Japanese rice bowls are designed to hold a delicious stir-fry, curry or a mound of steaming hot rice.

  • Noodle bowls – Savour your delicious Pad Thai or udon noodles in a traditional sized noodle bowl. You can also opt for a shallower pasta bowl for enjoying your favourite Italian cuisine.

  • Soup bowls – Deep and spacious, soup bowls are designed to serve up a hearty minestrone or soothing chicken soup and are available in both classic and contemporary styles.

  • Dip Bowls - Dip bowls are small bowls made for entertaining! Fill them with sauces and condiments for dipping crackers, chips and more.

Bowl sets available in a range of sizes and styles

Our bowl sets are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit all household sizes and entertaining needs. A good bowl set also helps to keep your dinner set organised and your chosen theme streamlined. Discover 4pc bowl sets for everyday meals with the family, including Denby Studio Grey Cereal Bowls and Royal Doulton Cereal Bowls in fun colours. The Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Maze Pasta Set 5pc in white will add a touch of refinement to your dinner table while the Japanese Collection Nami Porcelain Bowl Set of 5 is ideal for serving up soups, salads, rice and more with flair. Add some colour to your dinner party with the Noritake IVV Speedy Bowl Set for 6. Handcrafted with multicoloured glass, they’re perfect for serving up your desserts, tapas and sauces in style.

Common materials for bowls

Bowls can be crafted using a variety of materials, each with their own unique set of benefits and aesthetic appeal. Some of the most popular include:

  • Ceramic - Ceramic bowls are sturdy, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and can come in many different colours and patterns.

  • Stoneware - Stoneware has a rugged beauty and is durable which makes it a great option for everyday use. They can be kept neutral or be brightened up with fun designs.

  • Earthenware – An earthenware bowl is very similar to a stoneware bowl. It’s very durable and practical for using daily and can make a striking addition to your table setting.

  • Glass - Glass bowls are transparent and elegant. However, they are more prone to chipping and breaking than other materials.

  • Bone China - A Bone China bowls are thinner than fine China but stronger and much more durable. These bowls often feature stunning ornamental designs on them.

  • Melamine - Melamine bowls are break-resistant which makes them an excellent option to use with kids and when dining outdoors.

Choosing the right pattern for your decor

Our bowls are available in many colours and patterns to make it easy for you to choose a dinner set that fits nicely into your current kitchen decor. Consider the colours and patterns of your existing dinnerware and select bowls that will complement them. Some of your options include:

  • Classic - Classic white and black bowls are simple and elegant for both casual and formal occasions.

  • Neutrals - From gentle greys to stone, granite and ivory, neutrals are easy to mix and match with each other and bring a touch of refinement to the table.

  • Colourful - Colourful bowls can range from vibrant shades of red and green to soft shades of duck egg blue and muted tones of burgundy and mustard to warm up your kitchen.

  • Patterned - A patterned bowl can really show off your food. At Kitchen Warehouse, we have sophisticated speckle patterns, abstract patterns, traditional Japanese patterns and fun patterns to liven up your table setting.

Soup Mugs

Soup mugs are a fantastic alternative to bowls as they are portable, spill-proof and great for eating soup on the run. Turn heads in the office as you eat your lunch from a stylish soup mug from Ecology Nomad, available in a range of colours and fun prints.

Microwave and dishwasher-safe

Minimise the risk of chips and breaks by choosing bowls that are safe to place in the microwave and dishwasher. We offer a huge range of bowls that are both microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe to make using and caring for them a breeze!

Other dinnerware products and accessories to consider

Complement your bowls with our range of dinnerware, drinkware and kitchen accessories to elevate your dining table and showcase your food, including:

Brands we know and trust

We carry a range of bowls and plates from some of the most respected brands in Australia and around the world at prices lower than RRP, including Maxwell & Williams, Salt & Pepper, Falcon, Noritake and Denby.

Buying your bowls online with Kitchen Warehouse

Buying your new bowls online is easy with Kitchen Warehouse! Browse our extensive range of bowls and bowl sets today, as well as the latest dinnerware essentials and tableware for everyday and special occasions. Pop your favourites on a wishlist for later, surprise a loved one with a gift card or checkout now by adding items to your shopping cart. We offer free delivery over $100 to anywhere in Australia, including QLD, NSW and VIC.


What are the different shapes of bowls used for? Bowls come in different shapes and sizes for eating different meals. You can find large pasta bowls for serving up mounds of pasta salad and wide salad bowls for tossing leafy greens. There are soup bowls and noodle bowls which are small and deep, plus compact rice bowls for enjoying a side of rice with your meal. A coupe bowl is just the right size for enjoying your favourite cereal, porridge or granola in the morning. On the smallest end of the scale, dip bowls are designed for holding dips, sauces and other condiments.

What are some different styles and colours of bowls that are available?

At Kitchen Warehouse, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our selection of bowl styles and colours to suit every kitchen and occasion. Discover neutral shades and classic shapes that will slip right into any contemporary space, such as the Maxwell & Williams White Basics and Caviar Granite collections. Go traditional with ornate designs by Japanese Collection or add a pop of bright colour with bowls by Salisbury & Co and Le Creuset. If you favour natural decor, our Ecology Nomad range features earthy shades and quirky abstracts while our selection of speckled blue and grey bowls is refined minimalism at its best!