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Kitchen Warehouse have the best kitchen scales in Australia for accurately measuring food and liquids while cooking and baking. Discover digital, electronic and mechanical scales with tare function, LED screens, auto-off and more.

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Finding the best kitchen scale for your needs

Any serious cook or baker will agree that precise measurement of ingredients is essential to achieve the best result. Kitchen scales are a necessity when following recipes, particularly when baking, as they ensure that exact amounts of wet and dry ingredients are being measured. Whether you're after digital, electronic or analogue, our range of kitchen scales will give you accurate and reliable results every time.

Kitchen scale uses and purposes

You can use a kitchen scale to complete many tasks during baking and cooking including:

  • Measuring out accurate amounts of food and liquid

  • Managing healthy portion sizes

  • Converting unit measurements easily and quickly

  • Cleaning up faster with less mess

Different types of scales

From digital kitchen scales and bathroom scales to Bluetooth weight scales that can be synced with your mobile phone; there are many types of devices to accurately and consistently measure weight.

  • Mechanical kitchen scales - Also known as analogue scales, these devices operate using a spring mechanism. Mechanical scales measure to the nearest decimal point and use a needle that points to the number.

  • Digital kitchen scales - Also known as electronic kitchen scales, are powered by electricity or batteries and feature a digital screen. They provide more precise measurements based on sensors and can come with many unique features, such as an auto-off function and touch sensitive controls. Glass digital scales and stainless steel ones are available depending on your preference.

Mechanical vs. digital kitchen scales

When it comes to accuracy, digital scales have the edge over mechanical kitchen scales. This is because mechanical scales use a spring device which can be sensitive to movement and provide incorrect measurements. They also typically have just one unit of measurement and most have no tare feature.

Multi function digital kitchen scales

While measuring jugs still have a place in some kitchens, digital kitchen scales have become the most reliable and accurate method of weighing ingredients for food preparation and cooking. A digital scale can weigh both food and liquid, saving you from using and washing several different cups and jugs. It can also give you measurements in grams, pounds, ounces and more, plus provide calculations for correct conversions.

Factors to consider when buying a kitchen scale

Far from simply weighing food, kitchen scales come equipped with many special functions and features to make them convenient and efficient to use. When looking for the perfect kitchen scale, consider the following:

  • Accuracy - Modern kitchen scales are designed to provide incredibly accurate measurements of ingredients with some also featuring a touch sensitive control to minimise inaccuracies.

  • Measuring range - Most kitchen scales will measure up to five kilograms in small increments.

  • Display and batteries - Many kitchen scales include batteries for an immediate start and feature an LCD screen that is easy to read while multitasking.

  • Auto-off feature - To help save energy.

  • Additional functions - Be on the lookout for special extras like the added weight and tare function, sound signal for overload, touch sensitive control and child proof battery compartments.

  • Design - Kitchen scales can be sleek and stylish to fit in with your kitchen decor. Discover slim glass platforms with LCD screens, compact stainless steel platforms, two-in-one scales and more.

  • Ease of storage - Many kitchen scales are ultra thin and compact, making them easy to tuck away in your kitchen cabinet when not in use.

Easy to read

When using kitchen scales, the numbers must be easy to read and understand. After all, this is the whole point of using a kitchen scale! Our digital scales come equipped with an LCD screen that displays numbers bright and clear to ensure accuracy at first glance.

Capacity and sensitivity

Digital weight scales are considered to be less sensitive than mechanical scales and offer more accurate results. Capacity refers to the maximum load a kitchen scale can hold. Most of our scales can handle up to five kilograms in weight. It's important that you don't exceed the capacity of a scale in case you damage it. If you need to weigh something heavier, the Beurer Digital Kitchen Scale can hold up to 15 kilograms.

Our range of kitchen scales available

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a stunning selection of high quality and reliable kitchen scales to choose from. Avanti’s range of modern stainless steel scales comes with super slim platforms, clear displays and flexible unit buttons. Discover elegant glass scales with Soehnle’s Page Compact 100 Digital Kitchen Scale or Ripe’s range of black, white and marble. Save on washing up with the Digital Kitchen Scale with Bowl by Beurer which comes with a large, removable stainless steel bowl so you don’t have to clean several cups or jugs.

Brands we know and trust

We have the best brands in kitchenware and appliances at the best prices here at Kitchen Warehouse including, Avanti, Beurer, Joseph Joseph, OXO, ClickClack, Soehnle, Icon Chef, Typhoon, Ripe, Brunswick Bakers and Bialetti.

Buying your kitchen scales at Kitchen Warehouse

You can purchase kitchen scales along with a wide range of kitchenware, cookware, bakeware, appliances and more - right from the comfort of your own home! Shop online and save your favourites to a wishlist for later or add them to the shopping cart for fast checkout and free delivery over $100 Australia-wide. Our gift card option makes it easy to spoil someone you love on any special occasion.


How accurate are kitchen scales?

Over long periods, digital scales can lose their high accuracy rates. The more a kitchen scale is used, the more often it will need to be calibrated. Most kitchen scales are accurate within one gram, which means if you were to weigh something that you know is 10 grams, the scale may display nine or 11 grams.

How often should I calibrate my digital kitchen scale?

It’s essential to calibrate your digital kitchen scale regularly to ensure you’re getting as accurate readings as possible. If your kitchen scale is used multiple times a day or every day of the week, this calibration should occur once a month or even once a week. However, this calibration frequency can vary depending on your kitchen scale brand and model so check the manual for a more specific recommendation.

How do you clean and maintain a kitchen scale?

Cleaning your kitchen scales is a simple process that includes basic cleaning products. Just take a damp cloth and wipe down the exterior of the scales to remove any stains or leftover ingredients. Never immerse digital scales in water as you may cause them to malfunction.