Build the ultimate home bar and make your place the envy of your mates! Whatever drink you fancy, we have all the tools you need to mix, chill, serve and present it like a pro. Shop bar carts, ice buckets, wine racks, cocktail accessories, decanters and more.

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Create an authentic bar experience at home with premium quality barware

Whether you’re a budding mixologist who loves to entertain, appreciate a glass of fine wine or just enjoy the occasional whisky to unwind in the evening; Kitchen Warehouse has a full range of barware and bar accessories to complete your home bar décor.

Essential barware to have in your home bar

To complement your bar menu it’s worthwhile investing in the appropriate drinkware, decanters and carafes ready to create any drink on request. Remember to consider how much your home bar or cabinetry can hold so as not to overload and create a messy glassware display.

Here are the most popular glass types:

  • Everyday glassware. Essential for daily drinks such as water, juice or soft drinks and usually available in a simple tumbler design.

  • Stemware set. Includes glasses for wine and can be purchased as an all-purpose set or as one that includes specific glasses for each type of wine.

  • Tumblers/highballs. Available in a range of glasses such as short-stemmed glasses with a rounded body, tumbler glasses for a drink on-the-rocks or a small cocktail, thicker shot glasses, and taller highball glasses for mixers and larger cocktails.

Expert tips for buying barware and drinkware

  • All-purpose stemware set. A great way to maximise your options while keeping your range streamlined. If you’re truly passionate about wine, consider the glass capacity. Red wines pair well with large glasses as they allow the bold flavours to rise and smaller capacity for whites and rosés are best for preserving a chilled temperature.

  • Tall flutes. Ideal for champagne and prosecco as they help to preserve the bubbles.

  • Quantity. As a general rule, have double the number of glasses as people in your household. For entertaining purposes aim for a minimum set of 12.

Different types of glasses according to use

  • Champagne. Available in flutes, tulips or saucers depending on whether you serve champagne or sparkling wines.

  • White wine glass. A tall, narrower bowl which is more open at the rim. Typically stemmed so as to keep the wine at proper drinking temperature without being affected by hand heat.

  • Red wine glass. Rounder, smaller bowl with a more tapered rim and great for serving wine cocktails such as sangria or drinks which are heavily garnished.

  • Shot glasses. Available in many styles, shapes and sizes. Typically hold straight shots or mixed shooters and can also be used to measure drink ingredients

  • Highball/Collins glasses. These glasses are very similar in design and often used interchangeably for tall drinks. Collins tends to be taller and narrower and the highball is more stout.

  • Beer glass. Beer is served in its own unique style of glass and certain styles of beer are preferred in particular glasses which are known as pint, pilsner, beer mugs and ale glasses.

  • Margarita glasses. As the name suggests, primarily used for serving margaritas. The wide rim makes it easy to add a coating of salt or sugar.

  • Rocks glass. Traditionally a short tumbler with a thick base. Used for short mixed drinks or as the name suggests, drinks served “on the rocks”.

  • Cocktail glasses. Available in many different styles such as frosted, painted or with quirky stem shapes. Great for serving martini-style cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan or Japanese Slipper.

Best barware for making your own cocktails

If you’re a beginner at making cocktails, start with the basics such as stainless steel cocktail shakers, jiggers and chopping boards to prepare your garnishes.

However if you’re ready to level up your bartending skills, consider investing in a good mixing glass, spoon, muddler, strainer, crusher and a citrus press.

Tips for entertaining with cocktails

1. Preparation

Preparation is key for an enjoyable evening, including the host! Plan your drinks menu in advance and make sure you have all the ingredients, glassware and accessories needed to prepare and serve the drinks.

2. Simple syrup

A foundation of many cocktails is syrup which can be easily prepared in advance.

Just add 200gm white sugar to 200ml boiling water, stir until dissolved and liquid is clear. Allow to cool, then bottle and refrigerate. Keep in a sealed bottle in the fridge for up to a month.

3. Practice makes perfect

Creating drinks is all about finding the perfect blend and balance between different drink ingredients. Finding your own point of balance between flavours and alcohol strengths will help you create classic drinks more instinctively.

4. Ice

Ice can often be an afterthought and it’s an ingredient used generously in drinks so it’s a good idea to always have plenty of ice cubes on hand, whether it's for a cocktail party or a surprise guest.

For best quality home-made ice, opt for silicone ice moulds with a lid which will prevent your ice from absorbing unpleasant odours and ruining your drink creations.

Must-have bar tools and accessories

  • Bar spoons. With a long handle, great for mixing and layering spirits.

  • Garnishing tools. Tools such as a paring knife, peeler and zester will help to create garnishes for drinks to perfection.

  • Jiggers. A bar tool for measuring and pouring alcohol to create the perfect blend of drink ingredients every time.

  • Ice tools. Ice picks, saws, tongs and scoops make ice handling for drinks easy and hygienic.

Luxury barware and drinkware sets

We carry an exclusive range of barware and drinkware in sets to provide a streamlined glassware range. From everyday drink glasses to high-end crystal, there’s a style to suit every need and theme.

Storage solutions for your barware

Glass or wood cabinetry

Cabinets, especially with internal lighting, is an elegant and impressive way to display your glassware. Storing a few bottles of wine alongside your wine accessories also makes for a great finishing touch.


If you’re short on space or shelving, you can suspend a wine glass rack from the ceiling. Available in many different formats, there’s a style to suit all aesthetics.


Wine coolers or coolers in general are great for keeping your drinks chilled and neatly displayed. It’s also a great accessory for outdoor or poolside entertaining.

Trolleys and bar carts

Elegantly style and display a selection of glassware and drinks which you can move from room to room.

Other accessories to consider when buying barware

  • Straws

  • Ice buckets

  • Pourers

  • Jugs

  • Bottle opener

  • Corkscrew

  • Champagne stoppers

  • Bar trays

Maintenance, cleaning and care

The dishwasher is safe for everyday glassware however for more delicate pieces such as crystal, hand wash in warm soapy water and allow glasses to air dry to prevent smudging from tea towels and fingerprints.

Brands we know and trust

We carry a range of cocktail sets, dispensers, wine buckets and pitchers accessories from some of the most respected brands in Australia and around the world such as Bartender, Bar Cart Collection, Bormioli Rocco and Avanti. Explore our full range online now.

Buying online with Kitchen Warehouse

We have the biggest range of kitchenware and kitchen gadgets available. Browse our best-selling products at below RRP and enjoy free delivery over $100 to any Australian postcode. You can also surprise a friend or loved one with a gift card for a special occasion.


What are the common types of barware?
Barware includes a range of glasses for different style drinks and bar accessories such as shakers, jiggers and bar spoons.

What type of glassware would you use for a cocktail?
Cocktails are best served in three types of glasses such as the traditional inverted cone bowl glass with stem, a highball glass and a lowball glass. Accessorise with cocktail straws.