article blitzing nuts with a bamix stick blender

Blitzing nuts with a Bamix stick blender

by: Kitchen Warehouse | October 13, 2022
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Using the Bamix Speciality Grill & Chill BBQ Immersion Blender 200W Black

  1. Add pecans into the Bamix wet/dry processor.

  2. Attach the Bamix to the processor and blitz the nuts until they are as fine as possible. Make sure to stop the Bamix every so often and check to make sure they don’t become too oily or form a paste.

Blitzing Nuts with a Bamix Stick Blender

  1. Add the blitzed pecans to a bowl on the side.

  2. For the Chocolate, Pecan and Raspberry Torte recipe, repeat the process until you have 1 ⅔ cups of blitzed pecans.

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