OXO Good Grips buying guide

OXO Good Grips buying guide

OXO Buying Guide!

Discover the world of OXO at Kitchen Warehouse

OXO is a popular brand known for its kitchen tools and accessories, celebrated for their ergonomic designs and innovative features. The brand was founded in 1990 with a focus on creating products that would be comfortable for everyone to use, especially individuals with arthritis or hand issues. The hallmark of their design is a soft, non-slip grip that offers ease of use even with wet hands. They offer a wide range of kitchen gadgets, from peelers and measuring cups to baking tools and storage solutions, all designed with user-friendly functionality and durability in mind. Their products are often praised for making everyday kitchen tasks easier and more efficient.

OXO Good Grips kitchenware: Your ultimate companion in the kitchen

OXO Good Grips kitchenware is renowned for making everyday kitchen tasks simpler and more ergonomic. This buying guide is designed to walk you through the various aspects and benefits of the OXO Good Grips range, helping you choose the best products for your cooking and kitchen needs.

Understanding your needs

When considering OXO Good Grips products, think about your usual kitchen activities. Do you cook often? Are you dealing with limited space? OXO offers solutions from space efficient food storage to ergonomic, easy-to-use utensils, ensuring there’s something for every kitchen and every ability.

Setting priorities

What’s most important to you? Durability, ease of use, or cost? OXO Good Grips products are built to last, focus on ergonomic design, and vary in price to accommodate all budgets, letting you prioritise according to your needs.

Types of OXO Good Grips products

From innovative storage options to essential cooking tools and utensils, the OXO Good Grips line includes:

  • Kitchen utensils and gadgets: Designed for ease of use and durability.
  • Storage solutions: A variety of containers and organisers that enhance the functionality of your kitchen.
  • Bakeware and cooking tools: High quality materials and thoughtful designs make baking and cooking easier.

Pros and cons of OXO Good Grips


  • Ergonomic designs reduce strain during use.
  • Broad range of kitchen tools covering nearly every cooking need.
  • Durable construction ensures long term use.


  • Premium products come with higher price tags.
  • Some items may be bulkier, requiring more storage space.

Key features to consider

  • Material and Build Quality: Stainless steel, silicone, and high-quality plastic are common, ensuring durability and food safety.
  • Design and Ergonomics: Tools are designed with comfortable grips and user-friendly mechanisms.

Ease of use and maintenance

OXO products are generally dishwasher safe and feature designs that are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for frequent use.


Consider your kitchen setup—many OXO tools are designed to be compatible with non-stick cookware and are heat resistant.


What makes OXO Good Grips different from other kitchenware brands?

OXO focuses on ergonomic design, making kitchen tasks easier and more comfortable.

Are OXO Good Grips products dishwasher safe?

Most products are designed to be dishwasher safe, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

Can OXO Good Grips utensils be used on non-stick surfaces?

Yes, many of the utensils are designed to be safe for use on non-stick surfaces.

Is there a warranty on OXO Good Grips products?

OXO products often come with a satisfaction guarantee, underscoring their commitment to quality.

How do I choose the right OXO product for my kitchen?

Consider your cooking habits, kitchen space, and what kitchen tasks you need help with to select the best OXO products for your needs.