How to use your tagine pot

How to use your tagine pot

All about the Tagine

The tagine pot, originally from the Berber people, comprises the circular base and a conical shaped lid that allows the steam to rise, condense and return to the stew intensifying the flavours of the meal. The slow cook method means the tagine is prepared straight after breakfast is eaten.

Tagines are used traditionally in Morocco, Algeria and Tangiers.

Typically the dish is a slow-cooked savoury stew which includes meat, chicken or fish and most often vegetables or fruit as well as plenty of spices.

How to use your Tagine Pot

Let the pot do all the work with these simple tips.

  • If your tagine is earthenware bring the tagine to room temperature before cooking to avoid cracking.
  • Place the tagine on the element or over the fire and lightly cook the aromatics (onions, garlic, chillies etc) and spices.
  • Add meat and vegetables and pour over liquid.
  • You don't need much liquid due to the design of the tagine which returns the condensed steam back to the pot as liquid.
  • Cover with lid and leave for 2 - 3 hours minimum to cook meat.
  • Avoid lifting the lid frequently to check.
  • Serve directly to the table.

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