Oodles of noodles with Rosheen Kaul

Oodles of noodles with Rosheen Kaul

Oodles of noodles!

Master homemade noodles with chef Rosheen Kaulʼs tips and a pasta roller mixer attachment – better bite and stretchiness are just a roll away!

For Rosheen Kaul, head chef of Melbourne restaurant Etta and co‑author of cookbook Chinese‑ish, noodles transcend time and place.

What do noodles mean to you?

They’re such a comfort food. An easy meal for a solo dinner or for many, they have such incredible applications across cultures, meals and times of day.

What was it like to release your first book, Chinese-ish?

It was surreal. I’d never fancied myself a writer, nor imagined myself a published author with a James Beard award winning cookbook, but here we are!

What was your inspiration?

It’s a memoir of my childhood, and of my co-author Jo. It’s the story of our journey from our birth countries to Australia, the teenage frustrations and rejection of our identities, and finally our love for being Asian-Australians. All wound through some very delicious recipes, of course.

How was it received?

We received such beautiful feedback from people who, like us, were caught between worlds and cultures. It was as though we’d shone a light on a snippet of society where your individual culture(s) and life lived were the most authentic and valid.

Are you working on any new projects?

I’m excited to have cookbook number two in the works. It’s a little left of centre, and I can’t wait to see it come to life.

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