Bowled over

Bowled over!

Family owned and run Miinot Gelato is located in Pascoe Vale South in Melbourne and is the love child of Emma Nicholas-Jennings and her husband Gary Jennings. Their own gelato journey began after many Christmas's spent travelling from London to Victoria, helping Emma's parents in their gelateria in Sorrento and then Port Fairy.

After moving home to Victoria, Emma and Gary opened Miinot Gelato together and have been scooping delectable, original flavours, using fresh, natural ingredients, ever since.

Emma and Gary harness their expertise and creativity to conjure new tastes almost every day. While they offer a relatively small selection of flavours, what they lack in quantity they make up for in original, customised recipes like mascarpone with sultanas drenched in Pedro Ximenez sherry, or the berry and lemon mascarpone ice cream cake they created for our Kitchen Warehouse Christmas magazine.

For Emma and Gary, this meticulous process isn't just a task but a passion, always aiming for unparalleled perfection in every delectable scoop.

A quick Q&A with Emma and Gary

Why gelato?

It’s pretty much what all family discussions have been based on for the past 20 years, so there was no escape!

What have been the highlights in Miinot Gelato’s nine years?

Surviving the Melbourne lockdowns while doing our own husband and wife deliveries was a feat in itself – we are still married to this day! Also just watching the children and families grow and evolve over the years has been an amazing and rewarding experience wewouldn’t change for the world. Our gelato ‘boutique’ is in Melbourne’s Coburg/Pascoe Vale South and has a rich Italian history and a rapidly growing family-focused community, which we cherish.

What’s next for Miinot Gelato?

It looks like ice cream cakes might be on the menu – stay tuned!