Queen of cakes, Katherine Sabbath is back in Perth

Queen of cakes, Katherine Sabbath is back in Perth

PRESS RELEASE - 8 April 2016

Here to demonstrate her iconic Unicorn Cheesecake, Kitchen Warehouse are excited to announce a second visit from Katherine Sabbath after her successful workshops in October last year.

Highschool-teacher-turned-baker, Katherine is now teaching her craft to the home-baking and dessert community through workshops and demonstrations around Australia, as well as internationally.

"The reaction from my customers and students when they see what has been created for them or what they themselves have achieved in one cake class; you just can’t beat that!" she says.

With her unique and eccentric style, including intricate and playful nail art, Katherine’s image is a reflection of her cake creations. "I've always been enamoured with sweets and desserts and remain fascinated by their endless combination of flavours, colours and quirky aesthetic. I also love dabbling in creating things, so combining a love of food and a love of art will always feel quite natural for me."

Posting images of her technicolour cakes to Instagram, social media was the platform that launched Katherine’s career. Now the hashtag # katherineSabbath is used for home baking enthusiasts, artists and the like to share their Katherine Sabbath inspired creations. Showing the social media world more than just her sweet side, the hashtag # katherinesabbatheats, is proof that Katherine Sabbath in fact enjoys eating things other than dessert!

But where will Katherine take her love for baking next? Having 15 years of self taught skills, Katherine feels there is more for her to develop and share along the way.

"I've definitely got my heart set on nurturing and supporting the home-baking and dessert community through sharing my ideas and recipes. I've always believed home bakers to be the best kinds of friends! I'd like to achieve this by focusing on learning new things, building my website and Facebook page (both only launched 3 months ago), video tutorials & if all goes to plan, perhaps a few cook books in the future – fingers crossed!"

Katherine Sabbath in-store at Kitchen Warehouse, April 16th.

Saturday April 16 Cannington, 10.00am – 12.00pm Melville, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

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