10 Father’s Day gift ideas for when dad wants “nothing”

10 Father’s Day gift ideas for when dad wants “nothing”

10 Father’s Day gift ideas for when dad wants “nothing”!

Though Father’s Day provides a routine reminder to express your love and appreciation for the old man, it’s often done via a last minute trip to the shops. Because when dad says he wants “nothing” for Father’s Day, it can quickly transform this joyous occasion into a gift giving fiasco.

When your dad asks for nothing this year, there’s no need to fret, as we’ve got you covered with a whole range of nothing to explore. Cookware, barware, appliances, barbeque accessories, you name it, you’ll find that special nothing for dad at Kitchen Warehouse! Get inspired with our Father’s Day gift guide full of game changing gift ideas that are really something.

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

The Ooni Koda 12 is the hottest appliance on the market right now, and not just because of its searing 500°C temperatures. This compact, lightweight and extremely efficient gas powered pizza oven cooks traditional Italian pizzas to mouthwatering perfection in just 60 seconds. Whether he’s a handy cook or a complete beginner, the Ooni will see dad churning out fresh pizzas for you and his mates like a pro.

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal CUBE Charcoal Portable BBQ Graphite

No gift will boost dad’s ego quite like a grill designed by one the world’s best chefs. Heston Blumenthal’s Everdure CUBE Charcoal Portable BBQ is a compact solution for dads who love cooking outdoors. This heat protected portable barbie unpacks to reveal a grill rack, firebox, bamboo lid come cutting board and a compartment for dad’s collection of barbeque tools. Give dad the ability to barbeque anywhere, any time.

Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit

If dad considers himself a cheese connoisseur, it’s about time he earned his keep! The Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit is packed with ingredients and tools for dad to make up to 10 kilograms of fresh, artisan cheese, in a stack of delicious styles like mozzarella, ricotta, halloumi and feta to rival any store bought option. All he needs to supply is fresh milk and a healthy appetite!

Bamix Speciality Grill & Chill BBQ Immersion Blender 200W Black

Here’s one way to see your dad stand out from the crowd at a barbeque. This Speciality Grill & Chill BBQ kit from Bamix features a powerful 200 watt immersion blender to give dad creative control when whipping up fresh marinades, zingy sauces and punchy spice rubs, with a recipe booklet that explores a world of new flavour combinations. Plus, the premium Bamix attachments included allow dad to chop, puree, mince and whisk ingredients with chef-like ease. Don’t let the power go to his head!

Bartender Whiskey Rocks with Bag Set of 9

No matter dad’s drink of choice, these whiskey rocks are ready to impress. These freezable soapstone cubes keep low ball and neat beverages chilled without watering them down or impacting the flavour, while looking totally classy in any glass. If there’s one gift you know dad will use on repeat, it’s this one!

10 Father’s Day gift ideas

For when dad wants “nothing”

Thermos Stainless King Insulated Food Jar 470ml Stainless Steel

The dad who wants “nothing” really needs this Thermos Insulated Food Jar. While it’s ideal for the outdoorsy kind, this jar will even impress the dad who simply enjoys a packed lunch at the office. The trademark Thermos vacuum insulation keeps food cold for 14 hours and hot for nine, while its durable stainless steel frame will withstand the consequential bumps and knocks of an active lifestyle.

Stanley Rogers Imperial Steak Knife Set of 6

These Stanley Rogers steak knives are a cut above. Unlike the local pub cutlery dad’s familiar with, this impressive set is made entirely from quality stainless steel with a refined satin finish and a supremely sharp serrated blade, all bundled in a gift box to save you even more gifting hassle. A perfect present for the foodie dad, this is a set he’ll be showing off for years to come.

Salisbury & Co Duo Double Wall Pint 570ml Set of 2

These Salisbury & Co Duo pint glasses put an end to lukewarm beer while creating pub vibes at home. Made from thermal quality borosilicate glass, this set utilises double wall insulation to ensure beer is kept colder for longer, while the exterior remains cool, comfortable to hold and resistant to condensation. We can already picture dad sitting back on a Sunday arvo with one of these glasses in hand!

Final Touch Twister Decanter and Glass Aerator

Dads who double as the household sommelier will be blown away by the professional nature of this set. It features a gorgeous glass decanter and a spiffy wine aerator that filter and oxygenate wine using a unique three phase system. The results? Dad’s favourite drop will have twice as much aroma and flavour than if it was served straight from the bottle. This Father’s Day gift calls for a toast!

Lodge Yellowstone Cast Iron Steer Skillet 30cm

If dad’s a Yellowstone die hard, this Lodge cast iron skillet will make his day. Branded with an authentic Yellowstone steer stamp on the base, this seriously tough pre-seasoned skillet will have dad cooking humble weeknight meals and campfire feasts with the tenacity of a Dutton family rancher. No matter the meal, this non-toxic, American made skillet is built to last a lifetime of use. Yeehaw!

Finding dad the nothing he asked for is made easy with our Father’s Day gift guide. For stress free shopping, browse these gifts and more in the Father’s Day range at Kitchen Warehouse.