Set the scene: Our top 10 dinner sets of 2024

Set the scene: Our top 10 dinner sets of 2024

Top ten dinner sets of 2024!

For most households, the goal when shopping for a dinner set is to find a style that serves a universal purpose; a set that can support a weeknight meal while standing out around the table at a dinner party. Gone are the days of heading to the nearest department store and scouring a handful of porcelain options, because while this traditional style is still popular, today’s crockery market now encompasses plates and bowls in different colours, designs and textures.

Let’s make shopping for dinner sets a cinch, not a chore! We’ve sifted through the seemingly endless options to present our top 10 bestsellers in the hope that you can save a little time and energy in your pursuit of the perfect set.

Salisbury & Co Capri dinner set

We’re kicking off this compilation with a Salisbury & Co set brimming with natural charm. You can see why the Capri set is a bestseller, with its modern, earthy look and detailed hand glazed finish. An elevated answer to a classic dinner set, each piece is made unique with organic edges reminiscent of handmade pottery. Made from stoneware, this set is both durable and heat retentive, ticking all the boxes of a capable dinner set.

Salisbury & Co Cosmo dinner set

Dark, moody and slightly shimmering, the Cosmo dinner set from Salisbury & Co truly is out of this world. With a deep blue and black hand glaze and a slightly dimpled surface, each uniquely crafted piece is inspired by the starry night sky to deliver decadence to your dining table. This set is constructed in a classic coupe shape, featuring pieces that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Salisbury & Co Siena dinner set

An artisanal collection for everyday dining. Siena by Salisbury & Co really sets the mood; quality stoneware with neutral tones and unwavering poise. You can fill your kitchen with this metamorphic look in light grey, charcoal or forest green and take comfort knowing each piece is dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus, once you’ve selected your plates and bowls, it’d be rude not to collect the matching teapots and drinkware too!

Salisbury & Co Mona dinner set

Those that eat out regularly will love the sophisticated vibe of the Mona set from Salisbury & Co. Made from quality white porcelain, this ultra cool set features a subtle speckled finish and contemporary black trim, turning each plate, bowl and cup into a restaurant worthy piece. Not only does this range have your daily crockery sorted, it includes a host of matching servingware to totally transform each meal, giving you every excuse to stay in for the night!

Salisbury & Co Tierra dinner set

As we hit the midway point of our bestsellers, the simple elegance of the Salisbury & Co Tierra set is hard to miss. This range is built to make your food shine, with three colourways to choose from, a slight speckle and a matte finish make each piece unique. We’re picturing pasta nights, potlucks and family gatherings with Tierra in tow, because this is a set that looks great around the dining table no matter the occasion.

2024 Top ten

Dinner sets to set the scene

Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Maze dinner set

Royal Doulton swoops in at number six to deliver a truly traditional set by none other than the quick witted, brilliantly bold celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. For someone known for his unabashed audacity, Ramsay’s stoneware set offers a sophisticated and refined answer to home dining, with delightfully embossed concentric circles around the edge of each piece. In true Royal Doulton fashion, the range is built to be extremely durable, suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher. A comprehensive range for the classic kitchen.

Salt & Pepper Hana dinner set

The speckle is back! But this time, it’s featured in a Salt & Pepper set that is a contemporary kitchen’s dream. Hana is a monochrome range offering stylish, straightforward dinnerware options that are built to last. The design of each piece is modern and organically inspired, with a subtle speckle and a natural coloured edge. Shop the plates, bowls and mugs in this range for spectacular stoneware that will impress season after season.

Ecology Ottawa Dinner dinner set

Australian based Ecology delivers rustic yet refined stoneware with the Ottawa set. True to the brand’s vision to create modern, earth inspired table settings, this set is made for the fashion forward home. These pieces are decorated by hand, each with an organic shape, flowing waved edges and all-round boastful individuality. With three colours to choose from, you can bet this collection will be a talking point around the table.

Noritake Marc Newson dinner set

If you’ve been waiting in anticipation for this list to feature a quality bone china option, it’s here! Noritake are traditional tableware specialists, and their Marc Newson dinner set is breathtaking. This set is stacked with plates, bowls, cups and servingware for every occasion, all looking totally elegant thanks to the pure white bone china craftsmanship. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe, this timeless, trustworthy set will be a part of your family for years to come.

Salisbury & Co Eclipse dinner set

We finish with a standout Salisbury & Co set for the romantic at heart. Made from strong and durable stoneware with a smooth finish, Eclipse pieces embody celestial hues with a deep green or blue glazed exterior, dazzling black interior and light trim around the edge, guaranteed to transform every meal into an intimate occasion. All you need is a glass of red and some mood lighting to truly set the scene.

Feeling spoilt for choice? We don’t blame you! At Kitchen Warehouse, we want to ensure you’re offered a comprehensive selection of kitchenware to suit your lifestyle. So when it comes to the features of a good dinner set, consider the following before making your final decision.

Material: The material of a dinner set not only reflects its durability, but makes a huge difference in the crockery’s look and feel. Stoneware sets offer a more rustic vibe, while materials like bone china are classically traditional.

Size: It’s important to consider how many people you’ll be serving with your dinner set. If you enjoy hosting lively dinner parties or welcoming unexpected guests, it might be handy to have a larger collection on hand. The size of each individual piece matters too, with options like pasta bowls, noodle bowls, entrée plates and dinner plates to choose from. Your preferred cuisine and dining style plays a major role here.

Design: When setting the mood around the table, a dinner set can never be underestimated. Light, white bone china pieces will brighten any occasion, while rustic stoneware or dark coloured pieces lend their hand to modern meals.

Price: While the price point of a dinner set speaks to its size and materials, it’s important to consider your intended use of your dinner set. For families with little ones or those that often eat outdoors, it may be worth investing in a more durable dinner set.

The time has come for you to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into our illustrious range of dinner sets. Shop the Kitchen Warehouse selection in-store or online.