Our top nine waffle makers are the cream of the crop

Our top nine waffle makers are the cream of the crop

Our top 9 waffle makers are the cream of the crop!

Amidst the commotion of a modern day brunch menu, waffles are a stand out choice, meeting at a dreamy intersection of pancake fluffiness and golden edged French toast. While most diners have a strong opinion on the breakfast food hierarchy, we can all agree on one thing. The best waffles are served hot and fresh in your home kitchen.

We’ve selected the nine best waffle makers of 2023 to showcase how you can create waffles in varying shapes and styles, with different cooking methods and browning results. Whether you like your waffles light, doughy or deliciously dark and crunchy, you’ll find your ideal appliance on this list.

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker

To kick off a stress free, mess free weekend, crank up this Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker at breakfast time. Without irritating drips or leaks, the modern vertical design of this appliance makes it all too easy to churn out idyllic circular waffles with hardly any effort. To portion four perfectly cooked slices at once, it includes a handy measuring cup, a batter pour spout, five cook settings and a stay cool locking handle, solidifying itself as the most mindful machine in this lineup. Take a deep breath in and smell the freshly baked aromas!

Best for: Easy operation and clean up.

Breville The Smart 4 Slice Waffle Maker

When you’re plating up four slices of expertly cooked waffles, you’ll be thanking the Breville engineers who cooked over one thousand waffles to perfect this device! Potentially the most intelligent waffle maker on the market, The Smart Waffle Maker uses Waffle IQ technology to detect the exact heat of the iron and set an appropriate cooking time. It includes four presets for different batters and 12 cook levels for ideal browning, with an ‘A bit more’ button to give it extra oomph. The moat around the edge is undoubtedly the cherry on top of this clever device, because while eliminating mess, it cooks the excess batter to create crispy waffle treats on the side!

Best for: Precision cooking of any waffle batter.

Davis & Waddell Electric Mini Waffle Maker Green

With three pastel colours to choose from, this David & Waddell mini waffle maker is as sweet as it gets. Wherever you go, this compact appliance will follow, because it’s the best size to pack for whenever the waffle cravings hit. It features a lightweight design, a cool touch handle, automatic temperature control and non-stick plates for equally simple cooking and cleaning. A winning gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, it makes an adorable addition to home, office or camping kitchens.

Best for: Snack sized waffles on the go.

Sunbeam WAM5000BK Vertical Waffle Maker Black Classics

In an effort to satisfy hungry tummies, the forward thinking designers at Sunbeam have enlisted a vertical cooking method to retain every last skerrick of waffle batter. Pour the mixture directly into this cooker and watch it produce four freshly puffed waffle slices without spills or drips. It also comes with five shade selectors, a batter auto detect feature and a countdown timer to guarantee waffle making success, every time. Equally as impressive in aesthetics, this appliance is topped off with a matte black, fingerprint proof exterior for modern touch.

Best for: Convenient, mess free, modern cooking.

Top nine

Davis & Waddell Square Waffle Maker

Get a taste of tradition with this vintage inspired waffle maker. If bulky benchtop appliances aren’t your thing, you’ll enjoy this cordless, powerless iron that simply clamps and cooks two square waffles over an electric or gas stovetop. While its appearance gives an antique essence, its structure is anything but, because it’s made with a high quality non-stick surface to guarantee fast, even cooking and an easy release. That means you’ll spend less time waiting and more time eating!

Best for: A hands on cooking experience.

Breville The Crisp Control Waffle Maker Brushed Stainless Steel

With the power to personalise every waffle it cooks, the Crisp Control Waffle Maker will win over even the fussiest eaters in your household. From light and airy to crispy golden brown, you can adjust the variable temperature control to produce everyone’s dream waffle result. While cooking tender, thin waffles five slices at a time, this appliance also forms them into extremely wholesome Scandinavian heart shapes. As you effortlessly cook and serve using the PFOA-free, non-stick cooking plates, this machine is destined to please every member of the family in quick succession.

Best for: Waffle crisping customisation.

Davis & Waddell Electric 4 Slice Non-Stick Waffle Maker

There’s something special about a classic round waffle, with its glistening golden edge bordering a generous garnish of fresh fruit and whipped cream. With the ability to outshine your local brunch spot, this David & Waddell appliance uses premium non-stick cooking plates to create a continuous cooking flow with minimal cleaning required. It features a four slice, deep pocket design and a temperature control dial to cook ever so light Belgian waffles to a restaurant quality standard. Do your Sunday mornings a favour by adding this cooker into the fold.

Best for: Non-stick cooking of classic waffles.

Cuisinart 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

This is a waffle maker the whole family will love, with the capacity to serve four slices of thick and fresh Belgian waffles at once. With an easy to use design that will get everyone involved, it includes five browning controls for precise cooking and non-stick baking plates to savour every last crumb, while it conveniently locks to store in an upright position. If you’re known to douse your waffles in maple syrup or chocolate sauce, you’ll enjoy the deep pockets that form in these waffles, creating large pools of syrupy goodness.

Best for: Generous servings of Belgian waffles.

Breville The No Mess Waffle Maker Brushed Stainless Steel

More waffles, no mess. What could be better? Breville is back with its batter catching moat that creates extra waffle bits… with that mess free advantage, of course! Creating classic circular waffles with four pieces at a time, its seven browning settings and thermally engineered heating plates cook to your liking in just minutes. Thanks to its ‘no mess’ design and non-stick plates, the only clean up taking place will involve scooping every last waffle crumb off your plate and into your mouth!

Best for: Quick cooking without mess.

With one of these waffle makers on your kitchen counter, you’ll be smelling sweet success in no time! At Kitchen Warehouse, we stock many more waffle makers and benchtop appliances to support a range of cooking endeavours. When it comes time to test out your new waffle maker, our recipes and tips will have you covered, too! Try our classic buttermilk waffles or waffles with mulled berries and maple butter and be prepared for drool worthy results.