Beautiful bakes

Beautiful bakes

Beautiful bakes!

The romance of baking captures hearts (and stomachs) at Millstone Patisserie. With these heavenly creations from the Melbourne institution, youʼll fall in love too. Millstone has been delighting Melburnians with exquisitely crafted patisserie for a decade. Owner Alice Wright shares its story.

How did Millstone Patisserie start?

After finishing my patisserie diploma in Paris, I arrived back in Melbourne with a desire to open my own patisserie. I wanted to offer what every small patisserie does in France: a little haven for locals to source beautifully handcrafted cakes and pastries. There was a romance about pastry that I wanted to share. Since 2014, we have grown exponentially. We offer pastry, breakfast, lunch items, while also catering for private and corporate clients all across Melbourne.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

There is nothing better than seeing the joy that good food brings to someone’s day. I love how food brings people together, and for me, Millstone was a space I could make that happen.

And your favourite patisserie creation?

A croissant with my morning coffee.

What’s next for Millstone?

We are expanding our catering and events across Melbourne, and have seen just how much we can push ourselves to pump out savoury and sweet food in all three kitchens at Millstone.

Experience the beauty of Millstone with their Rhubarb, Sour Cream and Orange Bundt Cake.