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Salt and pepper grinders provide fresh spice for seasoning food. Shop manual salt and pepper mills, shakers and electric grinders in a range of colours and designs by the best kitchen brands in Australia, including Menu and Le Creuset.

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Salt and pepper grinders: the perfect pair

A humble set of salt and pepper grinders are essential in every Australian household, used to both season ingredients during the cooking process and enhance the flavour of a finished meal. Though it’s hard to imagine one without the other, salt and pepper grinders can be purchased individually as well as in a set, to suit your seasoning needs.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a wide variety of salt and pepper dispensers available in different styles, colours, sizes and shapes to complement your cooking requirements and kitchen decor.

Consider these factors when looking for the ideal set:

  • Type: Choose from grinders, mills, shakers or electric dispensers.
  • Material: Stainless steel, wood, plastic, acrylic and more.
  • Size: Determined by how often you use them and how many people you cook for.
  • Design: The right colour and shape of a salt and pepper grinder can elevate any dining table or benchtop.

More options than you may think

Choose from a wide range of salt and pepper dispensers with individual advantages:

  • Grinders: Great for use with whole salt rocks or peppercorns. It has an in-built grinding mechanism that crushes the salt and pepper when the top is turned, producing freshly ground seasoning with a stronger flavour and a coarse texture. Both electric or manual versions are available.
  • Electric grinder: An electric salt and pepper grinder does all the work for you. It’s battery operated with several settings available to choose a fine or coarse texture depending on your preference. Simply press the buttons on the grinder without the manual effort.
  • Manual: A manual salt and pepper dispenser is any dispenser that requires you to twist or crank the device to crush the seasoning inside. Some manual grinders will have settings that allow you to crush, flake or grind the salt and pepper to your desired texture.
  • Mills: A salt and pepper mill is another term for a grinder and functions in the same way.
  • Shaker: A salt and pepper shaker is filled with pre-ground salt and pepper and features small holes on top so all you need to do is turn it upside down and shake the contents onto your food.
  • Salt pig: A salt pig is a container that typically sits on your benchtop and provides quick access to rock salt for cooking. Traditionally they feature an opening for you to reach in and conveniently grab a pinch of salt, but some do also have lids. It’s perfect for flakey sea salt and makes a great addition Fto the dining table for a theatrical sprinkle over a finished dish or dessert. You can also use a salt pig for holding any other seasonings that you use frequently.

Manual vs. electric

There are benefits to buying both a manual or electric salt and pepper grinder. Operated by just the press of a button, an electric grinder is ideal for effortless grinding, or for when you need to reach quickly for the seasoning in a busy kitchen. A manual grinder is great for those who enjoy the twist and crack of grinding their own spices. They also allow you to create a certain flair when adding a traditional topping of freshly cracked pepper to a dish when serving.

Choose a material for its function and style

Salt and pepper grinders are commonly made out of these materials:

  • Wood: Wooden grinders are often made of beech wood and are sturdy with a traditional or rustic appearance.
  • Plastic: Plastic grinders are sturdy, durable and come in a wide range of classic and vibrant colours and designs.
  • Metal: Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, highly durable and has a sleek and shiny finish that complements modern kitchens.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a moisture resistant, shatterproof alternative to glass and its transparency allows you to easily see when you need to refill your grinder.

The best set for your kitchen

Though the function of a salt and pepper grinder is quite simple, there are a handful of features that will improve the way you move around your kitchen when cooking, so it’s important to select a grinder that will benefit your cooking style.

  • Freshness: A manual salt and pepper grinder will provide freshly ground salt and pepper while a shaker holds pre-ground salt.
  • Noise level: Manual grinders are typically noisier than electric ones.
  • Speed: An electric grinder will provide fast, consistent results at the press of a button.
  • Size: Consider where your grinders will fit in your kitchen storage, whether they’ll be kept on your dining table, benchtop or in the pantry.
  • Transparency: An acrylic salt and pepper dispenser will allow you to see when it needs refilling.
  • Storage: Avoid crumbs and flakes by placing grinders on a stand, small plate or tidy. Also perfect when housing the dispensers on the dining table or benchtop for a classy effect.
  • Price: We have grinders to suit every budget.
  • Coarseness: Set your preferred grinding level to select from course textures to flakes and fine powders, or choose a grinder with one setting that will produce the perfect consistency, every time.
  • Battery operated: Electric salt and pepper grinders run by battery.
  • Capacity: How many people will be using the dispensers? This will determine the size of the utensil you select.
  • Design and style: From bold and ornate to small and discreet, grinders can be as prominent as you want them to be. Grinders are often an underrated decoration that are not only functional, but can be used to dress up a dining table.

Storing or showing off

Salt and pepper grinders can be stored in the pantry with the other spices, on the benchtop for easy access while cooking or displayed permanently on the dining table as an attractive feature when not in use. Consider using a salt and pepper tidy to present your grinders and reduce the mess that stray salt and pepper flakes can cause in open spaces.

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What is the purpose of salt and pepper grinders?

Salt and pepper grinders are common kitchen tools that allow you to freshly season your food during and after cooking. Manual grinders have in-built wheels that crush whole peppercorns and salt rocks into smaller pieces when you twist or crank the top of the device. You can often set the dispenser to different grinding levels for varied textures, from fine and flaky to coarse and chunky. Electric grinders grind spices automatically with the press of a button.

What is the difference between a salt grinder and a pepper grinder?

Salt and pepper grinders use different mechanisms to tackle the varying textures and consistencies of each spice. A pepper grinder often includes a carbon steel mechanism which is very sharp and therefore capable of grinding tough peppercorns. A salt grinder has a ceramic mechanism which is resistant to corrosion. While pepper grinders can also use a ceramic mechanism, salt mills cannot use a metal mechanism as the salt will cause the metal to rust over time.

How should I clean my salt and pepper grinders?

Cleaning a salt and pepper grinder is a simple process that will ensure the longevity of your dispenser and its contents. Wiping the inside of the grinder with a dry paper towel regularly will prevent the build up of spices. For a proper clean, make sure your grinder is empty before quickly rinsing it in warm, soapy water. It’s important your grinder is completely dry before refilling, and always be careful of the sharp grinder blade when handling.